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Congratulations to
Vivian and Daniel Chill
מצא חן ושכל טוב בעיני אלקים ואדם (משלי ג:ד) 
"So shalt thou find grace and good favor
in the sight of G-d and man"
Not only in our home, but anywhere at all
times and with all people.
Love always and forever,
In memory of our dear
Marilyn a"h
who was a malkah among women and an illuminating model for chesed and rachmanuth among the Jewish people.
With love,
Rabbi Joseph Karasick and family
Linda and Rabbi Mark Karasick and family
Denise and George Karasick and family
Bernice and Rabbi Benji Mandel and family
and the extended family
In memory of
Marilyn David A"H
and all her efforts for Yachad
and in honor of
Sarah Taub
for making Cleveland one of our most active
and vibrant Yachad chapters.
Aaron and Toby Kinderlehrer
and Family
תורה תחילתה גמילות חסדים וסופה גמילות חסדים (סוטה יד.)
The beginning and end of the Torah is the
performance of loving-kindness (Sotah 14a)
Marilyn David
Our mother, whose days began and ended
in the model of Torah
with selfless acts of kindness towards
her family, friends and students
Shari & Yaakov Markovitz
Isaac, David, Joshua & Lea
In Honor of NJCD/Yachad
on the occasion of its Annual National
Dinner and Awards Presentation
and with special gratitude to the awardees
Sarah Taub
Dr. Ronald Hoffman 
Marilyn David, a"h
We are grateful for all your hard work in
ensuring inclusion for all. 
Rabbi Steven Burg
Managing Director, Orthodox Union
In tribute to our dear friend and colleague
Sarah Taub
Our longest standing National chapter coordinator--
a woman wise, wonderful
and an outstanding professional.
Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman
National Director
Dr. Ron Hoffman
With much admiration and appreciation for
your unparalleled expertise.
Your special friendship and support of
Our Way, its members,
and all people with hearing challenges
is an example to all.
Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman
National Director
In Special Tribute to
Marilyn David A”H
Marilyn and her family reflect everything that Yachad stands
for- the education and inclusion of all of our
children-because everyone belongs!
Marilyn “knew” that everyone belonged and those who were fortunate enough to spend time with her learned that everyone belongs.
A very special lady  -    A very special wife and mother
A very special professional   -    A very special friend
The much beloved principal, IVDU HS is sorely missed and will forever remain in our hearts with admiration and appreciation for all that you brought to Yachad and the IVDU School HS.
Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman, Dean, IVDU Schools
National Director Yachad/NJCD
In Tribute to
Marilyn David, A'H
A very fitting tribute for a woman who dedicated her life to making IVDU what it is today.
Gail, Binyamin,
Jordan, Elizabeth, Hannah and Kayla Rieder
In memory of
Marilyn David a"h
who touched so many lives and whose legacy will live on
and in honor of
Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman
for his dedication to Yachad
Rabbi Steven and Yael Weil
Dedicated In Loving Memory of my beloved sister,
my forever friend Marilyn David, a”h
מלכה חיה בת יעקב ע''ה
Malka Chaya means Malka Lives
She lives in the hearts of all who loved her: her family,her friends,
her colleagues & students. All those whose lives she touched. 
She lives in the lives and deeds of all who learned from her, were
inspired by her and continue to emulate her beautiful middos.
She lives now in the Olam HaNeshamos, Eternal life in the World of Truth.
May Hashem elevate her neshama to higher and higher levels.
Jeanette & Raphael Adams
Ian & Toba Meister & family; Talia & Denny Edell & family;
Liora & Naftali Sturm & family; Racheli Meister; Eitan Adams
רבות בנות עשו חיל ואת עלית על כלנה
In everlasting tribute to the cherished memory of our friend
 Marilyn David A”H
Who had the ability of making each friend feel
like a best friend
  Her kindness and caring inspired us all
Her warmth and friendship will always be remembered
Estie & Larry Bernstein
Marilyn & Michael Goldman
Shirley & Shimi Storch
Helen & Abe Sultanik
In memory of
Marilyn David a"h
She was a very special person - warm and caring and
always giving of herself whenever needed.
She is, and will continue to be, sorely missed
by all who knew her.
Sylvia & Mel David
Mordechai & Tova David
A most fitting tribute
In memory of
Marilyn a"h
Who loved working together with the
students and staff of IVDU.
May her boundless love, hard work and dedication to her family, friends and all who knew her be an inspiration to all.
Marian and Walter David
Alisa and Jeffrey David
Aileen and Moshe Mehlman
In loving memory of our dear friend
Marilyn David Z”L
Forever in our hearts
Carole & Jack Forgash
In memory of
Marilyn David a"h
whose marvelous efforts, always with good cheer,
produced so much good.
We will always be grateful.
Mazal Tov to
Sarah Taub and Dr. Ron Hoffman
on their richly deserved honors.
Alan, Fanny, Talia and Rachel Forman
Through her tireless work
Marilyn David’s A”H
legacy is the importance of
Jewish education for one and all.
It is a blessing to her memory that the school will be continuing her work with her good name
forever leading the way.
Mimi and Elliot Fuld
Rifkie & Danny Silverman
and Families
Dear Mrs. Taub,
Mazal Tov on your well deserved award. You are a role model and inspiration to us both. We hope to continue working with you for years to come.
With love, respect, and admiration,
Sara Cooperman and Avi Jacobs
In gratitude to
for their services
and in memory of our friend
Marilyn David
Rona, Ira & Jenny Kellman
Mazal tov to
Dr. Ron Hoffman 
Sarah Taub
on their dedication to Yachad/ Our Way
In memory of Marilyn David
with gratitude for her many years of service.
Scott and Elaine Cohen Liebman
Judy Cohen
In honor of our good friend
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
Belda and Marcel Lindenbaum
In Memory of
Marilyn David
Whose Life Was a Kiddush HaShem
Her Good Deeds and Courage Are a Lasting Inspiration
Michael Rackman and Judy Feder
In honor of
Marilyn David a"h
Her love of Torah and Yiddishkeit permeated the halls of her school. It is only fitting that it bear her name as we remember her dedication to her students.
Joy and Barry Sklar
Dedicated in memory of
Marilyn David A"H
A wonderful neighbor, friend, and
all-around special person.
We miss you and will never forget you.
Marty and Arlyne Stein
and Family
In loving memory of
Marilyn David, Z"L
מלכה חיה בת יעקב ע''ה
my sister, our aunt
a paragon of modesty, generosity and dedication.
May she be a guiding light to us as we struggle in the turmoil of our lives.
May she continue to bring us together and bind us to one another,
as she did in her lifetime.
She was, is, and will always be irreplaceable.
And we miss her sorely.
With love
Gila Walker and Jonathan, Dov and Aura Camuzeaux
In memory of our dear friend

Marilyn David
Always on our mind and in our heart

Rita and Howie Weiss
and Family
Dedicated in memory of our dearest niece
Marilyn David a"h
who in her lifetime gave so much of herself
to family, friends, and Yachad
We loved her very much
and will continue to miss her even more
Margie and David Zwiebel
and their extended family
Raanana, Israel
Marilyn was our cousin. A finer person would be hard to find. She personified goodness, chesed, and love towards everyone she met. Her attitude was always cheery, her personality was at all times bubbly, and her smile was infectious; one couldn’t help but love her! She was a giving person, never thinking of herself; rather, it was how I can help that person.
Marilyn’s death is an unavoidable reality, but her influence on her family, friends, students, and K’lal Yisroel will forever be strong. Her legacy will never cease, because of the family she leaves behind. They will now continue that mesorah she has shown them, instilled in them, and taught them.
We were all mesmerized by her presence in our lives and this honor given in her memory tonight will be living testimony to her neshama eternally.
She was also a true aishes chayil. In Aishes Chayil, the poem-like prayer, which describes a wife and all her wonderful attributes, a segment of one of the lines reads, “she joyfully awaits the inevitable last day.” The explanation for this is that she awaits the inevitable last day of life with confidence that she will have earned respect and honor. Marilyn, you have earned our utmost respect and honor. We will always love you and always miss you.
Love your cousins,
Alex Berger
Harry and Roizy Berger & Family
Sid and Roberta Berger & Family
Chicago, IL
Mazel Tov
Dr. Ron Hoffman
on this well deserved honor.
Lisa and Joey Bernstein
In honor of
Sarah Taub,
Yachad’s Cleveland Coordinator
A selfless, dedicated, thoughtful and caring individual who has
given so much of her life to the Yachad members in her chapter
And in memory of Marilyn David A’H,
IVDU High School Principal
Who spent countless hours, with the utmost compassion, helping each
student actualize their goals and dreams.
It is a privilege to work with all of the Yachad Staff who are always looking to do more and do it better.
My heartfelt gratitude goes to Dr. Jeff Lichtman for everything he has done,
and continues to do, to create the Yachad family.
Thank you to Dr. Joe Goldfarb and Ahuva Stern for your
commitment to making the Yachad summer department the resounding success that it is.
May Yachad continue to spread its message so that the whole world will know
that “Yachad Kulam Kedusha”- every person is holy.
 Nechama Braun
Dearest Mrs. Taub,
On behalf of the entire Columbus community, we want to thank you for your many years of service and genuine love for Yachad. You have, and continue to, exemplify Yachad’s mission in inclusion and togetherness. Growing up in Central East NSCY gave us the greatest exposure to Yachad because of you. We are so fortunate to be a part of the Yachad family and you have made us feel so welcomed! We love being a part of the same region as you and always look forward to the time we get to spend together! Mazel Tov!
Halle Schwartz, Jessy Greenspan and Columbus Yachad
In honor of my co-worker, mentor, and dear friend
Sarah Taub
I have learned so much from you about tolerance, courage and love. We are so fortunate to have you be a part of our lives.
Wishing you many more happy and healthy years serving the Cleveland community, b’YACHAD!
Sara & Akiva Cooperman / Cleveland YACHAD
Mazel tov and best wishes,
to cousin Sherril
a woman who fulfills the highest ideals of chesid and emunah
With much love,
Douglas, Elaine,
Jason, Jessica & Leah Eisenberg
In honor of our cousin
Soroh Taub
an individual who dedicates her life
to serving and making the lives of others better.
May Hashem grant her the health and ability to continue her chessed ad meah v'esrim shanah.
Shira, Jeff, Tamar, Shana, Zevi Eisenberg
In Honor of
Soroh Taub
Mazel Tov!!
With great love and admiration to the daughter I never had,
who has always given of herself to Klal Yisrael.
May Hashem bless you with long life and good health, as a reward for all the good you do in this world,
Auntie Phyllis Eisenberg
In Honor of
Soroh Taub
What does a grateful cousin say to a person who helped changed their life? and the lives of our family?
We say "Thank you, thank you and may Hashem bless you with a long healthy, happy life until 120, filled with bracha and hatzlacha...
With great admiration and love,
MAZEL TOV, MAZEL TOV, from your cousin,
Steve Eisenberg, NYC
In recognition of Yachad
and this year's honorees
and all that has and continues to be accomplished
on behalf of children and adults
who deserve to be included
in every aspect of Jewish life.
The Freilich Family
Dr. Mark, Anna, Erin and Ethan
In Memory of
Marilyn David A"H
Her warmth, concern, empathy and energy
will never be forgotten.
Jack and Frieda Gartenhaus
In Memory of
Marilyn David  a"h
who made an effort every day to give kids who didn't have a chance to study Judaism, to become a part of the Jewish people.

Paul and Rachel Glasser
In loving memory of
Marilyn David a"h 
Who enabled our son to reach his potential while at IVDU
And from whom we learned that
Nothing is impossible
Everything will work out
It will all be for the best
Shmuel and Tzirl Goldman
Parents of Chaim, former IVDU Student
In honor of
Dr. Ron Hoffman
an outstanding teacher, physician
and mentsch
Elliot Goldofsky MD
To all of the very special honorees:
Marilyn David, A”H
Dr. Ron Hoffman
Mrs. Sarah Taub
It is truly a pleasure to get to see firsthand the incredible work, influence and affect that you have on the Jewish community.
IVDU Schools, Our Way and National Yachad would not be where it is today without the dedication and hard work from the combined efforts of so many people who make NJCD what it is.
Eli and Shani Hagler
To The National Jewish Council for Disabilities & everyone who ever worked for or volunteered for this wonderful organization: Thank so much for making such a difference in so many people's and families' lives and including all of the Yachad members in our communities. May everyone associated with this organization be able to continue putting smiles on all of these special peoples' faces and may we learn and gain as much from the Yachad members as we try to give to them.
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees. May you continue to provide such wonderful services for such wonderful people.
Tizku L'Mitzvos!
Miriam Holtzman, Junior Yachad, Queens Coordinator
Marilyn (Malki) David a"h
A friend we were all blessed with and lucky to have.
Her devotion and dedication to the IVDU High School was exemplary. She lives on in every one of us and her memory illuminates our path towards Torah AND Maasim Tovim!
Chavie Kahn, Robin Wahsager, and
the entire IVDU staff
Mazal Tov to
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
Our physician, colleague, and friend through many years.
You have helped our son become “Handicapable” instead of “Handicapped”
We wish you much Bracha and Hatzlachah in the future.
Michael, Batya, and Avi Jacob
We honor the memory of
Marilyn David z”l
For her friendship, compassion, and guidance
through a difficult time in our lives.
Through her caring and concern, we were able to overcome personal challenges that we faced.
Thank you to her entire family and may we continue to honor her memory.
Michael and Batya Jacob
Hats off to
Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman
and the stupendous Yachad staff
for all the incredible work they do.
All our love to the entire Yachad family.
Mazel tov and yasher koach to all the worthy honorees.
Bezalel Kosofsky and Family
“לעילוי נשמת”
Marilyn David
מלכה חיה בת יעקב וחנה 
Our beloved “mechutenet” o.b.m
with whom we shared all too briefly
the sublime nachat of watching our children
and grandchildren model her noble lifestyle
of Torah, Mitzvot, V’Chesed
We remember you always,
Pearl and Moshe Markovitz and Family
Dear Sarah,
Mazal tov on your well deserved honor!
You have given so much of yourself both personally and professionally throughout
the years and exemplify Yachad's true mission of inclusion.
You have succeeded in servicing the Cleveland special needs community and have set a
wonderful model for our Yachad chapters throughout the US and Canada.
We look forward I"YH to working with you-- B'Yachad as we continue
to serve this very special population! 
With much hakarat hatov,
The National Yachad Team
Deborah Rockoff
Joe Goldfarb
Zvi Weiss
Ahuva Stern
Our Way/NJCD
A Real “Mentch”
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
Your dedication, caring, and expertise to our members shines through
in all of your actions.
Mazal Tov on this well deserved honor.
Our Way/NJCD
Wishes Bracha to
Sarah Taub
Thank you for your dedication to
our families in the Cleveland area.
May this year bring you Mazal and good
health in all that you do.
Our Way/NJCD
Salutes the Memory of
Marilyn David z”l
Her belief that every child should
“reach for the stars”
enabled our students to grow and flourish!
רבות בנות עשו חיל, ואת עלית על כלנה
Many daughters have accomplished much, but you
were above all of them. 
Marilyn David a"h was someone special. She
touched hearts and changed lives. Pages can
be written about how she performed the mitzvah of
Gemilas Chasodim in a quiet and dignified way.
Just a few days before her untimely death she called to
inquire how I was doing with my illness.
תהא נפשה צרורה בצרור בחיים
Forever in our hearts and memories.
Arthur and Dorothy Schick
Hillel said; “Do not separate yourself from the
community...” (Pirkei Avot 2:4)
A huge Yashar Koach and thank you to tonight’s
honorees and everyone involved in Yachad.
Your hard work, constant support, and
whole hearted dedication is crucial for ensuring that
every Jew feels included and a part of their
With much admiration and appreciation,
The 2011-2012 Senior Yachad Coordinators
Rebecca, Benjy, Daniel, Allison, Meir, Shoshana, Aviva,
Shaya, Jen, Sarah, and Tobey
In fond memory of a true Aishes Chayil,
Marilyn David A"H
Marilyn was an inspiring example to all who knew her, and especially to her daughters Dassi, Tamar, and Shari,
who together with their families are perpetuating Marilyn's outstanding legacy of Gemilus Chasadim, Avodas HaShem, and Community Service. Yehi Zichra Baruch
With great love and admiration,
David and Debby Sheffey and Family
Nahum and Rebecca Spirn and Family
Benjie and Sara Porush and Family
Mazel Tov to all the honorees
and a
special Yasher Koach to
Aaron Kinderlehrer
Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman
for their tireless efforts on behalf of this worthy organization
Dina and Gary Snitow
In memory of
Marilyn David A”H
A wonderful friend whose love of family, friends
and Klal Yisroel will always be an inspiration to us.
Her dedication and commitment to the children, families and staff of the IVDU school was exemplary.
Susan & Mendy Sokol and Family
In Memory of
Marilyn David
Shari--You and your sisters all truly honor your mother's memory on a daily basis in how you conduct yourselves, in the careers you have chosen, and how you raise your families.
Gabriella and Noam Spinowitz
In Memory of
Marilyn David a"h
Whose legacy lives on
And in tribute to all
of Yachad's hard-working staff.
Gale and Steven Spira
Mazel tov to my amazing sister
Soroh Taub
and for all that that you do for Yachad...
With great admiration and respect
Your loving brother,
Eric Starr
I am so proud of my big sister
Sherril Taub
Mommy and Daddy z'l are so proud of you!
Love, your brother
Leslie Starr
In honor of two great guys
Jeff Lichtman
Ira Kellman
Sherry and Henry Stein
"To our dearest Ema Bubby,
Ema Bubby's out of sight,
giving Yachad all her might.
Ema Bubby, we're so proud of you,
Love, the Taub and Rappaport crew
In honor of all the Yachad 2011 Summer Program Directors
Jamie Bunin- Yachad B’Nesher
Laura Fruchter- “MY” Camp Program (Morasha/Yachad)
Bracha Einhorn- Morasha Vocational Program
Lisa Rich- Yachad B’Moshava
Michelle Prus- Yachad @ Mesorah
Nicole Bodner- Yad B’Yad Israel Experience
Yehuda Lerea - Getaway and Getaway Travel
Rocky Verschleisser- Lavi Vocational Program
Jillian (Schutkin) Scheer – Fellowship and Birthright
Assistant Program Directors
Mindy Fersel – Yachad B’Nesher
The dedication you show to your program participants and to the camps is unparalleled. Each child’s summer experience is one that will remain with them for a lifetime.
May you continue to go from strength to strength
Joe, Nechama and Ahuva
Tani Gutterman – Yachad B’Nesher
Benjy Leibowitz- “MY” Camp Program, Boys Division
Allison Horowitz – “MY” Camp Program. Girls Division
Aviad Stein – Yachad B’Moshava
Michael Adler – Yachad @ Mesorah
Rebecca Schrag – Yad B’Yad Israel Experience
Aaron Cohen – Yad B’Yad Israel Experience
Shani Allweiss – Getaway and Getaway Travel
Ahuva Kranzler-Lerea – Getaway and Getaway Travel
Mike Sutton – Getaway and Getaway Travel
The dedication you show to your program participants and to the camps is unparalleled. Each child’s summer experience is one that will remain with them for a lifetime.
May you continue to go from strength to strength
Joe, Nechama and Ahuva
In Tribute to
Marilyn David
who ranked amongst הנאהבים והנעימים בחייהם.
reflects her dedication to Yachad and to all of klal yisrael.
במותם לא נפרדו.
Chana Reifman Zweiter
In loving memory of
Marilyn David a"h
beloved mother of our good friend Dassi Silverman
Allison and Elliott Adler
Judy and Jay Hochsztein
Shari and Yossi Katz
Marla and Charlie Kleiner
Francine and Ari Weisbrot
In memory of our dear friend
Marilyn a"h
A very special person
Mimi and Shlomo Appel
and Family
In loving memory of
Marilyn David a"h
who impacted the lives of so many people with her kind, friendly and loving nature.
May her legacy live on through her children and grandchildren.
Michelle and Yehuda Appel
An Aishes Chayil, Who Can Find…
Marilyn David, of blessed memory, was a rare and precious jewel.
She was truly an Aishes Chayil in every sense of the word.
We miss her extraordinary love of life and her beautiful laughter.
Hershel and Caroline Barg
Congratulations to an amazing physician and surgeon!
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
Susan and Stephen Beatus
It was an honor to know Marilyn David for the short time that we did. She was a wonderful and caring mother and grandmother to those around her. May her memory serve to continue as an inspiration for her entire family.
Adam and Renee Becker
In Memory Of Our Friend
Marilyn was a true Aishes Chayil, a leader in Klal Yisroel and worked tirelessly for children with special needs. May Sheldon, Dassi, Tamar, Shari, Anita, Jack and their families take comfort knowing that Marilyn's legacy is enshrined forever.
Linda and Leo Borenstein and family
Debbie and Jay Schechter and family
Brocho V'hatzlocho to all the Yachad family.
Your dedication to our children goes beyond the call of duty. May you all continue to have hatzlocho in your
Avodas Hakodesh.
Rabbi & Mrs Lipa Brennan
In Loving Memory of
Marilyn David
Always with a smile, Marilyn has epitomized what a good friend is and with her good deeds has earned a "Shem Tov" with all who knew her.
Pearl and Jack Bruger
Dearest Mrs. Taub,
On behalf of the entire Columbus community, we want to thank you for your many years of service and genuine love for Yachad. You have, and continue to, exemplify Yachad’s mission in inclusion and togetherness. Growing up in Central East NSCY gave us the greatest exposure to Yachad because of you. We are so fortunate to be a part of the Yachad family and you have made us feel so welcomed! We love being a part of the same region as you and always look forward to the time we get to spend together!
Mazel Tov!
Halle Schwartz, Jessy Greenspan
and Columbus Yachad
Dear Marilyn 
אוהב נאמן סם חיים - (בן סירא גיח)
A Faithful freind is the medicine of life
You've welcomed us into your heart and home
Your absence has created a void that is impossible to fill.
We miss you dearly.
Rochelle & Lenny
Tamara & Israel
In memory of our dear friend
Marilyn David a"h
whose dedication, smile, laughter, warmth and kindness
are sorely missed.
She remains in our hearts always.
Ahuva and Gary Epstein and family
In memory of our dear friend
Marilyn David A”H
who was a source of inspiration as she led her life with dignity, warmth, and grace, always compassionate and caring to all.
We miss her so much –
Bobbee and Lenny Feiner
& Family
Mazel Tov & best wishes to all the honorees.
Working for Yachad is so fulfilling and meaningful.
I’m so happy to be part of this wonderful organization.
Shani and Daniel Finn
In memory of
Marilyn David a"h
in honor of my wife Elaine
without whom
neither this dinner nor I could possibly succeed.
Lawrence Grossman
In memory of
We are in awe of the legacy she left behind--
Both the IVDU school and her wonderful daughters
Who continue to follow in her footsteps of service
to klal yisrael
Yehai Zichrah Baruch
Rebecca and Steven Grossman
Lisa Lerer-Zahn and Uri Lazar
In memory of our dear friend and neighbor
Marilyn David, of blessed memory.
Abraham and Baila Gulkowitz
Mazel Tov to all of this evening's honorees.
Bunny, Jimmy and Donny Hain
In Honor of Sarah Taub
Our longtime Cleveland Coordinator who is so dedicated to Yachad and truly deserving of this honor!
May you continue in your good work for many years to come.
Chani Herrmann
In Memory of
Marilyn David
A very special person who gave so much of herself to the students at IVDU.
You were an important part of the Yachad family and you are missed by all.
Chani & Daniel Herrmann
In Honor of
Dr. Jeff Lichtman
Your leadership is what has made Yachad so successful and what makes all of us want to better the Jewish community. Thank you for your guidance and friendship.
Chani & Daniel Herrmann
Mazel Tov to the honorees
Dr. Ron Hoffman and Mrs. Sarah Taub
May you continue your wonderful work on behalf of Yachad
From the entire IVDU School Staff
IVDU staff
Mazel Tov to our honorees on this wonderful achievement in their lives. The work you have done in your programs gives Yachad the name we all know it by. And of course the IVDU school on providing such a wonderful place for our members to be.
Moshe D. Katz - Junior Yachad Coordinator"
In memory of a great Savti
Marilyn David a"h
Genene and Marc Kaye
We are deeply touched to participate in this event honoring the memory of Marilyn David. She was a person who set a wonderful example for all of us by giving so much of herself to others and her love for the Yachad high school was an important part of her life and the lives of all her students. Marilyn is and will always be greatly missed. Her loss has left a great void.
Phyllis and Philip Kerstein
אשת חיל מי ימצא
In memory of our dear friend
Marilyn David
whose compassion, care, and zest for life
were traits that endeared her
to all who had the priviledge to know her.
May her memory always serve as a blessing.
Regina & Michael Koenig & Family
Marilyn David A"H was an inspiration for all of us.
May her memory be an inspiration to all those who pass through the doors of the school named after her.
Jane & Bob Kolb
In memory of our dear friend
whose outstanding dedication to chesed, community, family and friends, as well as a firm commitment to seeing that every Jewish child receive a yeshivah education left a legacy for all of us to admire and emulate.
Jesse and Sara Maryles
Duvi and Rena Maryles
Steven and Fannie Maryles
Bini and Naomi Maryles
Elie and Nechama Konigsberg
We wish you a heartfelt mazal tov on this well deserved honor. We all owe you a hakarat hatov for paving the way!
Yehuda and Mira Labovitz
Congratulations to this evening's honorees, especially
Dr. Ron Hoffman, Our Way Awardee.
It is my privilege to be part of this wonderful organization.
Rabbi Eliezer Lederfeind 
Congratulations to Jeff and Yachad/NJCD
on their continued great work on their education of the community and on their work on behalf of all Jews with special needs.
To my friend Sarah Taub, Yasher Koach Ad Mea Ve'esrim,
And to the David Family, how wonderful for Marilyn's work and memory to live on this way.
Eta Krasna Levenson
Dassi, Shari and Tamar--
It was a privilege to know your mother,
Marilyn David a"h,
to watch how she led her life and cared for her family...
and you three are the greatest testimony to her success.

Ruthie Levi and Rabbi Bob Carroll
A tribute to the warm friendship, charm
and exemplary Chessed
of a true woman of valor
whose dedication to her entire family
her friends and her students
continue to inspire all of us
Erica and Effie Markovitz & Family
What a fitting tribute to an extraordinary human being!
Marilyn's dedication to her students was reflective of the love and attention she gave to all of us who were lucky enough to be part of her life.
We will forever miss her kind spirit and gentle smile.
Ben-G and Sarah Moscovitz
Chesky and Chavie Moscovitz
Menachem and Shifra Moscovitz
Avidan and Deena Moscovitz
Shea and Illana Rosenfeld
In Memory of
Marilyn David
A fitting tribute to a true malka
Fern & Willy Nathanson
In Honor of
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
and the good work of Our Way.
Carol and Melvin Newman
In loving memory of
Marilyn David
Forever in our hearts
Reva & Marty Oliner
Immortality is measured by the number
of lives one influences and touches...
And so our dear friend
Marilyn David
lives on....
תהא נפשה צרורה בצרור בחיים 
Jinny and Jerry Pinsky
The Botnick Families
Mazel Tov to all the Honorees!
Thank you YACHAD
for all that you have done
and continue to do for Caryn!
Chaya and Lester Pollak
Mazel tov to each of the honorees on their well deserved honors. We appreciate your dedication to Yachad’s mission of inclusion and hope to work together at enhancing the life opportunities for individuals with disabilities
for years to come.
Sara and Eric Pollak
In honor of Sarah Taub
A colleague, a mentor, and a friend who embodies Yachad’s mission of inclusion. A great advocate in the softest but most powerful of ways Sarah is a living lesson to all of us in advocacy and leadership. I have shared with, but have learned so much more from Sarah, over the past 18 years of my life as an advisor and now as a chapter coordinator. May we continue to learn wonderful lessons that Sarah has to teach us for many years to come. Mazal tov on this most deserved award! It has a continues to be a pleasure to call you a colleague.
Efrem & Shuli Popel and Family
Chicago, IL
In Memory of
Marilyn David z"l
Whom My Beloved Wife Hilda z"l and I
considered as our daughter
Max Prager
Although I’m new to the Yachad community, I am so happy to be a part of the Yachad team and this special evening!
Mazal tov to all the honorees!
Abby and Evan Ravski
Naming IVDU High School is a tribute
to our beloved friend
Marilyn David a"h
and will honor her hard work, constant personal effort
and commitment to special education.
We were very proud to be part of her life
and she will be greatly missed by all of us in Flatbush.
Audrey and Barry Rosner
In honor of the incredible work being done by YACHAD/NJCD,
Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman and his amazing staff.
With respect,
Yocheved and Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter
With gratitude and hakaros hatov to an extraordinary organization and its volunteers for all it has done for us and our daughter, Tamar.
May you go from strength to strength
Esther and Jackie Schlanger
In loving memory of
Marilyn David
An individual whose love and devotion to family and friends was a true inspiration to all who were fortunate enough
to have known her.
May her memory be a continued source of emulation to her esteemed family.
Helen and Gerald Silver
In memory of
Marylin David a"h
She truly was an extraordinary member of Klal Yisrael.
Adam & Suri Sokol and Family
Mazel Tov to
Sarah Taub
on this wonderful milestone!
You are an inspiration to us all here at Yachad and I look forward to working together for many more years to come with Bracha and Hatzlacha, AMV"S.
Tzippi Rosen
South Florida Yachad
If there was one women who exemplified a true Aishes Chayil, it was Marilyn. You are always in our hearts. We miss you.
Elaine & Charles Stieglitz
Beth & Leor Siri
Shari- What a beautiful way for you and your family to honor your mother's legacy, though we see you do it daily in the amazing way that you and Yakov parent your children, your devotion as the talented teacher that you are, and your comitment to your family, friends and community. May your entire family find comfort in the goodness done in her merit.
Avi & Aviva Vogel
In memory of my very special friend
Marilyn David Z"L
We spoke daily and so I know firsthand how involved she was in your special organization and what an outstanding job she did.  She is indeed worthy of this honor and may the school help many, many young people.
Joyce Wahrhaftig
Yeshar Ko'ach to Yachad for all the wonderful work you do. We look forward to continued partnership to service the greater Young Israel of East Brunswick Community.
Young Israel of East Brunswick 
Jay Weinstein, Rabbi
Alan Bash, President
In tribute to
Marilyn David z"l
who exhibited sincere dedication to
Yachad, Family, Friendship and Chessed
May her legacy live on through the IVDU schools and her children.
Shanna & David Wolf
In memory of
Marilyn David a”h
Dassie & Marvin Bienenfeld
In memory of our dear friend
Marilyn David
She was not only a champion for those with "special" needs. Marilyn was a "special" person herself to all who knew and loved her. Her accomplishments and the life she led is an everlasting inspiration to us.
Terry and Dennis Eisenberg
In Honor of
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker
Frank Eisenberg
Warmest best wishes and love to our
from all her cousins of the Fern Family
In Memory of
Marilyn David a"h
and in honor of Yachad staff and volunteers.
Carol and Harold Finkel
In honor of
Dr. Ron Hoffman
Enid and Alexander Fisher
In memory of
Marilyn David--
We are better for having known her.

Sheila Gottehrer and Joyce Kinches
Congratulations Ronald!
Andrea and Stephen Granet
In memory of
Marilyn David a"h
Sora & Eli Grunstein
In memory of
Marilyn David
whose legacy as an outstanding educator
has been passed on to my colleague and friend
Dassi Silverman, her daughter.
Donna and Robert Hoenig
In memory of Marilyn David,
a woman whose smile was contagious, whose courage was admirable, whose love for others was unbeatable and
whose kindness will be remembered by all.
Tenachamu Ma'Shamayim
from the Katlowitz family
Sorry I cannot come, but I always think about you.
Trudy Lenger
We honor the memory of our beloved
Marilyn David,
a true Aishes Chayil,
a role model of chesed.
She will always be remembered.
Zhanna and Mikhail Lipnitsky
Best Wishes for continued success!
Richard and Mary Lopchinsky
Congratulations to
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
An amazing doctor and a wonderful
human being.
Sharon Manewitz
In Honor of
Dr. Ron Hoffman
a great doctor, a wonderful person,
and a real "mensch."
Fay and Martin Novack
On a day-to-day basis we honor the memory of Marilyn David, a"h, by continuing in her ways of tzedaka, righteousness, modesty, courage and grace.  Marilyn is sorely missed, but her legacy will live on forever.
The Ohayon Family
In loving memory of
Marilyn David a"h,
who taught chesed to so many through her actions
and devotion.
Carley and Brett Peven and Family
In memory of
Marilyn David a"h and all her good deeds.
Shoshana Rosenfeld
In memory of
Marilyn David
A righteous person-
beloved by all.
Estelle and Rabbi Philip H. Schechter and family
We will never forget the dedication, the sweetness and accomplishments of Marilyn David, aleha hashalom. May memories of her always serve as an inspiration to her wonderful family and all who were privileged to know her.
Fran and Mendy Schiowitz
In Honor of
Tova and Mordechai David
We miss you!
Gitty, Ari, Talia, Avi, Yael & Dovid
In Memory of
Marilyn David A"H
Simy and Mendy Zelmanovitz
Best wishes from
Drs. Noel & Ailene Nusbacher
Raina & Moish Popowitz
Beatrice Roth
Randee and Ken Rubenstein
Kenny and Naomi Schiff
Dr. & Mrs. Ronnie Sultan
In memory of Marilyn David a"h
Honey and Eugene Goodman
Sarah and Perry Grossman 
Kenneth and Laurie Koslowe
Rabbi & Mrs. Yaakov Neuburger
Rebecca and Israel Weinreich
Tova and Sam Wietschner
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