Rabbi & Mrs. Yitzchak & Chavi Hirshfeld
In celebration of 40 years of accomplishments and on the occasion of his retirement as Rosh Yeshiva
Originally from Chicago, Rabbi Hirshfeld is a graduate of the Hebrew Theological College ("Skokie Yeshiva"). In 1969, after completing a BA in Mathematics at Roosevelt University, he came to Israel and was privileged to learn at Mir Yeshiva from Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz zt”l and Rabbi Nachum Pertzovich zt”l. Before co-founding Yeshiva Darche Noam in 1978, Rabbi Hirshfeld taught at the original Shapell College and at Aish HaTorah.  For 39 years, Rabbi Hirshfeld served as our Rosh Yeshiva, devoting his energy and talent to our student and alumni.
At the end of the 5777 summer zman, Rabbi Hirshfeld retired from his position as Rosh Yeshiva.  As Rosh Yeshiva Emeritus, however, he is far from retired.  He continues to teach Gemara and other subjects in his daily shiurim.  Regarded by many students as the father figure of the yeshiva, Rabbi Hirshfeld can often be found meeting one-on-one with students, and continues to be a tremendous resource for alumni and their families in Israel and around the world.
As she has been for the 40 years of Shapell's/Yeshiva Darche Noam, Mrs. Hirshfeld (originally from West Orange, New Jersey) continues to truly be a partner in Rabbi Hirshfeld's work.  In addition to her constant support of the Rosh Yeshiva and his work, in her own right she has made deep connections with the wives of many alumni and continues to serve as an important mentor to all those who seek her counsel.
Rabbi and Mrs. Hirshfeld are blessed with eight children and many grandchildren.
Rabbi and Mrs. Hirshfeld are truly deserving of tremendous Hakarat haTov- not only from the thousands of alumni they have impacted, but also from the children and grandchildren of those students whose Torah lives they have helped shape.
The sitting area in the entry level of the yeshiva is where many of these important interactions happen at Shapell’s. As an everlasting tribute and in gratitude to Rabbi Hirshfeld and his many years of teaching, personal counsel and sage advice, we will modernize and refurbish this central area to be dedicated as The Rabbi Hirshfeld Pinat Noam. To participate in this unique opportunity to show appreciation to Rabbi Hirshfeld and to make this area at Shapell’s a more welcoming space, we invite you to make a gift of $5,OOO. Your name will be included on an attractive plaque that will be permanently part of The Rabbi Hirshfeld Pinat Noam. 
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