Dr. Jonathan &
Dr. Aliza Frohlich
Parents of the Year
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Drs. Aliza and Jonathan Frohlich are proud Heichal HaTorah parents of Avraham in the 12th grade.  From the moment Avraham entered Heichal HaTorah they became actively engaged in activities and programs at the school. Both Aliza and Jonathan joined the Heichal Parent- Administration Committee serving as liaisons between the administrators and parents.  Aliza has served as the parent coordinator of our yearly Heichal HaTorah Open House and has been involved in outreach efforts to prospective families. She is also a member of the Heichal board of directors.  As a parent ambassador at the Open House Jonathan has been a source to whom prospective parents turn to hear more about what Heichal can offer.  He has even literally rolled up his sleeves and volunteered his skills and time to refurbish Heichal’s classrooms. 
Outside of their school involvement, Dr. Aliza Frohlich is the Director of Guidance at Yavneh Academy Middle School, where she also teaches Limudei Kodesh.  Aliza has had the privilege to lecture in her own community in Bergenfield and in other Jewish communities in the metropolitan area on topics in Tanach, and Torah She'Baal Peh, in addition to mental health topics relating to children, adolescents, and family, and the interface between both areas. Aliza also specializes in developing Emotional Curriculum to utilize in Yeshivas.  She coordinates the Yeshiva Counseling Network, an organization of psychologists and counselors in Yeshivas of the Metropolitan area.  Aliza is a member of the Board of Education at RYNJ.  She also runs the Bergen County NCSY Summer Girls Learning Initiative, which consists of weekly shiurim for high school girls. 
Dr. Jonathan Frohlich, a clinical psychologist, is the Clinical Director of Achieve Behavioral Health, a Division of Bikur Cholim of Monsey, overseeing clinical operations, program development, and training and supervision of the over 100 clinical therapists on staff. He also maintains a private practice in Teaneck and Monsey, specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy with children and adults, with particular emphasis on anxiety, OCD, and mood disorders, as well as creative behavioral and school-based interventions with children and teenagers. Jonathan has presented workshops at various schools to children, parents, and teachers on topics in mental health and behavioral management, and at the annual Nefesh International conference. Previously, Jonathan was the Director of Psychological and Counseling Services at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey, following ten years as the Director of Guidance at the Yeshiva K’Tana of Passaic.       
In addition to Avraham, the Frohlichs are proud parents of three other children, Ruti, Ayala, and Yisrael. 
Daniel & Sara Walzman
Mazal tov to Jonathan and Aliza and all the honorees on their well deserved honor.
Daniel & Sara Walzman
Malkie and Jeffrey Mayer
Miryam and Don-E Benovitz
Susan & Tzvi Berman
Uri and Jessica Katz
Scott & Chedva Rothenberg
Orenbuch Erlbaum Frohlich Families.
Mazal Tov to our dear friends Aliza & Jonathan who always inspire us and the whole community and are so deserving of this honor. - Devra & Uri Gutfreund and Family

Mazal Tov to our Morah Sarah - Aryeh Gutfreund & Parents
Corey and Sarah Tarzik
Congratulations to all of the honorees on their well deserved honors. And thank you to all of the Rabbaim and teachers of Heichal Hatorah for all that you do every day.
Rabbi Sam & Mrs. Lorraine Vogel
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Aryeh Stechler, the Frohlichs, Genacks, & Binyamin Senter
May you go from Chayil to Chayil
Letha and Raphael Levine
Rachel and Daniel Friedlander
Mazal tov Aliza and Jonathan on this well deserved honor. May you go from strength to strength!
Chaim & Lea Marcus
Mazel Tov to all the worthy honorees

Rav Menachem & Mrs. Sarah Genack
Dr. Jonathan & Dr. Aliza Frohlich
The Rozehzadeh Family

And in honor of the Rosh Yeshiva and the Mechanchim of Heichal HaTorah

Chaim & Lea Marcus
Rav Jay & Barbara Marcus
Achieve Behavioral Health
please see email from efeigenbaum@achievebh.org
Malkie and Dovid Kosowsky
Mazel Tov to the honorees on their tremendous contributions to Heichal HaTorah. Thanks to Heichal for all they have done for our boys. Malkie and Dovid Kosowsky
Tsvi and Sara Zilberstein
Mazal tov to the honorees
and with gratitude to the Heichal administration and teachers

Tsvi and Sara Zilberstein
Avi & Elka Epstein
Eitan and Leah Bitter
Yavneh Academy Yavneh Academy
Batya & Michael Jacob Jacob
Susan & Mark Wiesen
In honor of Rabbi Menchem & Sarah Genack In honor of Dr. Jonathan & Dr. Aliza Frohlich
Congratulations Pinchas Meir Hirschprung on your wonderful achievements. May you go "mechiyil el chayil", עלה והצלח
Edith Rieder, Susan & Mark, Ari & Naomi, Yonatan & Shira, Raffi & Yael Wiesen, Talia & Yair Hindin, Rena & Jordy Whisler & Families
Emanuel and Helen Adler
MazelTov, Dear Machatonim Rabbi Menachem&Sarah Genack, and Good Friends Jonathan&Aliza Frohlich Manny&Helen Adler
Yaakov and Norma Mintz
Elliot & Sarah Feit
Yechiel and Shuli Mintz
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In honor of Jonathan & Aliza May you continue to be a source of strength to the Jewish community Menachem & Rachel
Ronn and Rayzel Yaish
Stephanie and Adam Summers
Mazel tov Aliza and Jonathan on this well deserved honor. Stephanie and Adam Summers
Aaron & Rochel Savetsky
Congratulations to all the honorees on their well deserved honors
Avi and Beth Morell
Mark & Susan Weisen
In Honor of Rabbi Menachem & Sarah Genack
In Honor of Dr. Jonathan & Aliza Frohlich
Congratulations to Pinchas Meir Hirschprung on your wonderful achievements.
May you go "mechayil el chayil," ......
Edith Rider, Mark and Susan, Ari and Naomi, Yonatan and Shira, Raffi and Yael Wiesen, Talia and Yair Hindin, Rena and Jordy Whisler, and families
Rachel & Dov Erdfarb
Devora and Yosef Korn
Rabbi Yosef and Sheryl Adler
In honor of Rabbi and Mrs Genack whose contribution to our community is legendary and in honor of our grandson Gavi
David Pietruszka
Avi and Beth Morell
Yehuda and Mimi Seif
Mayer and Miriam Weiner
Mazal tov to Jonathan and Aliza Frohlich on this well deserved honor. Your commitment to tzarchei tzibbur is inspiring. May Hashem give you the koach to continue your tremendous work on behalf of the community.

And to Heichal HaTorah administration and faculty - a tremendous hakaras hatov for the leadership, vision, and continued education you provided our children during this very difficult time.
Michal and Ari Zahtz
Tzippy & Mark Staum
Mazel Tov to all the honorees, especially our dear friends, Aliza & Jonathan Frohlich. Your dedication is admirable
Rivka and Michael Zauderer Zauderer
Chani and Simon Lichtiger
Mazal Tov Rabbi Menachem & Mrs. Sarah Genack and Mr. Jonathan & Mrs.Aliza Frolich on their well deserved honor
Yitzchok and Sharon Motechin
Thank you to the entire administration and faculty for your heroic dedication throughout this year.

Thank you to Drs. Jonathan and Aliza Frolich for your dedicated service to the yeshiva and the Jewish community.
Robin and Eric Aschkenasy
Mazal tov to all the honorees.

Thank you to the rebbeim, teachers and administration for creating such a warm and nurturing Makom Torah to educate and inspire the talmidim of Heichal HaTorah.
Ora and Steven Penn
Erica and Jason David
Chaim & Sylvia Rotblat
Mazel Tov to Drs. Jonathan and Aliza Frohlich
Congregation Bnai Yeshurun - Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
Congratulations to all the honorees on their well deserved honors
Susan Dworken and Freddy Koss
In Honor of My Children Drs. Aliza and Jonathan Frohlich. שתחיו עמ"וש
From the moment you joined together to be a couple you became a source of tremendous nachas to your parents. You have built a beautiful Bayit Neeman B'Yisrael. Your Midot,your commitment to Torah learning,your dedication to Yiddishkeit and observance, your work for the Klal,truly Oskim B'Tzorchei Tzibur, and being successful and respected professionals . What more can a Jewish parent ask for? But there is more! The preeminent Nachas ..the grandchildren. You are devoted parents, raising a beautiful family ,children their wonderful parents. Each child is a source of pride and joy ב"ה. A special shout-out to Avraham Dovid Frohlich. A Heichal graduate of this year. Thank you Aliza and Jonathan for all the Nachas and pleasure you give and for being such caring children yourselves.
May you continue to go מחיל לחיל.
ברכה in all you do.
Love You Alot
Mommy/ Babbi Dworken Koss
and Zayda Freddy Koss
Daniel & Hindy Hertz
In honor of our dear cousins Dr. Jonathan & Dr. Aliza Frohlich. Congratulations on this well deserved honor. May yo
Moshe & Shoshana Lichtenstein
Congratulations to all the honorees on their well deserved honors
Eliza and Moshe Skoczylas
Congratulations to all the honorees on their well deserved honors
Amira and Yossi Kra
Mazel tov to all the honorees. Thank you for all your work on behalf of Heichal and the greater community.

Thank you to Noam's rabbeim and teachers for inspiring him this year and for your tireless efforts during these challenging times.

Amira and Yossi Kra
Alissa and Asher Na
Mazel Tov to our dear friends Aliza and Jonathan Frohlich. You are a most deserving couple, so dedicated to Heichal and the Jewish Community. Alissa & Asher
Yechiel and Sara Engel
Jonathan and Shoshana Sperling
In honor of Dr and Mrs Jonathan Frohlich Mazal Tov on this well-deserved recognition. Jonathan & Shoshana Sperling
Sarita & Ruben Gober Sarita & Ruben Gober
Thank you to the administration, staff and faculty for all you do on a daily bases!
Aliza and Jonathan Frohlich

"אמר רבי יוחנן לבן של ראשונים כפתחו של אולם ושל אחרונים כפתחו של היכל "
עירובין נג.
“Rabbi Yochanan said: The hearts of the early Sages were expanded like the doorway to the Entrance Hall of the Beis HaMikdash, and the hearts of the later Sages were like the entrance to the Sanctuary (the Heichal)” Eruvin 53a
As our son Avraham graduates Heichal HaTorah we would like to express our gratitude to Rabbi Stechler, Rabbi Avishur, and the rebbeim and teachers who supported our son in “expanding his heart like the entrance of the Heichal” with Torah learning, intellectual development, and personal growth.
We know that even after he leaves the walls of Heichal HaTorah and does not pass through the entrance of Heichal each day, the learning and lessons he has internalized will remain.

May Hashem continue to give Heichal's administrators, rebbeim and teachers, the wisdom and strength to teach and inspire the hearts of many Talmidim for years to come.

Mazel tov to Rabbi and Mrs. Genack, the Rozehzadeh family, Binny Senter, and all the rebbeim and faculty. We are honored to be recognized among you.

With much הכרת הטוב,
Aliza and Jonathan Frohlich and Avraham
Yair and Adeena Mayerfeld
Mazel Tov Aliza and Jonathan on this well deserved honor. Yair and Adeena Mayerfeld
Rebecca and Elly Gamss
Baruch & Joni Hertz
We are so proud to honor our wonderful nephew & niece
Drs. Jonathan & Aliza Frohlich
Pillars of chessed and kindness, role models for their children and the entire community. May הקב"ה
grant them continued success, nachas and brocha. Our love, Baruch & Joni Hertz
Yechiel and Nomi Rotblat
In honor of Dr. Aliza and Dr. Jonathan Frohlich

We are so grateful for all that you do for our community. Your insights, professionalism, dedication, and talents are inspiring. May HKB”H bless you with good health and bracha to continue your important work and may you have much nachas from your wonderful family.
We are proud of you and all of your accomplishments!

Yechiel, Nomi, Tzvi, Ezra, Benzion, Sariel and Tova Rotblat
Naomi & Ori Carmel
Mazel Tov to our dear friends Jonathan and Aliza! Tizku LeMitzvot! Naomi & Ori Carmel
David and Bena Schwartz
Tzipora and Aaron Ross
Avi and Deniera Goldenberg
In gratitude to each the honorees for all they have done and given for Heichal HaTorah and the Jewish community
Each family - the Genacks, the Frohlichs, the Rozehzadehs and the Senters - in their own way has made involvement in tzorchei tzibbur a paramount priority in their personal lives and have each been magnificent shluchei d'Rachama

In gratitude to the care and devotion of all of Heichal HaTorah's excellent faculty and administration -- starting from Rabbi Stechler and Rabbi Avishur and all of Yaakov's rebbeim and teachers -- who have carried out a terrific challenge with enviable aplomb, energy and dedication

In honor of the great boys of Heichal who have been models of character and perseverance through this crisis, and their parents, who have been the models for the models,

Thank you and Mazel Tov!
Ari and Yael Mayefsky
Baruch and Sharona Benoff
mazel tov to our friends jonathan & aliza & yasher koach to all the honorees for all they do for the community
Moshe and Tammy Greenberg
Michal & Avi Operman
Lewis Frohlich
[NOTE--ad copy was e-mailed to A. Divine at the Yeshiva,]
Sara & Judah Diament
Mazal tov honorees. Thank you to the rebeiim and teachers for your impact. In honor of the beautiful beis medrash that our boys look forward to returning to.
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