Samuel & David Lachs Memorial
On the morning of September 11th 2017, we at Camp Nesher, like so many others, were shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of our dear friend, David Phillip Lachs OB”M.
David held the special distinction of being the very first registered camper for Camp Nesher’s inaugural Summer of 1996. In the year prior to his passing, he had reconnected with camp, explaining that, as the years passed, his “love and appreciation for what Nesher stands for and the lessons he learned here have only grown.” Camp Nesher “was the place in his life where he was happiest” and he just wanted to “give back.” That Summer, David, along with his mother Sarah, joined us at camp for a celebration, dedicating three amazing scoreboards in memory of both David’s father, Samuel (Sam) OB”M and David’s dear friend, Nathaniel Cohen OB”M.
This past Summer, Sarah was back at camp, this time with David’s older brother Danny and his family, for another meaningful, albeit bittersweet, dedication – that of Ohel David (pronounced in Hebrew, Da’veed,) a beautiful, inclusive gazebo, built in David’s memory.
And now, with the greatest tribute one can offer to memorialize a Jewish soul, the Lachs family has blessed Camp Nesher with yet a third dedication, a Sefer Torah, to be written this year. For the first time in our camp’s history, we will have a Sefer Torah of our own to be welcomed, God willing, with a Hachnasat Sefer Torah this Summer.
Sam, along with his beloved wife Sarah, believed from the start in the creation of Camp Nesher, a place that would emphasize bein adam l’chavero, the Jewish concept of treating one’s fellow man with compassion and respect. Sam had a heart of gold with a spirit to match, traits he passed on to his children. His love of life, friends and family were paramount, his generosity legendary – although few knew to what extent, as much of his Tzedakah was given quietly, without fanfare. His legacy stands as an example for us all.
May the memories of both Sam, Shmuel ben Meir Halevi Z”L and David, Dovid Mordechai Ben Shmuel Halevi Z”L, be for a blessing.  Yehai zichram baruch.
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