to Sukey and Mike
Seth, Danielle, Allyson and Hugh
from the FACES Board, Steering, Benefit & Auction Committees
and all of our volunteers
Tonight's success is all because of you.

Each year we have more reason to thank FACES
and Dr. Devinsky. 
His unwavering optimism, intellectual rigor, deep humanity and
complete dedication to his patients and their families are legendary.
We are privileged to know Dr. Devinsky, his colleagues
and the superb FACES team:  Pam, Luis, Frances and Brielle.
Special thanks to Peggy and the Parent Network!
Loretta Glucksman and Kate Picco
The Novogratz Family
loves Dr. Devinsky 
and appreciates all that he has done.
In honor of
Dr. Orrin Devinsky
Leah and Michael Weisberg.
Suzanne Peck and Brian Friedman
In honor and in memory of
Carol and Shelly Pressler,
who believed in and fought for a cure
for their two grandchildren.
Thank you to their children,
Lauri Herman and Lee Pressler,
for their Leadership Circle gift.
We salute Orrin and the FACES family
for their dedication, compassion and indomitable spirit.
You inspire us!
Angela Howard and Matt Stone
Orrin Devinsky
the FACES community
for doing so much for so many!
The Weisberg Family
We are extremely appreciative of your time,
energy and commitment to FACES
and excited to keep investing with you and FACES
as we move closer towards a cure for epilepsy.
The Boehly Family
Deborah and Gabriel Brener 
proudly support FACES
for its continued efforts
to help families affected by epilepsy.
We are truly grateful to the dedicated team
of researchers, doctors and medical professionals 
who change lives and offer new hope to families in need.
Deborah and Bill Harlan
Many thanks for all you do!
Deborah & Orrin
Thank you Leah and Michael Weisberg
for always making this evening so special
with your kindness and generosity.
With gratitude and appreciation
for underwriting tonight's gala.
Orrin and the entire FACES family
In honor and in memory of
Carol and Shelly Pressler
who believed in and fought for their two grandchildren.
Thank you to their children,
Lauri Herman and Lee Pressler
for their Leadership Circle gift.
Orrin and the entire FACES family
Congratulations Eden! 
You continue to strive to the highest level. 
You are a beacon of hope and we are very proud of you. 
The Jacobson Family
In honor of our friends Deborah and Orrin
The Lambert Family
To our Gala Co-Chairs,
Sukey and Mike Novogratz,
for their united support and tireless dedication towards a cure.
To our Auction Chairs, Danielle Walker and Allyson Wiener
for their vision and enthusiasm.
To the FACES team, Luis Valero, Frances Salvo,
Brielle Cummings and Peggy Guinnessey,
for their leadership, commitment and hard work.
To our honorees, Deborah and Bill Harlan
Who motivate and inspire us with stories of hope and inspiration.
To our emcee,  Seth Meyers.
Thank you for doing a superb job as our evening's host.
And to Orrin Devinsky, MD, for making a difference in the lives of so many.
Pamela Mohr
Our world is a better place for so many
thanks to the compassion, dedication
and accomplishments of
Dr. Orrin Devinsky and his team.
Nancy and Fred Poses
Congratulations to Dr. Orrin Devinsky,
who continues to make great strides
in the field of epilepsy
and improving quality of life.
Claudia and Kenneth Silverman Family Foundation

Michael Harney and FACES
for all of their vital work in
helping find a cure for epilepsy and seizures.
Thank you
Drs. Orrin Devinsky and Dan Friedman 
and all the team members 
at NYU Langone Health.
The Crofoot Family
Thank you for your continued dedication
and support.

Harry Heller Falk
In honor of Orrin Devinsky & Dr. French.
This year we hope that you will find the cure.
Cookie & David Fishel
Congratulations FACES
Leah and Michael Weisberg
With love,
Hella and Chuck Hershson
Thank you
Dr. Devinsky, Dr. Dugan 
and the rest of your team
for all of your compassion, support and research.
Hoping one day epilepsy and seizures 
will no longer exist.
Lori & Stewart Karger
Jami Karger Smithy & Kevin Smith
Thank you Dr. Orrin Devinsky and
the entire FACES team for their
extraordinary efforts towards finding a cure.
Deborah and Bill Harlan, tonight's honorees
Sukey and Mike Novogratz, gala chairs
Randi and Jeff Levine
A warm thank you to
Dr. Devinsky
and dedicated staff
for all your loving care and support
for my granddaughter, Emma.
You are very special to our family.
Joan Nelson
With deepest gratitude to
Gala Chairs, Sukey and Mike Novogratz
Leah and Michael Weisberg
for their never-ending generosity and support to FACES
Mary Quick
Congratulations to Dr. Orrin Devinsky
and his team.
With much love and respect,
Ginny and Steven, Jessica and Tom, Gina and Alex
Alison and Alex, and Stephanie
Wishing FACES a wonderful evening,
With love and thanks,
Miranda and Lucas van Praag
In honor of Orrin Devinsky,
because as a physician and a person, 
he genuinely cares.

Wendy Baker
Congratulations to the FACES team
on another successful gala!
Thank you Orrin for your support and guidance!
With gratitude,
Victoria, Caroline, Paul & Lori Billyard
With enormous gratitude to
Dr. Orrin Devinsky and the team at
the NYU Langone Health
Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
for the amazing work that you do.
A special thank you to
Dr. Werner Doyle.
Our family will be forever grateful.
Susan and Jonathan Bram
Thank you, Orrin, and your team
for all that you do.
The Fantaci Family

The Kotler family, while not here tonight,
is with you in spirit. 
Thank you for the great service
you and your team perform each and every day. 

You make life better for many!

Carolyn, Steven, Bill & Tom Kotler

Thank you to
Orrin, Jackie and the NYU Epilepsy and FACES team
for your exceptional care of families
Congratulations and thanks to our
honorees, Deborah and Bill Harlan
and gala chairs, Sukey and Mike Novogratz
Warm Wishes
The Lammert Sang Family
Loulou Foundation
would like to thank
Dr. Orrin Devinsky
for all his amazing efforts to improve
treatments for CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder (CDD)
Congratulations to our honorees
Deborah and Bill Harlan
And much gratitude to...
Sukey and Mike Novogratz
Danielle and Tom Walker
Allyson and Andrew Wiener
C. Hugh Hildesley
...for their generous and unwavering support of FACES!
With thanks,
The Glucksman Picco Family
In honor of the exemplary leadership of
Leah and Michael Weisberg
Pam and Scott Schafler
Donna and Gary Segal
are proud to again
support FACES!
We salute the efforts of
Dr. Orrin Devinsky, FACES and the
Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at
NYU Langone Health.
With continued support and admiration,
Susan and David Swinghamer
With great appreciation for Orrin Devinsky, MD,
NYU Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
and the entire FACES team,
Congratulations to his year's gala honorees,
Deborah and Bill Harlan
The Walsh Family
We are so grateful to be involved with such a magnificent organization,
one that helps and inspires so many lives on a daily basis.  
Without the work of NYU Langone, millions of people would not be here today.
In particular our gratitude knows no bounds for the amazing work of
Dr. Allen, Dr. Bluvstein, Dr. Devinsky, Dr. Harter & Dr. Weiner,
without them our lives would be much different today.
Congratulations to the Harlans and Novogratzes on their tireless effort
contributing to the success of this wonderful night.
Special thanks to Danielle and Tom Walker.
It's been a true pleasure working together on behalf of this important cause.
To the FACES team,
This night and so much more would not be possible without you.  
Again we extend our heartfelt thanks for the work you do
to make all of our lives better. 
Allyson, Andrew, Samson & Jonah Wiener
Damian Loeb and Acquavella Galleries
salute the efforts of FACES led by
Dr. Orrin Devinsky.
Thank you to you and your team.
We thank
Dr. Orrin Devinsky, Dr. Judith Bluvstein
and all the dedicated professionals at
NYU Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Ann and Ken Adler
Bass & Lemer, LLP
Certified Public Accountants
Congratulations to honorees
Deborah and Bill Harlan.
Thanks to FACES and
The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at
NYU Langone Health
for your ongoing dedication to
finding a cure for epilepsy.
Best wishes,
Joel Black and Jacob Black
With heartfelt gratitude and love to Orrin Devinsky
and all the staff at FACES and the
NYU Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center.
The Hougie Family
Thank you, Dr. Devinsky and
NYU Langone's Comprehensive Epilepsy Center team,
for all that you do for us and so many others.
With great gratitude from,
Champion Parking and the Rosenblatt Family

Dr. Orrin Devinsky
Randi and Jeffrey Levine.

We are very proud of all you have
accomplished for such a worthy cause.

Lilie, Steven, Emilia, Rebecca, Asher Charno
and Nanny Wendy

With gratitude to
Deborah and Bill Harlan,
as well as to Sukey and Mike,
for their generosity, commitment and dedication.
We proudly support FACES and the tireless efforts
of Dr. Orrin Devinsky and his outstanding team.
We are grateful to all of you;
may you all go from strength to strength.
Ulrika and Joel Citron
Thank you!
Brooke and Toby Cohen
Drs. Ana and Ira Cohen
Dr. Devinsky and FACES
Thank you for the compassion and care you have shown
to all those afflicted with epilepsy
and for all the work you have done
towards finding a cure.
Larry Davis and Donna Emma
Thank you for all you do!
With gratitude and love,
The Doyle Family
Celebrating FACES for its dedication to the promise
of a cure, and its wonderful accomplishments.
Janet Standard and Werner Doyle
We proudly support the efforts of Dr. Devinsky
and the everyone at FACES.
Your work inspires us all.
Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford
Many thanks to Orrin and the
entire FACES team for all the amazing work you
do in helping so many families.
The Galgano Family 
To an amazing doctor,
Orrin Devinsky
and to
Ulrika and Joel Citron
for their support of FACES.
Linda Gerstel and Ed Joyce
We will be forever grateful to
Dr. Orrin Devinsky and his incredible staff
for their expert treatment of our daughter.
We are proud to support Dr. Devinsky's
important research so that epilepsy and
seizures will one day become a thing of the past.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Judy and Jason Katz
Michael and Ronnit Kessler
are proud to support FACES,
an organization which changes the lives of
all those affected with epilepsy and seizures.
We salute Randi Levine and the rest of
the FACES Advisory Board
for their tireless efforts.
Shelley and Phillip Levine
are proud to support NYU FACES.
Congratulations to Randi and Jeff Levine
and the entire FACES team
on another successful year.
Congratulations to the honorees and
many thanks to Sheila and Tony Sammur
for all you do for FACES. 
Leslie and Dan Luciano
Dr. Devinsky
Thank you for all that you do.
The Marriott Family
Michael, Whitney, Russell, Dean & Bailey
Congratulations Orrin and the
entire FACES staff.
The McKeon Family
Neuropace would like to thank
Dr. Orrin Devinsky
and the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
for all their efforts improving patients' lives
in the epilepsy community.
Thank you Dr. Orrin Devinsky, Erin Conway,
and the entire staff of the
NYU Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center,
for your dedication, compassion, and support. 
Susan, Joshua, and Emma Novin
Air Tech Cooling proudly supports the
dedication and generosity of
Randi and Jeff Levine
and the life-changing work of
Dr. Orrin Devinsky
and the
NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Lisa and Daniel Reck
Thank you Dr. Devinsky and your wonderful staff
for the outstanding care you have given our son
for the past 16 years.
Howard and Sylvia Rothbein
The Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery
at Saint Barnabas
Deborah and Bill Harlan
for their commitment and dedication.
Your never-ending effort to find a cure
and your commitment to your patients
and their families is unsurpassed!
Thank you for helping Sammi keep her positive attitude and a smile on her face!
Your good friends, 
Stacey, Neil, Sammi, and Jake Weiss
We are delighted to honor and support
our dear friend, Orrin Devinsky,
for his dedication to FACES and for making
such a difference in the lives of so many!
We wish you continued success
towards finding a cure!
With much love,
Caron and Stan Alpert
Joyce and Jerry Bertner
Let's drive epilepsy out of the park!
Nick Taliercio
In honor of
Randi and Jeffrey,
with pride and love
Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Gary
In honor of Dr. Orrin Devinsky.
Thank you for all you do.
Judy and Billy Greenblatt
In honor of
Sammi Weiss
Debra and Mark Hirschberg
Thank you
Dr. Devinsky and Kim Menzer
Roberta Miller
Dr. Devinsky,

Thank you for making such a difference
in the quality of my life for both me and my family. 

Sharon Naioti
In honor of Benjamin Basner
All our love,
The Schissler Family
Supporting Dr. Devinsky
and our FACES friends.
Craig Tortorella
In honor of my granddaughter,
Samantha Weiss
Dorothy Weiss