The 2015 Convention Committee
Burt "Captain Ruach" Fischman
for a lifetime of service to FJMC
Mazel Tov to all
Ma'asim Tovim Honorees 
The 2015 ConventionCommittee
MAZAL TOV to our Husband, Father, Zaidie and President.
In honor of
Allan Gottesman
Just so we have it in writing nothing is changing at home.
We are so proud of your accomplishments. We wish you and the FJMC Board much success.
All our love
Caren, Jared, Amy & Jared, Mischa, Sascha, Kailey & Livia
Gottesman Family
Mazel Tov to the newly elected officers of FJMC and especially
Incoming President Allan Gottesman
We know that your new responsibilities will keep you very busy, so we will continue to keep the office running smoothly, as always.
Todd, Shari, Linda, Kristy & Tiffany
Gottesman, Bomser & Company, PA
If it weren't for the FJMC, our congregations would be less welcoming, less friendly, and less open.
The FJMC Keruv Initiative
the outgoing and incoming administration
for its continued support.
Mazel Tov to
Sandy Victor
and to all the
Ma'asim Tovim Honorees
with love,
Roslyn and Neil Gorchow; Julie and Bob Levine; Bruce Gorchow and Jodi Rosen; Elana and Jon Gorchow; and Sheryl and Marc Stuart
Gorchow Family
Congratulating all of the officers and members of the Federation of Jewish Mens Clubs on another great Administration and Convention and looking forward to an incredible future of growth and new experiences.
Yasher koach to everyone on a job very well done!
The International Kiddush Club supports Rabbi Simon's Tefillin Fund which has distributed hundreds of pairs of tefillin and hundreds of mezuzot to Jews around the world who cannot afford these important items. The IKC also sponsors events and programs to teach, engage and help men and women to experience the joy of Judaism. For further information, please visit the website,
International Kiddush Club
Mazel Tov to
David Kaplan
New England Region's
Maasim Tovim Honoree
New England Region
Yasher Koach
Ken Turkewitz
on your successful term as New England Region President. May you go from strength to strength
New England Region
Mazel Tov to
David P. Singer
Incoming President
New England Region
New England Region
I love you,
Michael Freilich
David Sachs
Wishes Our Very Own Neil Melman
A Hearty Yasher Koach and Mazel Tov On his well deserved honour as the Lake Ontario Region Ma'asim Tovim
For his dedication and outstanding service to the Region, the FJMC and to the entire Jewish Community
Adath Israel Congregation, Toronto, ON Adath Israel Brotherhood and Adath Israel Sisterhood
The Clergy, Officers, Board of Trustees, Men’s Club and Sisterhood of the Dix Hills Jewish Center Proudly Salutes the Inspiring Leadership of
Aaron Altman
Yasher Koach and Mazal Tov on the well deserved honors and accolades bestowed upon you by the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs.
Rabbi Howard Buechler
Cantor Steven Hevenstone
Michael Kessler, President
Mark Nackman, Men’s Club President
Vicki Weinstein, Sisterhood President
Dix Hills Jewish Center
The Executive Committee of the Florida Region Extends
a Yasher Koach to our
Ma'asim Tovim honoree
Jeff Litt
Florida Region
The Executive Committee of the Florida Region congratulates
Allan Gottesman
as incoming FJMC International President.
We are very proud of our "Man in Purple".
Florida Region
In Honor of
Michael Freilich
The family thanks you, Michael, for being a great Husband, Father, Saba, Uncle,
Brother-in-law and Friend.
The Freilich Family
Chana, Sadie, Honey, Moshe, Barbara, Maya, Deborah, Michael, David, Rachel, Noah
Thank you to the

Board of the New England Region
for your support during my term as President of the Region.
May you go from strength to strength.
David Singer
New England Region
Thank you!
to the officers and board for their dedication and leadership to FJMC.
Thank you for all that you do!
Northern New Jersey Region - FJMC
Mazal tov and Yasher koach
to all the incoming, outgoing, and continuing club presidents of NNJR
Northern New Jersey Region - FJMC
Thank you to our Maasim Tovim honoree,
Dave Mandell
for his devotion, leadership, commitment, wisdom and
hard work which have contributed so much toward making NNJR a vibrant and successful region.
Northern New Jersey Region of FJMC
Don Miller
a tireless champion of people with disabilities, we salute your dedication, your commitment, and your advocacy. Your work on behalf of others for the past two decades is humbling and inspiring. Congratulations on the important contributions you make to the greater communities of which you are a member.
Board of Directors of Region X
American Association for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Mazel tov to our dear friend and mentor
Dave Mandell
on being the NNJR 2015
Ma'asim Tovim Award Winner
You are a true Mensch in every sense of the word and one of the best friends anyone can ask for!
Jeff & Elyse Schulman
In honor of Allan Gottesman
as the incoming international president
from your friends at FJMC
Elliott Burns, Robert Mandel, Gary Smith, Richard Gray, Alan Budman, Aaron Altman, Mike Mills, Tom Sudow, Bruce Tomar, Allan Kahan, Dave Mandell, and Stan Greenspan
"Yasher Koach" to
Myles Simpson
for his dedication and leadership as International President of The Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs 2013-2015. "No office can dignify a man, but a man can dignify his office"
Rabbi Richard Spiegel and Hazzan Pablo Duek Temple Etz Chaim
In honor of
Myles Simpson - International President 2013-2015 and
Joel Shrater - International Treasurer 2013-2015
We applaud your service to FJMC, your past leadership in the Western Region and your many years of service to Temple Etz Chaim.
From the Men's Club of Temple Etz Chaim Thousand Oaks, CA
David Mandell
Mazal tov with winning the Ma'asim Tovim Award!
Thank you for all the efforts you've put into the community throughout the years.
Wiss & Company, LLP
Rabbi Sirull
Anshei Darom MA'ASIM TOVIM Honoree 2015
from your Tennessee Friends
B'nai Zion - Chattanooga
Heska Amuna -Knoxville
Jewish Congregation -Oak Ridge
West End - Nashville
Anshei Darom - Tennessee Council
He's not just a gabbai...
He's the Redneck rabbi! Mazal Tov to
Rabbi David Sirull
for being honored with the FJMC Ma'asim Tovim Award
The Anshei Darom Region is grateful for your energy, your knowledge, your sense of humor, and your warm neshamah, all of which have energized the Adas Yeshurun Men's Club, enlivened our regional Retreats, and enhanced our Region's mission of involving Jewish men in Jewish life. Todah Rabah... and Kol ha-Kavod!
Anshei Darom Region
May you have the strength & continued good health to maintain your role in the leadership of 
President of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs International
You will be wonderful!  We wish you much success.
Hugs xxxxxx.
Your Toronto aunt & uncle
Brimel & Sid Barish
Kol hakavod to FJMC
In Honor of
David Kaplan
Stephen Baum
Beth El Congregation of the South Hills
is very proud of our amazing, hardworking congregants
Tri State Maasim Tovim honoree
Warren Sufrin
and outgoing president
Mike Rosenberg
There are no better men than these!
Rabbi Alex Greenbaum
Andy Schaer, President
Cliff Spungen. Exec Vice President
Beth Sholom Congregation
Michael Weingram
past President of Beth Sholom Men's Club
on his FJMC Ma'asim Tovim award
Beth Sholom Congregation, Elkins Park, PA
Beth Sholom Men's Club in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania salutes
Michael Weingram
our Ma'asim Tovim Award Honoree 
from the Middle Atlantic Region-FJMC
"May you go from strength to strength"
Beth Sholom Men's Club - Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
In honor of Dr. Elliot Burns
Elliot - Kol Hakavod for being an exceptional, passionate leader and President of the Florida Region! You have inspired countless others with your dedication, commitment and warm, caring heart! We love you very much and we know you will continue to make a difference in our Jewish community. We are so proud of your accomplishments!
With love,
Your wife Sharon Burns Your children Emily and Stephen Grabelsky, Felissa Kreindler and Perah and Josh Baker Your sister Gloria and Dmitri Mamokhin
Sandy Victor
The effects of your dedication and diligence to enhancing the lives of others for so many years will long be remembered and felt for a very long time. Your generosity and ruach has been and will be inspirational. We can never truly thank you sufficiently.
Congratulations to a remarkable man, leader and role model.
Congregation Beth Judea Men's Club
Kol Ha'kavod to
David Mandell
our NNJR Ma'asim Tovim Honoree
The Congregation of The East Brunswick Jewish Center thanks David for his tireless contribution to our Men's Club and the Jewish Community.
Eric Rabinowitz, President
Rabbi Joshua S. Finkelstein
East Brunswick Jewish Center
Congregation Etz Chaim Men's Club Marietta, GA gives a great big Kol ha-Kavod shout-out to
Rabbi David Sirull - our Anshei Darom Region Ma'asim Tovim honoree
Steve Dix - our hard working, long-suffering Regional President (and past Club president)
Thank you both for all your efforts on behalf of our Region to Involve Jewish Men in Jewish Life!
Etz Chaim Men's Club
Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach to Our
Midwest Region 2015 Ma'Asim Tovim Honoree
Sandy Victor

FJMC Midwest Region
Board of Directors, President’s Cabinet & Past Region Presidents
FJMC Midwest Region
Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach to our
NNJR Maasim Tovim Honoree
David Mandell
For all that you do, and for all that you inspire, this is well deserved, as you are our honoree every day.
from your brothers of The East Brunswick Jewish Center Men's Club
Kol Hakavod to incoming FJMC president
Allan Gottesman!
We wish you much success.
Irving and Rina, Steve and Liddy, Moishe and Jodi, and Debbie and Steven Gottesman
Mazel tov to
Allan Gottesman
and the 
newly elected officers of FJMC!
Linda and Charlie, Erica and Matt, Jessica and Mallory
Hollywood Discount Pharmacy
In honor of
Myles A. Simpson
Thank you & Yasher Koach for your outstanding leadership And
Thanks to the outgoing leadership team for a job well done!
Hudson Valley Region
In honor of
Allan Gottesman
Good luck & Yasher Koach in your new role as our President
and to
Stan Greenspan
In your new role as First Vice President May you go from strength to strength
Hudson Valley Region
In honor of
Richard Freiberg
Ma’asim Tovim Recipient July 2015 / Tammuz 5775
We thank you for your contributions, leadership, and commitment to our Region, Clubs, and the FJMC The officers, Clubs, and members of
the Hudson Valley Region
In honor of incoming president, 
Allan Gottesman
a great man and friend.
Dr. Barbara Martin
In honor of
Don Miller
I am so very proud of you for
all that you do! 
Regina Miller
Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach to
the Incoming Officers and Board of FJMC
We wish you great success and thank you for you dedication and leadership
Northern New Jersey Region of FJMC
Mazal tov to the
newly elected officers of FJMC!
Mitch Ross
A well deserved honor for over 40 years of dedication to the Adat Shalom Men's Club and the Western Region of FJMC.
Mazel tov to Lew Sternfels
on receiving the Maasim Tovim award!
All our love,
Jessica & Steve and Sarah & Jerry
Schmelz and Silverman Families
The Sisterhood and Men's Club
of Temple Beth Torah Sha'aray Tzedek
congratulate our own
Allan Gottesman
On his election as President
Temple Beth Torah Sha'aray Tzedek Sisterhood and Men's Club
Tri-State Region recognizes our

Ma'asim Tovim Honoree
Warren Sufrin

for his outstanding dedication
to his region.
May you go from strength to strength
Tri-State Region recognizes
its outgoing officers from 2013-2015
and thanks them for their tireless efforts.
Michael Rosenberg – President,
Irwin Harris - Executive Vice President
Cliff Spungen – Treasurer
Harold Lessure - Treasurer
Mark Frisch – Secretary
Tri-State Region
recognizes our incoming officers
for 2015-2017.
Irwin Harris – President
Harold Lessure-Treasurer
Mark Frisch - Secretary
In Honor of
Rabbi David Sirull
Ma'asim Tovim
Adas Yeshurun Synagogue Men's Club
Augusta, GA
Mazal Tov,
Rabbi Sirull
on being honored as the Ma'asim Tovim
for the
Anshei Darom Region of FJMC
Adas Yeshurun Synagogue Sisterhood-Augusta, GA
Mazel Tov to
Jeffrey Litt 
our Ma'asim Tovim honoree.
Thank you for all you've done for the Florida Region
Moshe & Marci Adler
Our Sincere Appreciation to all the
Out Going as well as the In Coming Officers
for their time and dedication given to our organization.
Mazel Tov to
the Maasim Tovim Awardees
and to
Burt Fischman, our dear friend.
Estelle & Jerry Agrest
Congratulations to
Richard Freiberg
on being honored for your service to our region, FJMC and
the community.
Alyse & Andy Alper
Congratulations to
Jeff Litt
on an Honor Well Deserved.
Your friends,
Sam and Sherri Cohen
Mazal Tov Stan Greenspan
on becoming 1st Vice President of FJMC.
Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Men's Club
In honor of
Norwin Merens
Beth Hillel Congregation - Bnai Emuna Men's Club
Mazel Tov to
Michael Freilich
on this well deserved honor.
The FJMC is fortunate to call you a leader, as are we.
the Beth Israel Brotherhood
Mazal Tov to our friend,
Maasim Tovim honoree Michael Freilich
Michael’s commitment to our synagogue and to adult learning have been a source of strength to our Congregation.  Yasher koach to Michael and the FJMC.
Rabbi Jay R. Goldstein
David I Rothenberg, Executive Director
Beth Israel Congregation
In Honor of
Michael Freilich
Beth Israel Brotherhood Beth Israel Congregation
In honor of
Michael Weingram
Beth Sholom Congregation
Elkins Park, PA
Mazal Tov to
New England Region's Maasim Tovim Awardee,
David Kaplan
Yasher Koach to
President Allan Gottesman and his entire team
Kol HaKavod to
Myles Simpson
with my respect and thanks
Bob and Bonnie Gordon Braitman
In honor of
Sandy Victor 
whose unfettered dedication to enhancing the lives of others with your time, energy, and ruach is an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations for a much deserved honor. We are all proud of you.
Chavurah Aleph
We honor our Past President
Michael Freilich
for his devotion to FJMC, his insight and wisdom, and his energetic embrace of Jewish life.
We also congratulate all the men of our synagogue community who sustain a vibrant Brotherhood.
Rabbi Ron Shulman and Chizuk Amuno Congregation
Mazel Tov to
Sandy Victor
on receiving the
Ma'asim Tovim Award
We are glad to have you as a part of the Beth Judea Family!
Congregation Beth Judea
Congratulations to  
Sandy Victor
the Midwest Region Ma’asim Tovim Award recipient! Thank you for serving Congregation Beth Judea Men’s Club Board, the synagogue and the region for so many years. 
Your dedication and leadership are appreciated!
Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach
Congregation Beth Judea Sisterhood
Mazel Tov to David Kaplan
New England's Ma’asim Tovim!
Yasher Koach to Mark Druy, for your fine service to Temple Emunah, NER and International FJMC!
In honor of Ken Turkewitz's excellent leadership as New England Regional President.
In honor of our incoming New England Regional President, David Singer.
Mo Diamant
Mazel tov to a great leader, mentor and friend:
David Kaplan
Chuck and Sharon Diamond
Mazel Tov to
Sandy Victor -on being selected as the Midwest Region's Ma'asim Tovim Award recipient
Mazel Tov to
Burt Fischman - on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Gail Gerber and Eric Yegelwel
Thank you to outgoing International President
Myles Simpson
and outgoing International Treasurer
Joel Shrater
They are a credit to FJMC, the Western Region, and Temple Etz Chaim Men's Club, Thousand Oaks, CA.
Marc and Carole Firestone
In honor of
Sandy Victor
FJMC Midwest Region
Mazel Tov to my Son
Richard Freiberg
I am so proud of your accomplishments and wish you all the success in everything you do
All my love
Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach to our
Great Lakes Region Ma'Asim Tovim Honoree
Richard Racusin
David & Judy Goldis
Mazel tov to
Michael Freilich
on being selected the
2015 Ma'asim Tovim honoree of Seaboard Region.
You are a friend, mentor, and a mensch! Yasher Koach!
Greg & Linda Gore
Mazel tov to
Allan Gottesman
and the incoming FJMC Board
and to
Bruce Gordon
and the incoming Seaboard Board!
We look forward to your achievements as you lead FJMC internationally and in Seaboard to new heights.
Greg & Linda Gore
In honor of:
David Goldis
outgoing Region President
Richard Racusin
Ma'asim Tovim, incoming Region President
Great Lakes Region
Congratulations to
Sandy Victor
Midwest Region's Ma'asim Tovim honoree
Very well deserved.
Thank you to the Midwest Region Board of Directors for making my two year term as Region President rewarding and a ton of fun. Finally, thank you to my lovely bride, Judi for encouraging me to chase my dreams of engaging more Jewish Men with their Club and Region activities through new and improved initiatives. (Not to mention all those Scotch and Steak Events!!).
Midwest Region has become the change agents of FJMC!!!
Love to Judi and my Men's Club brothers,
Michael Greenberg
Yasher Koach to Captain Ruach on his well deserved honour!
Congratulating all of the leaders and members of the FJMC on a successful convention.
Looking forward to many more years of great work, great friends and great results!
Stan Greenspan
Yashar Koach to our good friend,
Myles Simpson,
on his outstanding service as outgoing FJMC International President.
From your Havurah family
Chuck and Nanci Cooper; Marc and Carole Firestone; Valerie Goldstein; Peter and Wendy Margolis;
Dave Munowitch and Emily Habib;
Yaakov and Janice Orlowski; Frank and Helene Phillips; Michael and Karen Roberts;
Jeff and Sheri Schoenwald; David Yodkovik
In honor of
Allan Gottesman
becoming the next President of FJMC
Shari & Steve Jacobs
To incoming president,
Allan Gottesman!
It's not brownies, cheesecake, or pecan pie
But it's here that I want to tell you that I
Say "thank you" for all that you do for me
And recognizing you makes me happy as can be
Mazel Tov, Mr. Pres. of the FJMC! 
If you need help or advice, you can call on me. With love and brownies, 
Shirley Ann Jacobs
In honor of FJMC International Convention 2015
Incoming President
Allan Gottesman
Ann Johnson
To Allan Kahan, i.e. Dad,
we are so proud of your dedication and leadership in FJMC.
for being a terrific role model!!
We love you!
Ariel, Shira, Jared and of course your partner, Helene
Mazel Tov To
David Mandell
On receiving the Ma'asim Tovim Award And Your election as FJMC treasurer
We are very proud of your accomplishments!!!
Burton Mandell
Steven, Laura, Erica, Jeff and Scott Mandell
Lance, Phyllis, Douglas, Melanie and Matthew Kandl
In honor of
David Kaplan
Mazel tov on this special recognition for your years of dedication to FJMC.
You are a great role model to us all. We love you.
Alyssa, Ben and Abby Kaplan
In memory of my Dad,
George Victor Kaplan
who left this world with a smile and a wave on May 8th,
and in appreciation for the love and support, especially these last few months, from the
Mishkan Tefila Brotherhood, the New England Region
the NER Retreat guys and my extended FJMC Family -
David Kaplan
Mazal tov to my friend and colleague
Michael Freilich
He lives what he believes.
Law offices of Sally B Gold
Mazel Tov to
Jeffrey Litt
on receiving the prestigious 2015 Ma'asim Tovim Honor
Diana, Joshua, Jackie, Andy & Alana Litt and Catalfina
Allan Gottesman
FJMC International President
Edward & Debbie Margolis
Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach to
Dave Mandell
NNJR's Ma'asim Tovim honoree
You are an inspiration to all of us.
From your friends and brothers
Men's Club Marlboro Jewish Center
Mazel Tov to incoming president,
Allan Gottesman
We wish you much success in
your new position!
With our best wishes and love!
Marsha and Howard Cohen
Cheryl and Larry Sonenberg
Mazal Tov
Sandy Victor
on receiving the
Midwest Region
Ma’asim Tovim Award
Sidney & Rita Mathias
Mazel Tov to our fantastic and
wonderful friend, incoming President
Allan Gottesman
Best of luck as you lead FJMC for the next two years. We support you 1000 percent.
Lorie and Ken Matlick
In Honor of
Rabbi David A Nelson, Man of the Year, 2014 
Robert Grodin, Man of the Year, 2015
Richard Racusin, Ma'asim Tovim,
incoming Great Lakes Region President
Men's Club of Congregation Beth Shalom
Mazel Tov
Mike Greenberg
Thank You for Two Outstanding Years
President of the FJMC Midwest Region
Marilyn & Howard Minkoff
Mazel Tov
Burt Fishchman
“Captain Ruach”
FJMC Distinguished Service Award
Marylyn and Howard Minkoff
Mazel Tov
Norwin Merens
President, FJMC Midwest Region
Marylyn and Howard Minkoff
Mazel Tov
Sandy Victor
Ma’asim Tovim Honoree
FJMC Midwest Region
Marylyn and Howard Minkoff
The Minyan of Adat Shalom in
Los Angeles, California
Lew Sternfels
for the Ma'asim Tovim Award
Minyan of Adat Shalom (LA)
A heartfelt mazel tov to our dear friend,
Allan Gottesman
as the incoming President!
With much love and respect,
Rose-Edith, Bob and Family
Lake Ontario Region
Congratulates our own Ma'asim Tovim Honouree
Neil Melman
Yasher Koach for many years of service, dedication and leadership Mazel Tov on your well-deserved honour
Lake Ontario Region
"We Stand On Your Shoulders!"  Todah Rabah
Stan Greenspan
Your Lake Ontario Region is very proud of your leadership.
Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach in your new role as First Vice President
Charles Wrock
to our "Lake Ontario Region Past President's Club"
and congratulating
George Nadas on becoming a future member!
Neil Melman, Jim Heifetz, Al Mervin, Stan Greenspan
Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach to
Bruce Gordon
on becoming President of
the Seaboard Region
from your brothers of the
Olam Tikvah Men's Club
May you go from strength to strength!
Mazel Tov
David Kaplan
and Welcome to the Club
Past NER Ma'asim Tovim
The Past Presidents of Beth Sholom Men's Club in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania congratulate 
Michael Weingram - our Ma'asim Tovim Award Honoree
Myles Simpson - outgoing FJMC President
and Allan Gottesman incoming FJMC President
"May you go from strength to strength"
Larry Chelder, Norm Smolen, Irv Miterman, Robert Cohen, Neil Klinger, Neil Shupak, Bill Loy, Len Abrams, Irwin Sklar, Art Lashin, Jonathan Tabas & Elliot Miller
Congratulations to
Rich Frieberg
on your accomplishment on being the Ma'asim Tovim
Jason Eidlitz, Bart Bookman, Dan Hammer,
Andy Alper, Alan Pressman,
Javier Rosenzwaig, Harold Nissen
Congratulations and Mazel Tov to our friend
Allan Gottesman
on becoming the next FJMC International President.
Best of luck,
Zeff and Vicki Ross
Yasher Koach to
NY Metro incoming president
Rob Cohen
Ma'asim Tovim recipient
Aaron Altman
Many thanks to outgoing president
Mike Harrison
for his service
Suanne and David Scherr
Mazel Tov to our friend,
Allan Gottesman,
on becoming the next International President of FJMC.
Kol HaKavod! Love & laughs,
Bobbi & Milt Silber
The Silber Family
Mazal Tov to my husband
Lew Sternfels
on this well-deserved honor.
You have been a member of the Men’s Club since we joined Adat Shalom in Los Angeles 40 years ago and became a leader in the synagogue and the Western Region.
All my love,
Rabbi David Sirull
continued success 
"From strength to strength" 
From all of your friends and new friends at 
Synagogue Emanu-El
and especially the Men's Club!
Mazel tov to
Alan Budman
on becoming the
FJMC International Vice President
Temple Sinai Men's Club, Dresher PA
Mazel Tov to our dear friend,
Allan Gottesman
Thank you for all you do.
Yasher Koach!
Esther, Scott, Justin, and Allison
The Cohen's
Congratulations to
Don Miller
on receiving the 2015 Ma’asim Tovim (Doer of Good Deeds) honor!
From Your
Emanuel Synagogue Family
The Emanuel Synagogue of West Hartford, CT
Mazel Tov,
Allan Gottesman 
incoming president
We are so proud of you,
Ike,Cynthia,Josh, Seth, Lisa, Natalie and Sheva
The Heller Family
In honor of incoming president,
Allan Gottesman
Congratulations, Allan!
Michael, Ellen, Stefanie, Alissa, and Emily
The Kushner Family
Mazal tov to
Bruce Tomar
and to all of the Newly elected officers of FJMC
Congregation Beth El 
Mazel Tov to our own
Irwin Harris Tri-State President
Harold Lessure Tri-State Treasurer
Fred Davis Man of the Year
You make us proud
Tree of Life*Or L'Simcha Men's Club
Mazel Tov to
Sandy Victor
Midwest Region's Ma'asim Tovim honoree
We are so proud of you and everything you have accomplished!
With all our love,
Marilyn, Jeff, Debbie, Lauren, David, and Taylor Victor
Mazel Tov to
Burt Fischman
on receiving the
FJMC Distinguished Service Award
A wonderful honor to a most deserving man!
Sandy & Marilyn Victor
In honor of
Michael Weingram
Ma'asim Tovim Award Honoree Middle Atlantic Region.
You always make us so proud! We love you!
Sara, Eileen, Jason, Ivy, Joshua and Nathan Weingram
Abbye, Joshua, Jacob and Oren Cornfield
Thank you to
the officers and board
for their dedication and leadership to FJMC.
Thank you for all that you do!
Eric & Fern Weis
In Honor of
David Mandell
Yasher Koach on your well-deserved honor. Even in 2001, we knew that you would go father than the shores of Lake Ontario! May you go from strength to strength!
Eric & Fern Weis
Congratulations to incoming president,
Allan Gottesman
Chazak, Chazak!!
Toni & Leon Weissberg
Mazel Tov to
on this well deserved award.
A humble mensch of few words, but countless good deeds,
We are proud and honored to have you as our friend.
With Love: Judy and Rich Berger; Jean and Ron Friedman; Heidi and Jerry Sakol
Berger, Friedman, Sakol
Mazel tov
Richard Freiberg
from your goyish chavver!
Jim Fulton
Kol hakavod to
Aaron Altman
a good guy and a great person.
Bob Koenigsberg
Mazel Tov to the Midwest Region Ma'asim Tovim honoree
Sandy Victor
Thank you for all you do on so many level.
May you go from strength to strength.
Merle and Evan Rumack
Mazel tov to
David Kaplan
on this well-deserved honor.
Stephen Samuels
In honor of incoming president,
Allan Gottesman
Shlomo and Zipy
Shlomo Geva Klezmer Band
In honor of
Michael Weingram
The Men's Club of Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El, Wynnewood, PA
Richard Alleman
Robert and Terry Schultz and family and Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Schultz
Sharon & Chezi Bartov
Susan & Barry Benjamin
Cecile Benson-Reisbaum
Gerald and Mimi Brin
Nanette and Maurice Cutler
David & Margot Julis
David Kravitz
Eduardo Ferreira Depcor, Inc
Richard Destin
Mo and Lisa Diamant
Cynthia and Michael Diament
Don and Barbara Grenadir
Joyce Edelson
Elaine & Howard Smith, Ona & Tom Mastronarde
Larry Feinman
Hal Freed
David & Sheryl Fruitman
David & Sheryl Fruitman
Eric and Gloria Goldberg
Marty & Sheila Gottlieb
Charlene Guisasola, Penn Mutual
Gordon Halfin
Michael Hecht
Richard and Merle Intner
Kim Juda, Eskew & Associates, P.A.
Phyllis and Jeffrey Katz
Dan Kimmel
Joel Kurtz
Judy Lebovitz
Michael & Erika Lipton
Susan Miller
George Nadas
George Nadas
Norwin Merens
Osband-Goldman Families
Richard and Leah Bernstein Richard and Leah Bernstein
Selma and Marty Roffman
David & Lisa Rubinstein
Sy Scharf
David Schechter
Mort and Lorraine Schrag
Liz and Greg Sembler
Jill, Dan & Francine Sheeley
Carole and Gerald Sheldon
Sherri & Lior Abraham
Sheila and Danny Stern
Ashley Waltman
Randi and Larry Waskow
Bob and Linda Watts
Carol S. Simon WLCJ
WLCJ International President
Larry and Susan Zusman
Susan and Larry Zusman
Donald Miller
on all your accomplishments and to you and your fellow honorees for receiving this prestigious recognition!
We Love You!
Scherie Murtaza Safia Kenneth Alex Deven Anand Sarah Jermaine Limton Nurbhai
Mazel Tov to our Ma'asim Tovim award winner,
Neil Melman
Temple Beth El Men's Club
Rochester, NY
Lake Ontario Region
Honoring Man of the Year
Michael Freilich
Mazel Tov on your honor!
The Fishman Family