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K'vod HaRav Farber
Thank you for being mekarev Daniel L'Torah;
Revealing the beautiful interconnected unity
in Torah machshava;
Modeling Ahavas Yisrael in every warm word and smile;
Showing humility in every interaction;
Demonstrating consistency, self-discipline,
and pursuit of perfection in Avodas Hashem; and
Living every moment with elevation and idealism. 
It is a tremendous privilege to know you.
Daniel and Laura Feinberg and family
Event Sponsor
On behalf of the entire Shapell family,
we are proud to honor
Rabbi Farber
on his 30 years of teaching and dedication
to Shapell's/Darché Noam
and Midreshet Rachel v'Chaya
Fela Shapell and family
Dear Rabbi Farber שליט"א,
The Darché Noam Institutions, like most organizations, has a Hanhala.
We have people who take responsibility for our programs, daily making critical decisions
which affect the effectiveness and stability of those programs; people who travel across oceans
to represent our best interests, who ensure the flow of students and funding, and more.
And then we have you. For well almost three decades you have provided us with
a certain pnimiyus, a neshama, which for us is a source of inner life and strength.
Generations of Shapells' and Midreshet Rachel v'Chaya talmidim and talmidot have felt
your love for Hashem and His Torah, and your love for them. You provided them with
a glimpse of what it means to live the life of a truly authentic Jew.
You embody for all the pasuk, האלוקים עשה את האדם ישר.
Through you, a true talmid to your Rebbe, Rav Yitzchak Hutner zt"l, the legacies of
the Maharal and the Pachad Yitzchak were able to take root in our Beis Midrash. In some
small sense we have been able to experience that romemus and depth of Torah. We have all learned from you something about realizing our potential as human beings created בצלם אלוקים.
Reb Mendel, we owe you an unbounded debt of gratitude for everything you have given to us -
to your colleagues and to your talmidim. Our bracha to you is for the coming years
to embody continued influence, good health, pnimiyus and romemus, biz hundert und zwanzig.

Rabbi Yitzchak Hirshfeld                       Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky
Rabbi Dovid Schoonmaker                    Rabbi Yitzchak Shurin
Mazal tov to
Shapell's/Darche Noam
Rabbi Farber and Family!
Yonoson and Basya Korin
Rav Farber, you have been an enduring influence
on our lives, and by extension, on the home
we have built for our children here in Israel.
We feel inestimably indebted to you and are proud
to count ourselves among your talmidim!
A hartzigeh mazal tov to
Rav Farber and Shapell's Darche Noam! 
Yosef and Sarah Aschkenasi
With hakaras hatov to Rav Farber -
Your example and the Torah
you have taught us
have influenced and continue to influence us
and our family in so many ways.
Daniel and Ilana Baltuch
Daniel Baltuch Elder Law
Mazal Tov to Rav Farber
on 30 years with the Yeshiva!
May he continue to teach
and inspire students
for years to come.
Josh and Hattie Danziger
Mazal Tov Rabbi Farber!
Thank you for all of your years
of teaching and inspiration.
Selig & Rachel Davis
Rabbi Farber,
Thirty years ago, you had many choices where you could go
to continue your personal growth. You chose to join us.
I hope that you have received what you were looking for
by doing so. As a result of your decision, the lives of
the talmidim of Shapell's / Darché Noam were changed forever.
Our relationship has been, and continues to be,
a centerpiece of my growth and my identity.
I hope to continue to learn from you
for many years to come.
Thank you, 
Joshua and Zahava Eisenberg and Family
With tremendous hakaras hatov to Rav Farber!
There are no words to express the profound impact you have had on my life - first at Shapell's and then beyond as your Torah and eitzah have continued to reverberate in my life
and inspire me
for the past 18 years!!
Despite the physical distance, you will always be close and I will be forever in your debt for the love and caring you gave me and the example you showed me. Mazal tov!! 
Tzvi Felson
In tribute to a dear chaver and yedid of over half a century
Rav Mendel Farber שליט"א
A talented talmid chacham of modest and humble character,
With a disposition that allows him to respect everyone,
because he truly believes in everyone,
this describes the secret of Rav Mendel's success
as a mechanech and marbitz Torah.

May the Ribono Shel Olam grant you many more years
to continue your Avodas haKodesh in good health.
Avrohom C. Fruchthandler
In honor of Rabbi Mendel Farber עמו"ש
For the past thirty years you have infused our study halls
with your Torah, sterling middos, simcha, and a unique
majestic presence. You have served, along with your beloved
Rebbetzin of blessed memory, as a model of Torah life.
The impact you have had on the students of Shapell's/Darché Noam and Midreshet Rachel v'Chaya, as well as your colleagues, has built Torah families throughout the world.

Wishing you many more years of good health and nachas.
 Rabbi Shaya and Rebbetzin Ruthie Karlinsky
Rabbi Farber taught me how to learn 
a Tosfos, told me I should never accept
anyone's pshat that doesn't make sense
to me, and taught me by example
both kvod ha-Torah
and kavod for gedolei Torah.
Nachum and Yehudit Klafter
Dear Rabbi Farber and Family,
Words cannot express my gratitude for having known you
for over 25 years.  What was it like to sit with you and hear you discuss
the words of your Rosh Yeshiva? How did I feel when I saw you walk into
the Beit Midrash while I was studying with a chavruta? What did I think
when I watched you daven Mincha?  What was the experience of sharing
my personal life with you? There are no words, just the feelings
and emotions of being in the presence of an individual who treasured
the Torah and transmitted that treasure - with love, passion,
and deep respect - to others.
Thank you, Rabbi Farber, for everything...
Sara and Laurence Richards and Family
(Akiva, Lev, Tova and Noam)
I am very grateful to Rav Farber
for the chevrusa time he has given me,
and for setting such a high standard
of excellence regarding his midos,
knowledge, and wisdom for the rest of us
to emulate.
Mazal Tov!
Baruch and Miriam Scheinfeldt
Thanks Dear Rabbi Farber:
Although I probably haven't seen you in person in nearly 20 years, you have left
an enduring impression upon my family and me.  I can still recall with such clarity
certain treasured memories of Rabbi Farber and I realize it is because they epitomize
what it looks like when someone is truly living a life of Torah.  I can still hear,
from across the Bais Medrash, your raspy New York accent carefully explaining the wisdom
of the Maharal to a small group of talmidim who are hanging on your every word.
I can still see the lively and energetic spring in each and every stride you took
as if you understood that every single step, literally, was a gift to be cherished from Hashem. 
 I recall the way you so politely and warmly greeted everyone. And finally, I can picture
how you would always, with a full, beaming smile, graciously hold the door open for everyone
to enter a room before you would enter.  For me anyway, these are among the most important
lessons I learned while at Shapell's.  I can't thank you enough for teaching them to me
so that I can share them with my family. Susie and I express our deepest Hakaras HaTov
to you. I am sorry we could not be there in person.  
You should continue to be a master teacher, both inside and outside the classroom.
Matt, Susie, Noam, Sara Tova, and Hadasa Fayge Schoenfeld
Dear Rabbi Farber,
I feel so fortunate to have had the privilege
to be in your shiur, to learn one-on-one
with you, and just to be around you
in the yeshiva. You have had a deep impact
on me, as is the case for everyone
who has come to learn at Shapell's.
Mazal tov on this honor!
Daniel and Ariella Stahl
Diamond Page
Mazal tov to Rabbi Farber
and Shapell's/Darché Noam!
Cameron Erickson; Six Point Strategies
Diamond Page
Mazal Tov Rabbi Farber!
May you only have good health
and many more years
to enlighten and inspire
many more students.
Moshe and Noa Lambert
Diamond Page
Mazel tov and Yasher Koach to Rav Farber!
What a great honor the Yeshiva has had with Rav Farber
being an integral mashpiya for so many years.
I personally have benefited much from my relationship with him in hashkafa shiurim, telling stories about Rav Hutner, in getting him off topic to talk about the mysteries of various numbers ("let me tell you about the number four!"), to hiking together, to helping name one of our children.
One of his children once said that he liked teaching at Shapell's since the students really didn't understand what a special person he is.
Sometimes we do get a glimpse of it!
We bless Rav Farber to have many more years of health, happiness and hatzlacha and with the koach to continue to inspire all those around him.
Yasher Koach Tov to the Roshei Yeshiva and the Rebbeim! We wish you continued hatzlacha in teaching scores of thirsty yiddishe neshamas.
Avraham and Yocheved Nadell and family
Diamond Page
Thank you
for showing us 
how to serve Hashem 
with the utmost care,
respect, and dignity 
  Shmuel & Menucha
Rothenberg and family
Diamond Page
Mazal Tov to
Rabbi Farber
and Shapell's/Darché Noam!
Simon Klein CEO, TradeSmart
Diamond Page
Mazal Tov Rabbi Farber!
With best wishes for a long life, and continued nachas
from all of your family and talmidim.
Rabbi Farber inspired us in our youth, and our fond memories
of our time with him, both in and out of shiur, continue to
guide us today, and will remain with us always.
It was a great zechus for us to have been taught by him
and have him in our presence.
With deep gratitude and hakaras hatov
from the shiur of 1993-4/5754
Yaakov Boxer, Adam Perlman,
Gershon Seymour and Danny Wajnblum
Gold Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Robert Airley
Gold Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Phil and Karen Americus
Gold Page
Yasher koyach and mazal tov Rabbi Farber
on this enormous achievement! Not only have you dedicated
your life to talmud Torah, but you have benefited
so many budding talmidim in the process. I am so grateful
to have been able to learn with you and in the same
bais medrash as you. Your immense simcha and energy
continue to be an inspiration to me.
May you continue to grow in Torah and in simcha,
and inspire all of those around you to do the same!
Avi and Elana Blumenthal
Gold Page
ימים על ימי מלך תוסיף שנותיו כמו דר ודר
Add days to the days of the KING;
May his years extend through GENERATIONS
He learns it
He loves it
He lives it
He shares it
With love,
Pessie and Barry & family
Yochevie and Gilbert & family
Tobe and Mendy & family
Tzuppy and Jerry & family
Gold Page
Mazel tov to Rabbi Farber.
Thank you for inspiring and guiding me,
and for being a true role model. 
David, Sarah, and Kayla Gilbert
Gold Page
Thank you
Rabbi Farber,
Rabbi Karlinsky,
and the whole Shapell's team,
for great spiritual guidance!
Barbara and Alan Gindi
Gold Page
In honor of Rabbi Farber 
with much appreciation
and with deep admiration
Rabbi Ben and Sharona Hassan
Gold Page
In appreciation for the incalculable impact Rabbi Farber continues to have
on the talmidim who have had the privilege to learn with him directly
as well as all those who have been influenced from even a fleeting
or casual interaction. Being in the latter group I can clearly identify
where being around Rabbi Farber has affected my behavior on a daily basis
and has infiltrated my parenting so that his ways of
"going about his business" find their way into future generations.
I once heard and since incorporated the idea that in certain situations
when faced with a question of if or how to do something,
the answer may come clear by trying to imagine Rabbi Farber doing it.
With blessings that Rabbi Farber should realize and enjoy every bit
of the merit for his efforts as a teacher and role model for so many.

B'Kavod U'b'Ahava,
Kenny & Debra Kodish and family
Gold Page
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Farber
on all of your years of dedication
to benefiting students at Darché Noam.
To many more years.
Thank you,
Eric Krieger
Gold Page
Mazal tov to Rabbi Farber
on this wonderful occasion!
What a tremendous zechut it was to be
in your presence and learn from your words
of תורה תמימה.
Thank you for the years of dedication
to Shapell's, both past and IYH future!
With deep appreciation and gratitude, 
Channa & Anthony Pack
Gold Page
Thank you Rabbi Farber
for inspiring us through your love
of Torah, your simchas hachaim,
and your care for every Jew.
Rahel and Scott Goldberg;
Goldberg Consulting
Gold Page
Dear Rabbi Farber,
There are so many things that you've taught me
during my time at Shapell's, that go above and beyond
your duties as a Rebbe. You have helped me to develop
and work on myself and my middos through watching
your example. You taught me to cleanup someone else's mess
b'simcha and be satisfied with the end result
without any recognition. I have learned to love and care
for someone I really disagree with and that every Jew matters.
By just being yourself, you are a living example
of who I strive to be.
 Thank you for teaching and guiding me.
Zalman Raiskin (Shapell's 2009-2010 and 2013-2014)
Zalman & Chana Raiskin
Gold Page
BS"D I am so grateful to have learned with Rav Farber.
I was also zoche to have Rav Farber as a witness
at my wedding and to celebrate and dance together.
Rav Farber has left an indelible mark of holiness on my life
and for that I am ever grateful.
Avi Noam Taub
Gold Page
Rabbi Mendel Farber and Rebbetzin Zohar Farber
have been an inspiration for myself and hundreds of talmidim
for many decades.
We extend our condolences on the passing of the Rebbetzin.
Baruch Dayan Emet. We think of her as family
and strive to carry on her legacy.
May Rabbi Farber and the Farber family
be comforted among the mourners of Tzion.
I. David Waxman, XPAT Tax Services LTD
Silver Page
Learning from Rabbi Farber was a highlight of my time
at Shapell's. He is a constant source of inspiration
in my Avodat Hashem and is an incredible role model
in my journey toward becoming a decent, dignified,
Jewish human being.
May his presence and energy in the beit midrash
continue in good health to 120 and beyond!
An appreciative talmid
Silver Page
Thank you for being my example
of how to live a dignified Torah life
and also for teaching me
the ultimate and supreme purpose of Torah.
An old student
Silver Page
The gratitude for everything that both
Rabbi Farber and Shapell's has done for
our life, home and future is impossible to repay.
Every step in life is with those fond years
in the background.
Wishing both Rabbi Farber and Shapell's
many more years of continued hatzlacha
in spreading Torah and life to Klal Yisroel!
Ari and Yehudis Shifra Aragon
Silver Page
Mazel tov to Rabbi Farber
and Shapell's/Darche Noam.
We have fond memories of Rabbi Farber
during our time at the Yeshiva.
We wish you continued success.
Rich and Maurie Axelbaum
Silver Page
Mazal tov to Rabbi Farber
and a Big Yasher Koach 
for the Learning
Yael and Michael Buckstein
Silver Page
In honor of Rav Mendel Farber
and all of the staff, students, and alumni
of Shapell's/Darché Noam!
Yisroel and Tamar Choleva
Silver Page
Dear Rabbi Farber,
Your humility, erudition and caring
you demonstrate for your talmidim
and Klal Yisrael are deeply appreciated
and have provided a model
for all of us to strive to emulate.
Mazal tov on this wonderful occasion.
Jonathan and Naomi Conforti
Silver Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Rabbi Adam and Shoshana Dubin
and Family
Silver Page
Mazal Tov to
Rabbi Mendel Farber
and best wishes to the entire
Shapell's / Darché Noam family
Ron & Chana Greenberg
Silver Page
Shoshana and Moshe Halberstadt
Rav Farber
for his kindness and inspiration to us
and to so many students and their families
throughout the years.
Silver Page
Mazel tov to Rav Farber!
When we think about being a true role model
to hundreds of students and to ourselves personally,
Rav Farber stands out. Your glowing countenance
inside and outside of the Beis Midrash impacted on
us personally and inspired us to reach higher
and higher in everything that we did.
Thank you so much for your guidance
and caring over the years.
Baruch and Tammy Labinsky
Silver Page
In honor of Rabbi Farber שליט"א
and in memory of Rebbetzin Farber ז"ל,
Your love for Torah and Talmidei Chachamim
is contagious! We are grateful to Hashem
for exposing us to you.
May your shining example spread rampant
through Klal Yisrael, until we are zocheh
to greet Moshiach with you!
Ben and Sari Mansheim
Silver Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Olof Pettersson
Silver Page
Mazel tov to the entire Darche Noam family!
We cannot begin to thank all of the rebbeim enough
for the Torah foundation that you helped us build
for our family.
Rabbi Farber, you will always be the model of what life
with real m'sikus haTorah looks like. Be"H, this will serve
as continued inspiration for your countless talmidim
and their families l'dorei doros! We are truly grateful
to consider ourselves among that group.
Yisroel and Rina Reich
Silver Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Yehuda and Shulamit Silber
Silver Page
Mazel Tov to Rav Farber.
I very much appreciated
learning with you.
Peretz and Barbara Silverman
Silver Page
Mazal tov Rav Farber!
You have been a true inspiration to me from the day I stepped
into Yeshiva Darché Noam. The zchus that I had
a private chavrusa with you on a regular basis was worth
its weight in gold and more. You taught me
the fundamental foundations one should have- how a true Jew
needs to conduct himself in life. You incorporated for me
the "Maharalian Torah" into ones life. I will always have
a great debt of gratitude to you.
Health, happiness and continued koach to spreading
the precious Torah to us all,
Jeff and Rivi Weisberg
Full Page
Mazal tov
Shapell's/Darché Noam!
A Grateful Talmida
Full Page
Mazal tov
Shapell's/Darché Noam!
R' Dr. Daniel and Yael Aldrich
Full Page
The years I sat across from you in the בית מדרש,
the dance I shared with you at my aufruf and חתונה
(and countless other שמחות),
you holding our youngest son as the סנדק...
these memories are constant sources of חיזוק, איזון וכיוון.
מורי ורבי, I am eternally grateful.
Yonah, Bracha, Noam, Yedid,
Rachel and Yakir Amster
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber
and to Shapell's!
Esther and Mattias Amster
Full Page
Mazal tov
Shapell's/Darché Noam!
An alumni couple from Darché Noam
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Shmuel Arnold
Elana Miriam Arnold
Naama Leia Arnold
Asher Arnold

Full Page
Thank you
Rabbi Farber
for being such a humble example to me
Vyacheslav Asnes
Full Page
HaRav Farber, shlit"a, It is inevitable that these finite words will not suffice to thank you for being my rebbe all these years, for the gift of your precious self, or for the love and dedication you and Rebbetzin Farber have shown to me and my family. From Rashi and Tosofos to the RaMCHaL and the many seforim we learned, to the countless pedagogic distillations that helped me internalize the path before me, including: "like chocolate is to you, Torah is to me." From a Bayit Vegan Upsherin to a Beitar Illit Bar Mitzvah, you've played a singular, transformative role in my life and the lives of my family for which we will be forever grateful, to eternity in all worlds. You are our Torah and our chocolate.

All our love,
Isa Dovid, Shoshana,
Raphael Yechezkel, Sarah Etie and Hannah Bracha Balaban
Full Page
HaRav Farber shlita,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for us throughout the years.
And foremost for being who you are. You have impacted our life in so many meaningful ways.
It was a tremendous privilege to learn from you. And to watch how you interact with people
and respond with every nuance in the ideal way in every situation. The sound of your laining the Gemora filling the Beis Midrash is one of the sweetest sounds there is.
The are many indelible memories: of crawling through the Bar Kochba caves with Rav Farber shielding us from obstacles, the radiant dancing at simchas, and the vision of Rav Farber trudging through a heavy blanket of snow to teach us when no one else ventured out.
The highlight of our wedding was receiving your bracha under the chuppah.
And your sagely guidance throughout the years for us and our family has been invaluable
and so much appreciated. Thank you so much for being the person we think of
when we think about how we wish we could be. 
Baruch and Chana Bebchick
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Yonah and Rachel Bookstein
Full Page
With gratitude to Rav Farber
for all of his hard work, dedication,
and love for the Talmidim,
Marc and Taly Braunstein
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Jonathan and Lauren Bub
Full Page
Mazal tov to Rabbi Mendel Farber!
My warmest thanks to Rabbi Farber,
who showed me how to love a text
and inspired me to go higher.
Gershon Burstyn
Full Page
You have inspired us in so many ways
for so many years. We deeply value
the loving relationship that has developed
over the past three decades.
May you live a long and healthy life
continuing to inspire your family,
your friends and your talmidim.
Michael & Adina Cohen
Full Page
Mazal tov Rabbi Farber
on this very special milestone.
You made an impact on my life
and so many other fellow talmidim
through your unique wisdom and warmth.
Thank you for everything.
David and Dassie Corman and family
Full Page
To Rav Farber,
The impact that you have had on the life of our family
is immeasurable. From the first days of learning
Derech Hashem, to standing under our chuppah
as an eid, to bentching our children
when we came to see you in Yerushalayim.
Your ahava pnimis for Torah, for your talmidim
and for all of Klal Yisroel is matched only by
your awesome simchas hachayim that overflows
to all who come near you! and even those
who are far away! We can never thank you enough.
Cowan Family
Full Page
Mazal tov to Rav Farber!
Your passion for learning and teaching Torah inspired me
while in yeshiva, and continues to inspire me until today.
Thank you in particular for opening up the world
of the Maharal and the Pachad Yitzchak to me.
And, my family and I will forever be grateful to you
for enhancing our wedding with your spirited simcha dancing!
Michael & Tzila Cytrin
Full Page
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Zvi Dorn
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Oren and Danielle Dragon
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Yitzchak and Rachel Falk
Full Page
Wishing Mazal tov to Rabbi Mendel Farber and to the entire
Shapell's/Darché Noam faculty & staff! We remain forever grateful to the yeshiva for giving us the opportunity to learn from, with, and in the presence of Rabbi Farber! The vision of Rabbi Farber's simchas hachaim in his dancing, the power of his emunah, the sincerity of his inspiration in the words of the Maharal and so much else in Torah have remained with us, thank G-d, during the many years since our precious time in the yeshiva. We remember with great joy our time together with Rabbi Farber and his and the yeshiva's good friend, Rav Yaacov Yellin--who became ours as well! Our physical feet have not walked the yeshiva's halls in quite some years--may our family again dance there soon in great joy!--but our heart has never left, and not a day goes by that we don't appreciate that all we have comes either wholly or in great part from the yeshiva.
B'yedidus, Eli & Adi Feen and Family
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Full Page
Dear Rav Farber,
Thank you for inspiring our family
to learn with enthusiasm,
and daven with focus.
With gratitude,
Daniel and Yehudit Finfer
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Caleb Fischer
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Moshe and Chanah Freedman
Full Page
One of the countless things that I have learned from Rav Farber is that words,
while necessary and essential in order to communicate, inevitably limit the depth of one's thoughts. As the Maharal explains, this limitation is a necessary evil that we accept in order to be able to share and explain ourselves and our ideas. In terms of the hakaras hatov that I owe Rav Farber, words are definitely limiting. Rav Farber has had a tremendous impact on my life.
However, equally influential to his enormous impact on my life
is the example that he has set.
During my time in the Yeshiva, Rav Farber would often quote a part of the pasuk in Bereishis about the formation of man: "ויפח באפיו נשמת חיים ויהי האדם לנפש חיה". Rav Farber always urged us to remember that Hashem created Adam with divine potential and energy, and consequently he encouraged us to strive for ambitious goals in ruchniyus. But by far the best encouragement has been the privilege of seeing a living example of someone that the Torah has transformed. Rav Farber's living embodiment of pure idealism teaches us that such gadlus and achievement are indeed possible. Hashem should give Rav Farber many, many more years to continue to inspire generations of talmidim.
With an eternally deep appreciation that words cannot adequately express,
and with much love, 
Yosef Gerschel and family
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Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Reuven and Nava Goldberg
Full Page
Rabbi Farber,
Thank you.
Haim Hillel and Tamar Gorodzinsky
Full Page
Shapell's is the place where, in a sense, "I grew up"
and I am so grateful to Rabbi Karlinsky and Rabbi Hirshfeld
for accepting me into the yeshiva and to the whole Shapell's
staff for teaching me and setting an example for me.
I wish Shapell's and Rabbi Farber a major Mazal Tov
and I'm always happy for occasions such as this
to reconnect with the Darche Noam family.
Michael Gorshein
Full Page
Such a well-deserved honor for
Rabbi Farber
We are proud to show our hakaras hatov
to Rabbi Farber and the whole yeshiva
for how they've shaped our lives,
and by default, our children's lives.
Andy and Shira Gryll and Family
Full Page
With great appreciation and gratitude
for a Rav who has inspired us,
well as so many other talmidim.
We wish Rav Farber
many more years of success and good health.
Yisroel and Shuli Harris
Full Page
Mazal Tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Harris Family
Full Page
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Mendel Farber
on this momentous occasion!
Our deepest gratitude to you for being a shining role model
and pillar of Torah, Avodah, and Gemillas Chasadim.
You are m'gadel kavod Hashem in everything you accomplish.
May Hashem give you good health, bracha, and hatzlacha
in all of your holy work until 120.
With much love to you,
David and Daniela Hermelin and Family
Full Page
With gratitude
for your grounded wisdom
and inspired teaching
David Horwatt
Full Page
Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Adam & Dani Kabins
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Elirom Kalatizadeh
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Adam Kaplan
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In honor of Rav Farber, the Roshei Yeshiva and the staff of Darché Noam,
From the moment I first saw your (Rav Farber) הדרת פנים I knew I had to
לשבת באבק רגלך. Rav Farber, you opened my eyes and mind to
דרך ה' של הרמח"ל in your shiur. That encouraged me to "taste"
the מסילת ישרים ודעת תבונות in new Hebrew versions that had explanations.
My life was forever changed. I had new "Torah eyeglasses." Your caring and inspirational words on the רמח"ל "carried" and comforted me, as illness
struck my family. You were always available to explain, to advise,
to share Rav Hutner's zt"l Torah. And you supported and guided
my learning of the מהר"ל. Thank you for my wonderful, insightful, new life!
And thank you for listening and being patient.
I owe my Torah life to Rabbis Farber, Karlinsky, Hirshfeld, C. Tabasky,
Y. Shurin, R. Kamenetsky, J. Cohen and Michael Cohen. Forever grateful!
David Kronish
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Mazal Tov to
Rabbi Farber
and to the entire Shapell's/Darché Noam faculty
for 30 years of dedication and love
to the yeshiva and the Jewish people.
May you continue to be an inspiration for all your students,
as you were and are for us.
Ze’ev and Monika Landau
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Alex and Ally Levin
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Mazal tov to the Talmid Chacham who taught me
what Ahavas Torah and Ahavas Yisroel look like.
And thank you again for being the sandak
for my bachor, Shmuel Chaim.
It was an honor to learn from you
and then have the zechus to sit next to you
in the Beis Midrash!
Ad 120 gezunt un shtark.
Yaakov Lynn and family
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Rabbi Farber continues to be an inspiration
to all talmidim that encounter him.
Thank you for exemplifying kedusha,
yirat shamayim, consistency, humility,
and Simcha in Torah.
You are a hero to many.
Evan and Alyssa Malach
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Robin and Tanya Minsky
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Justin & Rebecca Myrowitz
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Mazel tov to Rabbi Farber on this thoroughly deserved honor!
We wish we could be there in Eretz HaKodesh to celebrate
in person with you, and with all the amazing rabbanim
and alumni of Darché Noam! Words cannot express
our full hakaras hatov to Rabbi Farber for giving us the tools
and inspiration to transform the lifelong avodah
of talmud Torah into an unlimited well of deep fulfillment---
giving life to the neshama and bridging the vast chasm
between the sechel and the lev.
Thank you for showing us the true meaning
of Gadlus HaAdam, both in learning and in personal example.
Elimelech and Sara Kraina Nadler
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Mazal tov Rabbi Farber!
Thank you for all your chizuk!
It was an honor and privilege
learning with you!
Marc, Jacqueline,
and Malka Tzofia Nelkin
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Thank you Rabbi Farber for your years
of dedication and devotion to the lives of
your talmidim. We are incredibly grateful
to have you as a role model and to have
been able to benefit from
your beautiful divrei Torah.
Matt & Natasha Neubauer
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Reuven Neumann
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Mazal tov to
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Harold Nussbaum
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Thank you for being a true inspiration,
Rabbi Farber.
Sammy and Debbie Oziel
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Mazal Tov Rabbi Farber,
Thank you for all you did 
to teach our family Torah
 and all you do
for Darché Noam and Klal Yisrael!
May you and your family be blessed 
through all the great work you do!
Baruch and Shayndel Plotkin
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Avriel & Debbie Rabenou
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Mazal tov to
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
You are a light with infinite sparks!!
Charles Rabinovich
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Brett and Sharon Radley
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Mazal tov to Shapell's and Rabbi Farber!
I have been the fortunate beneficiary
of the Yeshiva, and of Rabbi Farber in particular.
Thank you for all your hard work
and kind guidance that have helped me
become closer to Hashem.
Yisroel Ragosin
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לכבוד מו"ר הרב מנדל פרבר, שליט"א
Dear Rav Mendel Shlita -
As we honor you we also express our appreciation for all that your beloved Rebbetzin
מרת זוהר בת ר' משה ע"ה has given to the yeshiva as a whole, to us and our wives,
and to your beloved talmidim. She should be a מליצת יושר for you and your family,
for all of the talmidim and for all of כלל ישראל. We thank you for being our role model
for so many years, and for sharing with us what you received from your great Rosh Yeshiva, Hagaon Rav Yitzchak Hutner, זצ"ל.
We admire your dedication to and love for the talmidim, in your years of shiurim
and countless chavrusas. We observe the joy in the eyes of those talmidim
as they learn with you, and from you, reflecting the simcha you exude when learning Torah
and expressed through ריקודים של שמחה at all of our joyous occasions.
You have also been our rebbe in מדת הענווה, teaching us the real meaning of איזהו מכובד המכבד את הבריות. Despite being the eldest rebbe at Shapell's, you have always taken the time to speak to
each and every one of us. To us you are our rebbe, Rabbi Farber,
but your response has always been, "Just call me Mendel!"
May Hashem give comfort to you, and bless you and your family with good health
and the strength to continue your holy work on behalf of Am Yisrael!
B'chavod gadol,
Rabbi Mendel Breitstein, Rabbi Joel Cohen, Rabbi Avraham Fischer, Rabbi Aryeh Goldschmiedt, Rabbi Yakov Haber, Rabbi Meshulam Isaac, Rabbi Reuven Kamenetsky, Rabbi Ephraim Karlinsky, Rabbi Yonatan Kohn, Rabbi Eliezer Kwass, Rabbi Yitzchak Lerner, Rabbi Avraham Nissim,
Rabbi Gidon Schneider, Rabbi Fyvel Shuster, Rabbi Elie Silverberg, Rabbi Binyamin Wolff
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Benjamin Remer
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Rabbi Farber,
Siman Tov and Mazal Tov on this milestone, dedicating 30 years
to the Shapell's/Darché Noam and Midreshet Rachel v'Chaya family.
It has truly been an honour to have had the opportunity to learn
in your presence. I still have fond memories listening to
your Derech Hachaim shiurim in the mornings and learning about
the Amidah prayer with you in the afternoons.
My wife and I are forever grateful for the effort you made
to attend our wedding in Chutz Laaretz. Your presence
and graceful dancing truly enhanced our Simcha 
making it an unforgettable experience for all.
May Hashem continue to grant you much strength, simcha, torat chayim, chochmah, binah, da'at in good health to 120. 
Joshua and Naomi Reuben
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Mazel tov to Rav Farber!
Since we started at Shapell's the Rav has had
a major impact on us and our spiritual journey.
Just seeing Rav Farber learn in the Beis Medrash
and dance at our chupah with excitement and enthusiasm
is infectious and inspiring and will live with us forever.
Lots of Love,
Ben and Vicki Rosen and family
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Your Torah is bringing joy
in Passaic, NJ!
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Keri and Zane Roth
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With tremendous hakaras hatov, we wish Mazal Tov
to Rabbi Farber on 30 years of dedication to
the Shapell's/Darché Noam and the Jewish world. 
That 30 years is exponentially greater with the Torah,
middos & simchas chaim our Rebbe selflessly imparted
and exuded to so many across the world
(yes, even here in Melbourne, Australia). 
We wish Rabbi Farber arichas yamim v'tovim.
Raphi, Dina Sebbag and family
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Dear Rabbi Farber:
I recall how your wife so generously hosted us for Purim, the day before we were leaving back
to the US in 2005. It has now been ~13 years since Miyuki and I left Israel...
Throughout the years since we returned to the US, the quality time you spent with me,
the living example you set for me and the experiences that you and your wife allowed me to have (since she supported you to come to yeshiva and teach each day even though you could have chosen to do many different things with your time), continue to nourish and inform within me and my family a deep sense for the potential of what a human being can be,
what a person can achieve if they have humility, commitment and keep their head down,
striving to grow in a l'shem cavod shamaim manner.
I will always treasure the everlasting gifts of Yiddishkeit and the deep experiential wisdom
and insights which you shared. May the neshama of your dear wife experience
a continuous aliyah in shamayim from all the special mitzvos which flourish from you,
your children, grandchildren and "Torah children." 
Thank you for the eternal and priceless gifts you shared with me and my family.  
Warm Regards,
Mark, Miyuki, Aryeh Yehuda, Aaron Yonah, Nomi Liora and Talia Basya Shapiro (at Shapell's from August 2004 thru March 2005)
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Mazal Tov to a unique and special Rav who inspired us
with his love of Klal Yisrael.
I will never forget when learning with you one day, you suddenly paused,
you leapt up to run to the back of the Beit Midrash
where you had noticed a bochur spill a bit of his coffee on the floor
and you were so concerned lest someone else tripped on the spillage.
You didn't tell anyone, you simply took a paper towel, cleaned the spillage
and then returned to learn with me. The lesson from those few minutes
has stayed with me for a lifetime of what living a Torah life is all about.
Thank you,
Andrew and Gila Shaw
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Mazal tov Rabbi Farber!
Words cannot express my feelings of awe and gratitude
for rebbe for providing me with a glimpse of the majesty
and sweetness of Torah.
Even though many years have passed,
the hours spent learning with rebbe
remain some of my fondest memories.
Max & Cinnamon Shenker
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Mazal Tov to Shapell's/Darché Noam
and Rav Mendel Farber שליט"א!
May they both continue to be
מעמיד תלמידים יראי השם
until ביאת גואל צדק;
may he come speedily in our days.
Mordechai (Max) and Hudie Shichtman
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דברי מנחם וכל אשר עשה הלוא הם כתובים 
על ספר דברי הימים למלכי ישראל
In honor of a man whose elegance and energy
are only outdone by his piety and kindness.
Thank you Hashem for giving us the opportunity
to learn from Rabbi Farber - in word and in deed -
for so many years. 
Gidon and Miriam Shoshan
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Todd & Rachel Siegal
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Yael, Tzvi,
and Moshe Shmuel Silverstone
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Dear Uncle Mendy שליט"א,
Being in your daled amos as a talmid was always uplifting,
but the relationship I am zoche to have with you has transformed my life
in ways I never would have imagined.  As a talmid in the yeshiva
I knew that I would carry the relationships I made with the rebbeim with me
after I left, but I never dreamed that my relationship with you
would become one of family.
Hindy and I thank you for everything you and your family have done
for us.  You, Aunt Zohar ע"ה, and your children opened the doors
to your homes and hearts and made us feel like actual bnei bayit.
  What you are to your children, you are to us - the head of our family,
our mentor and role model. 
We are so grateful for how you have influenced our lives.  
May we continue sharing in שמחות in good health for many years to come.
All our love,
Yitzchok and Hindy (Stacy) Snyder and family
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Rabbi Farber,
Mazal tov on 30 years of unbelievable dedication
and harbatzas torah to your students.
Your presence in the Beit Midrash
and your special way of learning with Simcha and Nigunim
continue to uplift all of us.
May you be blessed with health and yiddishe nachas
from your family and from the entire
Shapell's/ Darché Noam community.
Shimon and Shalhevet Solway and family
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Your inspiration and ruach
are forever a standard
to judge myself against,
and your fire of d'vekus HaShem
is a permanent image
that helps sustain me
through hard times and good.
Thank you and Mazel Tov.
Evan and Larissa Steele
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Mazal tov
Rabbi Mendel Farber!
Sam & Rebecca Strasser
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Mazel tov to Rabbi Farber
and Shapell's Yeshiva.
Thank you for teaching me and all of us
the way of Torah and the way of Hashem.
You teach us through the sefarim,
through your conduct,
and always through your dancing!
May you be zoche to continue bringing light
to our people for many many years to come.
Kyle & Hadassa Taylor
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Mazal tov to Rav Farber
with much appreciation
for the special mesorah
that you have passed
to the talmidim over the years.
The Salis Family
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Thank you for all your help
Rabbi Farber
and Mazal Tov
Weldon Turner
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My very best wishes to my dear friend and mentor
Rabbi Mendel Farber
on this most deserving honor. 
You are an inspiration to everyone. 
May your family, friends and the entire community
follow in your footsteps to help perpetuate
the great work of Shapell's/ Darché Noam.
Mazel Tov! 
Ari A. Zeltzer