2018 Journal Committee
Standing [left to right]: Sheila Greenwald, Caryn Kravitz, Naomi Feinkind, Leslie Liss, Rebecca Lazar, Nora Contract
Seated:  Alan Kravitz
(Photo Credit: Michael Feinkind) 

VP of Fundraising:  Rebecca Lazar
     Caryn Kravitz, Co-chair
     Alan Kravitz, Co-chair
     Nora Contract
     Naomi Feinkind, Co-chair
     Leslie Liss, Co-chair
     Sheila Greenwald
Cover Design:  Suzy Neuburger.  Ms. Neuburger's artwork depicts the Hebrew letter "ayin".  The "ayin" also has a numerical value of 70 which represents the current anniversary of the creation of the present-day State of Israel.
Graphic Design: Jacquelyn Walker
Virtual Journal Software Provider:  PCBS Technology
Photo Credits: Caryn and Alan Kravitz, Lori and Mark Sloane, Robbie and Herb Goldberg, Fran and Saul Singer, Naomi and Michael Feinkind and Davin Milun
The committee especially wishes to thank  Madaline Bruno and Tom White without whose help this Journal could not have been completed
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