To Sarah with love and pride
from Aaron and Susan
Aaron Gurwitz and Susan Abramowitz
Mazel Tov!
May all good things come to this wonderful organization for 2017 and beyond!
Congratulations to The Conservancy
on their milestone birthday!
May you continue the wonderful work that you do for another 18 years!!!
With loving support
It's been an honor and a pleasure to be connected to Laurie,
and to this wonderful organization, the
Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy
It is my fond hope that she and her gifted team
should continue to go from strength to strength,
and that all good things should come from the hard work
that's gone into creating this celebration
of their Chai anniversary. 
Mazal Tov to the honorees,
and to all the participants. 
Michael Bolla
Congratulations to the LESJC
on 18 amazing years and wishing
Justin all the best and much success
in all his future endeavors.
Joseph Cunin
With gratitude and appreciation
for over 50 years of close friendship...
Congratulations to "Uncle Paul" Weissman
Dr & Mrs Allan Gibofsky,
Lewis, Esther, and Laura Gibofsky
Mazal tov to all,
but especially to Sarah Gurwitz!
Steve and Judi Goodman
Cheers to Aunt Sarah and all that she does
to make the world better!
Bea and Dani, Zev and Jessica,
Emmett and Selah, Subra and Tanya,
Mika and Jake, and Ava and Neil
Congratulations to the honorees and a very, very special
recognition to Laurie Tobias Cohen and Lori Weissman
for their absolutely top notch
and dedicated work on behalf of the
Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy these many years.
May their efforts to bring the unique history
of the Jewish Lower East Side to the world's attention
continue to be crowned
with success for many years to come. 
Joel Kaplan
Mazel Tov
to Sarah, Justin, Marty & Paul
Terri, Robert
& Max Gumula
In honor of
Sarah Gurwitz
and her admirable work
for an admirable organization! 
With love,
Bea, Dani, Emmett and Selah
It is my joy to be honored with
my co-tour guides, Paul and Marty
NYC's tour guide to the stars -
Justin Ferate.
Sarah Gurwitz
Honoring Laurie Tobias Cohen, Lori Weissman,
and everyone with the
Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy
for their continued diligence and dedication
to education and enlightenment. 
In loving memory of Manny and Bertie Slutzky.
Louis Newman & Justin Ferate
A Groisen Mazel Tov to Justin et al!
Elissa Sampson and Jonathan Boyarin
The Arthur & Patricia Price
Congratulations to all!
May the Conservancy live to be 120!
Wishing Justin a great new beginning!
Vintage Thrift Shops and Holly Kaye
Mazal Tov to our beloved sister Laurie
and her remarkable team
on this wonderful occasion!
Jody & Greg Buziashvilli
Paul - keep shining as you always do!
Tom Cappa
In honor of Joseph Cunin's
dedication and hard work
Eric Cohen
Recognizing Paul for his in depth knowledge of the LES, and his interest and commitment
to the community where he has lived
his entire life. 
Well Deserved!!!
Charles D'Angelo
Lori and Paul Weissman-
2 real Lower East Side Treasures!
Jennifer Sevier
Edelman Financial Services
Sarah, Congratulations!
Your loving generosity and compassion
for your family, friends, and community
are being aptly awarded
Kathy & Joseph Grasso
In honor of Sarah Gurwitz
A friend, and woman of great integrity!
Ronald Gutierrez
Paul, What a treasure!
We are proud of you and love you.
Enjoy your day- much happiness!!!
Alan & June Jacobson
Since 1936 Kossar's has been making our all handmade legendary bagels and bialys on the Lower East Side .
Kossar's Bagels & Bialys
Lori, Paul & Sarah,
With our gratitude for all the
wonderful work you do to keep
our rich heritage alive.
 The Ludwigs
In honor of
Laurie Tobias-Cohen
and her hardworking staff,
thanks for all you do for the Conservancy.
Hadasa Nagel
Mazal tov to our dear friend
Sarah Gurwitz
Hugh and Martha Pollack
Mazel Tov Sarah!!!! 
Love your cousin Matthew
Matthew Shapanka
We are delighted to congratulate our friend
Marty Shore
His knowledge, humor and geniality
add so much to his tours.
Laurence and Paula Spector
In honor of
Justin Ferate
and the myriad of contributions
he has made to New York City
and the tour guide community
Benjamin Waldman
We honor our caring and dear friend -
Marty Shore
With love,
Devera and Michael Witkin
Gail Katherine Addiss, R.A.
Susan Cohen
Barry Feldman
Amy Goldman
Carol J Green
Zev Gurwitz
Ryan Karben
Arie and Amy Katz csp
Sharon Keller
Ann Margit Macklin
Murray Palitz
Dr. Norman Rosen
Helena Ross
Neal and Deborah Temple
Ellen Umansky
Sheldon & Mei-Ying Tsai Zorfas
Sharon Albano
Susan Bloom
Carianne Carleo-Evangelist
Kitty Crowley
Janett Edelberg
Joan Edelstein
Linda & Larry Goldberg
Robin & Jonathan Sneider
Dorothy Vogel