Congratulations to my fellow celebrants
who have made a long term commitment
to make Ansche Chesed a vibrant place
to pray, study and make important
contributions to our community
Michael Mantel
To our glorious members
who enhance our spiritual lives immeasurably.
Thank you.
With much love and gratitude,
Ellen Braitman and David,
Lilith and Basha Shapiro
Kol hakavod to all those
working to maintain our community
in these trying times.
Hy Rosen and Iris Engelson
"If you are holding a sapling in your hand
and someone tells you, 'Come quickly,
the Messiah is here!', first finish planting
the tree and then go to greet the Messiah."
Ben Zakkai
Deep gratitude to the pillars of our community
who exercised their free agency to support
our Shul in good and bad times.
The Friends of Personal Agency
We are very proud that we met
at Ansche Chesed many years ago
and continue to be grateful for
this amazing community
which nourishes and sustains us
in so many ways!
David Fisher and Pearl Beck
Thank you, Ansche Chesed!
Esther and Richard Cantor
Thank you Ansche Chesed!
Doris Ullendorff and Ken Gorfinkle
With Thanks to Our Wonderful Community:
May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young
-- Bob Dylan
Richard Mark and Maura Harway
We moved to the west side in 1986, the year before
our older daughter's bat mitzvah. One week after
the bat mitzvah, we set out on what we thought
would be a series of shul-shopping visits.
Our first stop was Minyan M'at and we went no further:
we felt at home immediately. Over the years,
we have come to feel that the larger
Ansche Chesed community provides us
all with support and comfort.
We are deeply grateful for the community we share.
Anne and Leon Hoffman
חסדיכם חייונו
"Your Chesed has
kept the people of Chesed alive."
(based on Psalm 119.88)
With love and gratitude
to all our long-term members for decades of
dedication, devotion and leadership.
Thank you for building Ansche Chesed,
this enduring "Community of Kindness."
Jeremy Kalmanofsky
Congratulations to the
Long-Term Members 
for leading the way!
Thank You to the clergy, staff,
and trustees for holding our community
together in this crazy time.
Lisa and Yaron Minsky-Primus
We are thrilled to honor
all those who have made our community
what it is today!
Minyan M'at
In appreciation of Ansche Chesed
It has been a home and family
for us for many years,
a place of many kindnesses
and memorable experiences.
Elaine and Ron Morris
With gratitude and appreciation
to our wonderful community
and to our long-term members
for their devotion and commitment
to Ansche Chesed.
Naomi and Mark Paul
Thank you to all the
long-term members
who have made Ansche Chesed
the wonderful community
that it is today.
Sharri Posen
We love being part of the 
Ansche Chesed community,
now more than ever.
This kahal enriches our lives
in so many ways,
we are truly grateful.
Ruth & Ira Salzman
Mazal tov to all the members
who brought Ansche Chesed back to life,
sustained it, and helped us grow into
an active, dedicated community
and provided us with inspired
and dedicated lay and professional leaders.
Nach and Maron Waxman
We are blessed to be part of
a community of committed,
generous and kind people!
May we grow together in good health
for many years to come.
In love and friendship,
Miriam and Benyamin
Shirei Chesed Community Chorus 
celebrates our singers  who are also
long-term members of Ansche Chesed:
As your voices have enriched our harmonies,
so your countless efforts over the many years  
have made Ansche Chesed  the vibrant and thriving
community it is today.  Our song may be on pause now,  
but our gratitude to you is ever present.  
May you continue to go
from strength to strength! 
Thank you to all of our
long-term members
for helping to sustain our wonderful shul.
Shuly Rubin Schwartz
and Eric Fishman

B'shalom to our old friends and new...
38 years and still counting!
Tamara and Martin Green
We are proud to support our wonderful shul
and all of its members.
Ansche Chesed is our second home
and it has been a place that has nurtured
our family for decades.
Thank you to our amazing clergy and staff
and all who are working so hard
during this difficult time.
Debbie and Marty Greenberg
The strength of Ansche Chesed
is its membership
and our long-term members
are our anchor.
Thank you for all you have done.
Claudia Chernov and Josh Hanft
We are proud to be counted
among the vatikim
of this hallowed commuñity.

תפילת אדוני ידבר פי
Tefillàt Adonài Yidàber Pi
Jules and Navah Harlow
עולם חסד יבנה
"The world is built onchesed..."
Mazel tov and thanks
to all who have built and
sustained Ansche Chesed.
Julie and Tom Hirschfeld
There is another who sings the song of our people...
The one who... attaches himself with
a gentle love to the whole community of Israel.
Together with her he sings her songs...
(Adapted from "Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook", by R. Ben Zion Bokser)
Thank you to all the tireless builders
of our beloved Ansche Chesed community.
May you continue to sing her songs
for years to come!
Rabbi Shimon and
Hazzan Natasha Hirschhorn
In memory of
Larry Levi z''l
who loved the
Ansche Chesed Kehillah
Marilyn Levi
Many thanks to the long-term members
who have sustained and enriched
Ansche Chesed throughout the years!
With appreciation,
Judy Margolin, Seth Schwartz,
Ayelet and Jonah
Minyan Rimonim
Joyfully salutes
all the long-time members
of Ansche Chesed!  
May you go from strength to strength.
Mazal tov!
Michael Brochstein, Ellen Flax,
Rachel Givner & David Isaacson & Dora Isaacson,
Jeremy Goldman & Valerie Wald,  Arthur Goldstein,
Iris J. Korman & Nos Sher, Cecile Kuznitz,
Dennis Sandler, Michele Siegel, Shalom Stavsky,
Ilana & Steven Wallach, Larry Warmflash

AC's Morning Minyan
(And virtual Breakfast Club)
Salutes All AC's
Long-Term Members
Kol Ha Kavod
תודה רבּה Josh and his amazing staff Mark and the Trustees John and the hard-working maintenance team Erick and Sylvia, literally lifelong friends to our kids.
חֵזָק וּבָרוךְ Rabbi Jeremy and Cantor Natasha, who teach
by example in so many ways Jerry and Ellen, who have lovingly guided us and our children the friends in every minyan whom we've been blessed
to have as fellow travelers.
ברוכים הבאים new members!
Without you, our legacy as old-timers would cease to matter.
May Ansche Chesed be your home for many years to come.
Nathaniel Polish & Ellen Schorr
With Gratitude,
Mazal Tov!
Diane Dreher and Larry Amsel
I am so happy and grateful
to have Ansche Chesed
as my spiritual home
including its members and clergy;
for these many past years
and for many more yet to come.
Vivian Awner
With deep appreciation to
our Long-Term Members
for their decades of devotion
to our congregation
and community.
The Board of Trustees
Best Wishes for the
Continued Health of
Congregation Ansche Chesed
Carol Ingall and Stephan Brumberg
We hope you are all staying safe and well.
I missing seeing you all on Shabbas
and look forward to celebrating together again soon.
We are now offering daily meals.
Please see our new menu at:
All the very best,
Ava & Bruce Soffer
Chefs Table
In honor of the staff,
professional and spiritual,
that have worked tirelessly
to keep our community together
during this unprecedented time.
Nancy Sinkoff and Gary Dreiblatt
With Gratitude to Ansche Chesed
for being such an important part of
our lives for so very long.
And with special affection to
Minyan M'at to which we are deeply
and gratefully connected.
Nancy and Walter Dubler
In gratitude to our community 
-- sometimes distant,
but always close to our hearts
וְיִשְׁלַח בְּרָכָה
בְּכָל מַעֲשה יְדֵיהֶם
עִם כָּל יִשרָאֵל אֲחֵיהֶם
Freda, Evan and Sara Xing Eisenberg
We celebrate our
Long-Term Members.
You are the foundation
upon which we have built
our thriving synagogue.
Executive Committee
So grateful to the members
who for so many years
have persevered in the labor
of Chesed.
Rita Falbel
Thank you to
Ansche Chesed's membership!
We all benefit
from everything you do!
Steve Cohen & Donna Fishman
Ansche Chesed has been
our spiritual home for 37 years.
Thanks for all
Arleen Stern and Albert Gal
Mazel tov to all of
the honorees.
Thank you for all that you do
for Ansche Chesed!
Charles and Martha Graybow
Thanks to Our
Long-Term Members.
You Make Our
Community Special!
The Harris Family
With gratitude and appreciation
for all our long-term members,
whose efforts and contributions
over the years made it possible for us
to join this warm and wonderful community.
Avery and Wendy Katz
To Anche Chesed's Future
With Tribute to Our Close Community
of Prayer, Learning,
and Service
In Memory of Sol and Helen Koenigsberg
and Karyl and Lionel Trainor
Harold, Elizabeth & Sylvie Koenigsberg
Sending love and gratitude to
the entire Ansche Chesed
community, which has been such
an important part of our lives
over the course of many years.
Sarah Jacobs and David Kronfeld
We look forward to being together
with our AC friends soon!
Ken and Lenore Michaels
Very happy to be supporting
Anshe Chesed
and congratulations to all the
long-standing members.
Alan Astrow and Jill Nathanson
"I'm standing on the shoulders
of the ones who came before me."
Thank you to our community builders -
for your dedication, strength and vision.
Yael, Josh, Hannah and Shai
Barrie and Jerry Raik
With love and appreciation for our long-term members
for your years of service, leadership,
commitment and presence!
Like the deep, interconnected roots of the magnificent
Redwood trees, you planted strong roots
upon which our shul could be built and supported,
nourished and sustained each other and our community.
You made it possible for so many of us to plant
our own Jewish roots and to find our spiritual home
in this amazing, warm and caring community.
We are grateful.
Nancy and Rebecca Reibstein
With great appreciation of 
all of our long-term members
and a heartfelt thank you to our
amazing clergy, staff and volunteers
who are keeping our community going
during this difficult time.
The Rothschild Family
Mazal Tov To Our Long-Term Members
With love and heartfelt gratitude
for your tireless devotion to
Ansche Chesed over the years.
You sustained our community and helped make
Ansche Chesed become the vibrant, warm
and growing community that it is today.
Kol ha Kavod!
The Sanctuary Service Community
We congratulate all those 
who have made their homes with us
in the Ansche Chesed communities!
Your commitments to building a qehilah of people
"paying it forward" (גומלי חסדים),
of study and of worship (תורה ועבודה)
create a a solidly-rooted tree which not only
keeps sending out new limbs,
but can withstand the buffets of mighty winds.
David Fishman and Mindy Seidlin
May Ansche Chesed continue to be
a community of kindness
and commitment
as we transition to a new phase
Roberta and Paul Shapiro
Our lives have been entwined with 
Ansche Chesed in many ways.
Fifty-five years ago, Linda's parents became members.
We both were on staff - at different times,
attended school, learned, taught, celebrated, mourned,
and made life-long friends.
Our Jewish roots are embedded at Ansche Chesed.
Kol Hakavod!
Rabbi Linda & David Shriner-Cahn
With gratitude to the entire
Ansche Chesed Community and staff,
to Minyam M'at, and to
Jeremy Kalmanofsky.
Together you are the blocks that build
our family's Jewish home.
Janet Heettner and Peter Silverman
Greetings from Tel Aviv with love
and appreciation to the clergy,
executive director, office staff,
maintenance staff, lay leadership,
and the entire congregation
and community of Ansche Chesed
with special recognition
of all long-time members.
Martin Sinkoff
Thank you Ansche Chesed
for being an important part of our lives
for over a quarter of a century.
With appreciation to all who have contributed
in so many ways to make the AC community
thrive and become such a special community.
With gratitude to all
Michael Schmidt and Lori Skopp
To All The
Oldies & Goodies
In Shirei Chesed
And The Morning Minyan
Meg and Warren Soiffer
In honor of 
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky,
Rabbi Yael Hammerman,
Hazzan Natasha Hirschhorn,
and all the ansche chesed
of this congregation.
Ruth Sussman
Thank you for all that you give
to the community
Boni Vander
Congratulations to our community - 
the old timers who kept the roof on,
newer members who nurtured
our culture of learning
and community engagement,
and everyone who will keep us strong
going forward
Melinda Gros and Ron Werter
The West Side Minyan
salutes our 30-year members
In gratitude for building
and supporting our community.
Mazal Tov, Todah Rabah,
Warmest Wishes!
Mazal tov
to all the honorees.
Thank you for your devotion
to Ansche Chesed.
Michael Wise
Mazel Tov to all the Ansche Chesed
long-term members!
Thanks to the Board for noticing
that we are still here and giving us
an opportunity to be heard.
Congratulations to the entire klal
as we celebrate the completion
of another fiscal year
and the beginning of the next one!
Larry and Lynny Axelrod
Thank you to all the
long-term members who have
made Ansche Chesed
the wonderful community
that it is today.
Cheryl and Seth Bressman
Jane Head and Charlie Davidson
Congratulations and
כל הכבוד
to all the honorees!
Sara Shudofsky and Bob Ernst
Congratulations and deepest gratitude
to the long-term members who have made
Ansche Chesed the warm and welcoming place
it has been for our family.
We feel blessed
to be a part of this community.
Tali and Stan Etra
We love you
Amelia Gewirtz, Harold Stephan
and Adam Gewirtz
Mazl tov to Ansche Chesed's long-term
members, our khevre for many years in prayer,
song, social action and so much else in this
dynamic community.
May you go from strength to strength.
With admiration and affection
Cantor Janet Leuchter and Hal Glicksman
With much appreciation to
our long-term members
for all that they have contributed
towards building our thriving community.
May their commitment and dedication
inspire us to continue to learn, build and grow.
Marshall, Gail and Axel
The Goodman Eisen Family
We are grateful for all the
members and staff
of Ansche Chesed,
for building and sustaining
our beloved community.
Vicki Brower and Michael Gottsegen
With love and appreciation
for the community of
Ansche Chesed,
and its continued growth
Sid Gribetz and Rebecca Reitz

Sharon and Phil Gross
With gratitude to the shul,
its leadership,
and our fellow long-term members!
Barry Holtz and Bethamie Horowitz
מזל טוב
Ghislaine Boulanger
Charles Kadushin
Congratulations to the honorees,
and thanks to all
for inspiration and leadership.
Deborah Krohn
Congratulations to
the Honorees!!
Nancy & Douglas Lee
In honor of
long-term members
Rabbi Marion and William Shulevitz
Judith Shulevitz and Nicholas Lemann
Thank you all for creating and supporting
this welcoming, warm
and nurturing Jewish community
Joni Greenspan and Dan Lenchner
Mazal Tov to
Ansche Chesed's
long-time members
and honorees.
Abby Levy and Bruce Levine
Toni Landau and Fred Mansbach
!כל הכבוד אנשי חסד
With love and gratitude
Jocelyn Maskow
With great appreciation 
for our many long-term members
who have helped sustain
this vibrant community over the years,
and with heartfelt gratitude for our amazing clergy,
staff and volunteers who are carrying us
through this unusual and challenging time.
!תודה רבה
Medjuck-Bruckner Family
Mazal tov to all those in the
Ansche Chesed community -
both new and old.
May we together learn, grow
and act justly for many years to come.
Linda Messing
My love and appreciation to
all who have built, maintained
and are part of this
marvelous, special and
loving community.
Bettyrose Nelson
With warm wishes to
the whole kahal.
Ben Orlove
Mazel tov to all the honorees!
And our heartfelt thanks to
the clergy, staff, teachers and board members
that make Ansche Chesed such a special
and wonderful community for us all.
Kol hakavod!!
Erica, Rich, Anna, Lev and Micah Pravda/Gruen/Levy family
Ellen Tucker and Alan Rosenstein
Best wishes to
all the honorees
for many more
years to come!
Elizabeth and Joe Schefler
Fran Schiff and Family
Our lives have been much richer
 thanks to
Ansche Chesed.
Iris Korman and Nos Sher
To the many friends we have
over the 33 years of affiliation
with Minyan M'At and AC,
we congratulate the honorees.
The Silverstein Family
MAZAL TOV to all and Shehechiyanu
that we have reached this time.
May we all continue to contribute our wisdom
to making Ansche Chesed
the special community it is.
Marcia Talmage Schneider
We honor
The Long-Term Members of Ansche Chesed
ארכה מארץ מדה ורחבה מני-ים
The Torah is
"As immeasurably long as the earth
and even wider than the ocean," 
[Job 11:9]
So is our love and respect for you!
Wednesday Evening
Talmud Class
Thank You
Ansche Chesed
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky
Dorothy and Michael Weiss
Thank you to all of our
friends and fellow members.
Alan Divack and Amy Zarrow
May our community
continue to be full of Chesed
as we learn and grow together.
Sandra and David Bergman
37 years at AC,
every one a great one!
Michael Brochstein
Congratulations to our Home Away from Home.
Ansche Chesed has provided us
the Jewish community
that provides us with sustenance
and kindness.
May it continue and prosper.
Suzanne and Mayer Cavalier
In memory of
Mindy Fischer z"l
מינדעל באת משׁה הלוי ויוכבד

whose insight, passion, and lovingkindness
made her a once-in-a-lifetime teacher
One of the Countless
Families She Touched
In celebration of a special community
and all the members
who helped create it.
Sue Dickman
With gratitude to Martin Green
and all others who sustain
the Morning Minyan.
Kol Hakavod.
Yakov Epstein
Congratulations to all of our
long-term members
for their devotion and support
to our community.
Hannah Leider and Jeffrey Felmus
Joel Feuer,
saluting the history
of our synagogue
Ansche Chesed
is etched in our hearts
Carole and Mark Gothelf
Mazal tov to all our
long-term members!
Thank you for creating
such a warm,
welcoming community.
Michele Siegel and Oren Grad
In loving memory of
Liège Motta z"l
לאה בּת אברהם ושׂרה 
Our child's first teacher,
our wise friend
A Grateful Family
Mazel Tov to all the Honorees
Stephen Gross
Fred, Eliza
and Suzannah Herschkowitz
celebrate Ansche Chesed
on this marvelous Tribute night.
It is a blessing for our family to be members.
We love our synagogue
מזל טוב ותודה רבה
to all the honorees
and to all the אנשי חסד 
who are our community!
Marga Hirsch
We're so grateful
to be a part of
this wonderful community.
The Kellman/Lock Family
With gratitude and appreciation for
our long-term members.
Mazel tov to all the honorees!
Stephanie, Ilya, Alexander,
and Benjamin Kofman
May we be together soon
Ed and Shirley Kornreich
Thanks to all these special people
who have helped make Ansche Chesed
the amazing place it is!
Sara Krulwich
Julian Lander
Congratulations to all those
who are being honored
in this year's Tribute.
A well-deserved honor
and one to which
we will continue to ascribe.
Carolyn Wolf and Robert Leventhal
We salute Ansche Chesed's
devoted long-term members --
the foundation for a vibrant
and flourishing community.
May you go
from strength to strength.
Andrew Braiterman
and  Ronne Mandelker
Mazel Tov on
your long-term commitment
Judith Edelstein & Jim Meier
Karen Palmer
Lois Roman and Family
In honor of the long-standing members who have been 
the backbone of the community for decades and with appreciation
for the newer members who have chosen Ansche Chesed
for their spiritual home. Thank you to all for building
and continuing to support and grow the community.
With extreme gratitude to Rabbi Kalmanofsky,
Rabbi Hammerman, Hazzan Hirschhorn, Josh Hanft,
for their continued and un-ending  dedication,
leadership and support, and to all the staff who support
the community and keep the programs running,
the community connected, the lights on
and the building cleaned!
Suzan Rosen
So great to be part of
a whole community
devoted to chesed.
Gil Israeli and Jennifer Rosenberg
Celebrating Community!
Marla Gayle and Melanie Schneider
Thank you for being a sharing
and caring community
and for all of the hard work
of staff and members
during this uniquely disruptive time!
With our love and respect!
Ricki and Jeff
Mazel Tov to the honorees!
Claudia Setzer
Congratulations and thanks to
all of our long time members
and to our wonderful clergy.
Terry Zisowitz
Mazal Tov to all the
long-term members!
Anat and Avi Zloof