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Mazel Tov, Cantor Chomsky!
A well deserved honor for a very special Cantor!!
The Lewin Family -
Elaine Lewin, Carrie and Andy Madison, Connie and Craig Tuckerman, and Adam and Stephanie Lewin
Thank you for 30 terrific years. Hoping for 30 more.
Michael and Luann Gurevitz
Joe and Ruth Sniderman
Michael and Lilach Cummings
With appreciation for thirty years of dedication to your congregation and community.
Bob, Susie, Mary, and Brian Fredman
Thank you, Cantor Chomsky, for connecting the dots… by teaching - and modeling - that Judaism leads us to work for social justice. And thanks for taking us on spiritual journeys with your music and your passion.
Cathy Levine and Jon Groner
Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  Thank you for your committment to Tifereth Israel and the Columbus community.
Lee Hatch
Mazel Tov on 30 years at Congregation Tifereth Israel
You have always given 110% to our congregants, our students, and our community.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have heard your lovely voice for 30 years!  Best wishes for continued success!
Sheila and Steve Hirsch and Family
Jack Chomsky - whose voice stands clearly above the rest - calling us to prayer, to study, and to act.  Thank you.
Marty and Debby Rosenthal
Mazel Tov Cantor Chomsky!
Thank you for 30 years of devoted service to Congregation Tifereth Israel and to our family.
Our B’nei Mitzvah could not have been the same without you!
Cathy and Chuck Tennenbaum
Joseph, Jordan & Lauren
So much we’ve shared
So many ways we’ve grown together
So many blessings we’ve celebrated together
So many good times.
Much more yet ahead…..
Mazal Tov and all our love,
Harold and Beth and all the Bermans
Congratulations, Cantor Chomsky. We wish you many more years with TI.
Barry and Denise Blank
Mazel Tov! Thank you for your thirty years of saying YES..
Ronald and Ruth Ann Blank
Jack -

Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach from the Chodosh and Preisler Families
Sheila, Lou, and Seth Chodosh;
Samara and Seth Preisler
Our family is so proud of you!
Mazel Tov
Rosalie and David Gellman
and Salo Rawet
Thank you for 30 wonderful years and helping us all to feel the spirit.
With much love,
Mary and Greg Margulies
Thank you for being a great leader and representative for our synagogue
Chuck and Joyce Shenk
Mazel Tov!  We look forward to sharing many more years with you!
Dee-Dee and David Stein and Family
Mazal Tov and Yishar Koach
To a Great Colleague and Friend!
May You Go from Strength to Strength.
Rabbi Michael and Michele Ungar
Rami, Adi, Maya, Rachel and Liat
Congratulations, Jack. We appreciate the beauty and tradition you have added to our holidays and family celebrations over the years.
Fred and Reneé Abramovitz
Congratulations on 30 years of service and inspiration.
The Adelman Family
Thank you, Jack,
For teaching us to leyn, to lead, and to linger over zemirot!
Avner, Rosemary, Alexandra, and Ellie
(Go Sox!)
Cantor Chomsky (Jack),
Can it really be 30 years since you became our Hazzan.  It was in that year that my family and I joined Tifereth Israel and I first heard your voice resonating through the sanctuary.  I also became aware that you were starting an adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class.  Not having much in the way of Jewish knowledge, I jumped at the chance to join since my son was soon to become a Bar Mitzvah and I wasn't sure what that meant.  It is now 30 years later and I can't believe what I have accomplished due to your encouragement, patience, teaching, and especially your friendship.  I am so proud to call you my FRIEND.  You have opened so many doors into my Jewish heritage.  I owe you so much more than words can adequately express.  You are and always will be a very special person in my life.  And though it doesn't seem like enough, THANK YOU!
Jackie and Jerry Benis
"...God gave us music that we might pray without words."  -Unknown
We are grateful for thirty years of deeply moving music. 
Judy and Allan Blair
Mazel Tov on such a "note"able occasion!
Ted, Bonnie, and Sarah Bloom
Mazal Tov, Jack
So much more than our Cantor:
Family friend, community activist, neighbor, and so much more.
Thank you!
The Bresler Family
Herb, Cheryl, Reuben & Marika
A Celebration of Note
Jack, congratulations from
Gary and Margey Cheses and Family
Thank you for 30 years of leadership, passion, and friendship
Rob and Wendy Cohen
Thank you, Jack
Corinne and Jeff Covel
Mazel Tov on your past 30 years at Tifereth Israel and to many, many more.
Adam and Jill Eisenberg
Mazal Tov! 
Arthur and Paulayne Epstein
From all your friends at Epstein’s
Epstein Memorial Chapel
3232 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43213
(614) 235-3232
Jack -
I truly loved making music with you for so many years.  So glad that Bonnie and I will be able to join.  Yashir Koach on all you've contributed to the congregation and the Columbus community.
Bonnie and Allan Finkelstein
Many thanks for 30 years of devotion, inspiration, and leadership in the Tifereth Israel and larger Jewish and non-Jewish communities.
The Frankel Family

A well deserved tribute!
The Fried Family
Dear Jack,
Our deep appreciation for all your beautiful music, your dedicated service to the community, and for being a wonderful friend to each member of our family.
Carole and Nelson Genshaft
Yousef and Rita Ghodsizadeh
Gary and Esther Gillett
Mazel Tov on your thirty years of service.
Dee-Dee and Herb Glimcher
Congratulations Cantor Chomsky!  We feel so blessed to have had you be a part of our lives for the last thirty years!
Jenni, Jamie, Micah, Sari, and Eliana Goldson
Mazel Tov, Cantor Chomsky!
Go Red Sox!
Arnie Good and Lisa Newmark and Family
Mazel Tov and Thank You!
Susan and David Greenberger
and Family
Congratulations and best wishes!
Jack Gold and Jeff Griss
Mazel Tov Jack! Thank for putting your heart and soul into everything you do for us at Tifereth Israel and for our community!
-The Herman Family
Richard, Jill, Carly, Halle & Emily
So many of our family Simchas!  Your meaning to our family is precious.  Thank you for your 30 wonderful years at Tifereth Israel.  Congratulations!
Al and Barbara Herstig
Brian and Laurie Herstig and Family
Jeff and Karen Gerson and Family
Jordan and Malinda Kimmel and Family
Thank you for the kindness and interest you've shown our family throughout the years. Mazal Tov on a well-deserved honor!
Fondly, Emily and Barry Hindin, Shoshana and Jacob
Congratulations and thanks for 30 years of inspirational music.
From the extended and growing Hosansky Family
Cantor Chomsky,
Mazal Tov!  We are so thankful to you for bringing music into our lives each Shabbat and every Chag!  May you go continuously from strength to strength!
The Judds
MAZEL TOV on 30 incredible years.
We're glad you could be a part of many of our family simchas and we are looking forward to many more years of music, heart, and dedication that you have given to Tifereth Israel.
Shani, Dan, Spencer and Gabriel Kadis
(at least we can agree on the Buckeyes!)
Mazel Tov, Jack!  We are blessed to have you as our Cantor and our friend.  Thank you for all you do for us and for our community!
Jerry Hackman and Linda Katz
Congratulations to our good friend and Cantor for 30 super years and more to come!
Norman and Carolyn Katz
Thank you for your many years of spiritual leadership.
Charles and Jill Love
Congratulations to Cantor Jack Chomsky for 30 years at Congregation Tifereth Israel.
Markpoint Development
Remodeling, Building, Developing, Commercial and Residential Property
Howard Schottenstein
(614) 236-5444
Thanks for your many years of service to our congregation and to our family.  Congratulations and best wishes for many more wonderful times. 
Mark and Sunny Masser and Family
Mazel Tov!  Thank you for all that you do.
The Maxwells
Mazal Tov on 30 years!  We wish you as much success in the next 30.  Keep on singing!
Warmest regard,
The Merzel Family
Thank you for a marvelous 30 years!
Susan and Frank Mott
Mazal Tov to Cantor Chomsky for 30 wonderful years of service to Tifereth Israel. May you go from strength to strength.
Marc and Anne Neiwirth
Mazal Tov and Thank you!
The Pariser and Kanas Families, Rafaela Pariser and Benjamin Kanas
Your beautiful notes have led us to spiritual awareness for the past 30 years. We look forward to continuing on this journey together for many years to come. Mazel Tov!
Lee Pearlman and Cheri Weiner and family
Congratulations on 30 years of services for the synagogue and the community.
Carol and Alan Radnor
Mazel Tov, Jack! You have been a spiritual inspiration to all throughout your 30 years!
Mark Rinkov
Many thanks for your music and dedication; both of which have been enjoyed and appreciated.
Rosanne and Mark Rosen
Mazel Tov, Jack! Thank you for all that you have done to make our family and congregation feel welcome and appreciated!
Karl, Sharon and Jacob Rubin
In honor of Cantor Chomsky celebrating 30 years of service at Congregation Tifereth Israel
Bill and Bonnie Rudner
Congratulations Cantor Chomsky. Your presence at Congregation Tifereth Israel has helped to make it a very special place for us and our family.  
Thank you, Jack.
Howard and Linda Schottenstein
Mazel Tov to wonderful Cantor and a better friend. Not to mention a guy who could fly down the first base line.
Joel and Karen Schwartz
Congratulations to Cantor Chomsky on 30 years.  Thank you for making Tifereth a home.
Doug Segerman and Shana Raisman
Jack, Mazol Tov on our 30 years with you. enjoying all you have shared with us.
Julie Wallick and David Selden
Thank you for enriching our lives,
Cantor Chomsky!
Susie and Carl Seletz
We first met thirteen years ago on a cold icy day and both of us have watched each other grow over the years.  I became a man this year with your guidance and you were there for me every step of the way at my Bar Mitzvah.  I have heard you touched many lives over your past 30 years at the synagogue and I wish I could have been there to be part of all the special occasions and learned from your work with the Columbus Community--especially B.R.E.A.D.  You congratulated me on my special occasion and I want to offer you a big Mazel Tov.  I expect you to be around to prepare my two children for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  I know our professional relationship is just beginning..., I understand you keep a full schedule, but if you want to relax with soccer or tennis lessons, I am willing to work with you; even though, I know it might be challenging.  Let's text... 
Jake Selker
Thank you, Cantor Chomsky, for all your help and support to our family over the years, and for your spiritual guidance and inspiration.
Ron and Donna Solove
Congratulations on your first 30th.
Joan Wallick
Congratulations on 30 GREAT years! We appreciate you very much!!!!
Bruce, Seth, Dana Wasserstrom and Mandy Gettman
Congratulations and Mazel Tov, Jack
Jim and Nancy Wasserstrom
Our sincere congratulations,
Rodney and Donna Wasserstrom
Mazel Tov on 30 wonderful years of music.
Best wishes for many more!
Steve, Fran, Bethany, Natalie and William Lesser
Mazel Tov for thirty years of teaching, singing, and being an activist, spreading Jewish values to the greater Columbus Community.
Jerilyn Wolman
Jack, it has been a pleasure to be your friend, classmate, colleague and right-hand officer for these past 30+ years.  You deserve all the kavod you are receiving and more!
May we go from strength to strength.
Nancy Abramson
Mazel Tov!  With great appreciation for the love of Jewish music you have brought to our congregation.
The Applefeld Family
Get a teacher...get a friend...Hazzan Jack, you are both, and we value your leadership as President of the Cantors Assembly.
Cantors Ira S. Bigeleisen and Judy Dubin Aranoff
Adat Ari El
Valley Village, CA
With appreciation,
Randy Arndt
Beim and Grundstein Insurance
2776 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209
"In the high spheres there are temples which may be opened only with song." - HaRab MeLadi
Thank you for sharing your song and music with us.
Aleh Ve'Hatzlacha and Mazal Tov!
Gil, Shirly, Tal, and Orri Benatar
Our community has been blessed
 to have you as our Cantor at Tifereth Israel
as well as an advocate to help others
throughout the area.
Thank you for all you do.
Susie and Brad Blair
Irene Braverman
Mazel Tov! Thank you for bringing so much enthusiasm, creativity and caring to the entire community.
Daniel, Karen, Jennie, Murphy, and David Bromberg
Monica Brown
Michael and Victoria Canter
My pride in you knows no bounds.
Sorry I couldn't be with you
Love, Mom
Jack – We want you to know how much we appreciate all the wonderful things you have done, not only for Tifereth Israel, but for the entire community.
With much love,
Annette and Erwin S. Cohen
Mazal Tov, Jack!

Thanks for your wonderful teaching.  May you and Tifereth Israel enjoy many more years together!
Rabbi Arthur Flicker
Congregation B'nai Israel
Albuquerque, NM
Bonnie Covel
Mazal Tov and Todah Rabbah from the Covel Girls and Families
Robin and Rob Moel, Eve Alia and Dan Ramer, Talia Avi, and Oren
Rabbi Tirza Covel and Albert Schmelzer, Ariyeh and Gavriel
Neela Covel
Congratulations to Cantor Chomsky; Here's wishing you many more years of service!
Ross Dry Cleaners
2964 E. Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43209
Lynn and Sheryl Edelman
Mazel Tov on 30 years!
David, Julie, Josh, Stephanie, and Michael Fishman
Congratulations to Cantor Jack Chomsky for 30 years of dedicated and inspiring service at Congregation Tifereth Israel
Alan S. Wernick, Partner
FSB FisherBroyles, LLP
Business, Information Technology, Intellectual Property Law
614.463.1400 - Columbus, OH
847.786.1005 - Chicago, IL
Congratulations and love from your family! We are so proud of you.
Susan, Addie, Ben, and Aliza
Carol Glassman
Our thanks for your enthusiastic committment and friendship to our entire family.
Ken and Tobi Gold and family
We have known each other so well over the years, I feel confident in saying that your congregation is truly blessed to have you as their Cantor and spiritual leader.
You are a remarkable and dedicated Hazzan, who has always placed others ahead of yourself. You are a tireless servant to your congregation, colleagues, your community and the Jewish people. May you continue your sacred work from 'strength to strength' for the many years to come. With love, appreciation, gratitude and with my sincere congratulations, I am
Faithfully yours,
Cantor Joseph D. Gole
Sinai Temple
Los Angeles, CA
Nate Gordon
Dear Cantor,
You have always brought harmony into our lives.
You are so dedicated to continuing the old melodies and happy
to add some new ones; always willing to teach us. 
You are so giving of your time and efforts. We are blessed
for the light you bring to our prayers and life.
With much appreciation,
Harriet Grail
Jeffrey & Sharry Greene
and Family
Cantor Chomsky,
Thank you for everything you do for our congregation and for our family!
Bruce and Nancy Gurwin and Family
Franklin Heating and Refrigeration, Inc.
P.O. Box 32362
Columbus, OH 43232 
Jack, your music and spirit reaches across oceans and continues to inspire.
Larry and Diane Herman
Congratulations, Cantor Chomsky, on this special recognition.
Shari and Dotan Herszage & Family
Mazal Tov, Jack
Cheryl and Jackie Jacobs
For a happy 30 years and more of the same!
Dorothy Kahn
"Thanks for the music!"
Susan and Marvin Katz
Happy 30th to a wonderful Cantor,
teacher and friend!
With warm regards from the Kayne Family
Dear Cantor Chomsky,
Congratulations on reaching this 30 year milestone! And, thank you for all your TLC to our family and our community! Wishing you health and
happiness always!
Mike and Heidi Levey and Family
Mazel Tov Jack on 30 wonderful, meaningful years of service.
Love, Mark and Cindy Levy and family
So many members of TI have benefitted from your teaching skills and beautiful voice; myself included.  Mazel Tov and much thanks.
Rhoda Linder
Congratulations, Jack!  We love you
David, Susan, Noah, Zach, and Sasha Looper-Friedman
Mazal Tov -- Warm blessings for all your magnificent contributions to the Cantorate and Jewish spirituality.
With admiration,
Beny Maissner
Sid and Babs Miller
30 years and counting.  Mazel Tov!
Bea and Harold Mindlin
Mazel Tov to our friend and colleague -
Cantor Jack Chomsky
May you go from strength to strength!
Rabbi Melissa Crespy &
Rabbi Mitchell Levine
Agudas Achim Congregation
To Jack,
With our deep appreciation for your service to our congregation, our community, and our family.
Warmest Mazel Tov,
Karen and Neil Moss
Mazal tov on reaching this special milestone! May you continue to lead & inspire members of our congregation, our community, our city and beyond for years to come.
"Who sings in this world will sing also in the next." - Talmud, Sanhedrin
Best Wishes,
Amy Neiwirth
You have enriched our lives and the lives of our children over the years through your guidance and teachings.  We are so appreciative and so fortunate to have had you officiate at our daughters' B'not Mitzvah (including my own!) and their weddings... wonderful memories!
Annette and Steve Paine
Paul Rehmar
Thank you for our founding, your leadership and direction, “All Your Miracles”, and teaching us “How to Spell Chanukah” (or is it Hanukkah) !
Thank you for all that you have done. Looking forward to many, many more years.
Adele O'Conner and Aaron Rosenfeld
Mazel Tov to our friend.
The Rosenzweigs
Mazel Tov, Cantor Chomsky.  Wishing you many more years of health and sharing your talent with the Jewish Community.
Audri Rothschild
Dear Jack,
You truly are one in a million.  One of the highlights about being a member of Tifereth Israel is your delightful personality and your powerful vocal chords.
Much love,
Karen and Roger Ruben
To a great friend and a man whose energy and achievements go far beyond any tribute!
Howard Schlezinger and Family
Ellen Schottenstein
Lenny Schottenstein
Thank you for 30 years of friendship and leadership.
Ron and Laurie Shkolnik; Loni, Evan, and Hailey Kraut; Melanie, Andy, and Noah Arons; Kevin Shkolnik
Mazal Tov to "Cantor Jack"
We wish you continued success
Cantor Jeff and Tobi Siegel
“The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes—ah, that is where the art resides.” – Artur Schnabel, classical musician and composer (1882-1951)
Congratulations, Cantor Chomsky, on 30 years of artistry at Tifereth Israel. We are glad to celebrate with you just as you have celebrated with us the many happy occasions of our family.
Andrea Applegate and Larry Smith
Congratulations on 30 wonderful years! 
The Dach and Sugarman Families
Thank you for your 30 years of dedication to Tifereth Israel. We not only think of you as our cantor, but as our friend. Mazel Tov.
Rochelle and Randy Topolosky
Ayelet Tours
19 Aviation Road
Albany, NY
Mazal Tov on 30 wonderful years!
Howard and Gwen Werman
Thank you for your great service to the community.
Greta and Danny Zidel
Marilyn Galinkin
Lori and Bruce Gilbert
Harriet Gold
Linda Goldsmith
Joyce Edelman and Neal Hoffman
Ed Krauss
Stacy and Pam Kusma
Albert and Rita Malyn
Rebecca Gurk and Stuart Mangel
Chuck and Bonnie May
Kevin and Andrea Parks
Mike and Jan Price
Leslie Rosen
Stuart and Susie Schilling
Joan and Steve Shell
Peter and Ruth Weissman