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The Event     
Date:     Sunday Dec. 7, 2014
Time:   5pm Smorgasbord,  6-9pm Dinner, Program & Entertainment
At:   Marriott Marquis Hotel
1535 Broadway (and 46th St.)
New York, New York
More Details     
Guest Speaker:  
Former Arkansas Gov. and #1 Rated TV Host
                  Mike Huckabee
Attire:   Dressy, modest
Online Tickets/couple:    $500 (Separate price for Young Leaders on Reservations page)
Israeli and NY dignitaries
Lavish Smorgasbord
Live Music
Concise one-hour program



Sunday, Dec. 7th, 5pm at the Manhattan Marriott Marquis

The American Friends of Bet El is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which works to secure the safety and security of Israel's citizens by raising awareness of Israel issues, promoting Israel activism and encouraging Aliyah through the activities of Bet El Institutions in Israel.

Perhaps more than any other network, Bet El impacts the Jewish nation reaching literally millions of people via its broad educational network and IDF Prep Academy. 

See more at these Bet El Websites:

Israel Defense Forces Preparatory Academy in Bet El - Instilling morale, spiritual courage, and literally changing lives. - the largest religious-Zionist Torah site (Hebrew and English) - Arutz Sheva, located in Bet El, is owned and operated by Bet El Institutions.

Besheva Newspaper - our Hebrew hardcopy
weekly newspaper (circulation 130,000), Countrywide Israel Tours emphasizing Tanach and modern Israeli heroism. - A Bet El movement to connect people to Israel with exclusive content and activism.

Yeshivat Bet El - One of the most prominent religious-Zionist yeshivas in Israel with 350 students, who delve into Torah for years, only to move on to contribute to Israeli society in the educational, IDF, finance, and business sectors.

The US-based Young Leadership Division of Bet El hosts events in support of this vital work.

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