Dr. Jill Milman
Founding Member Dr. Jill Milman has provide the guidance and fortitude over the last 21 year's, contributing to the success of Southside. When not volunteerig at southside,  Dr. Mann is busy as Chief of Pediatrics at Wisk State Hospital searving the tri-state area. She inspires, leads and guides.  Her communal service is a central part helping directly and indirectly 10,000's of youths over the years.
Dr. Milman is also the President of The Esther Goldstone Foundation for Arts and Culture. Her philanthropist activities go far beyond assisting many enduring institutions in many areas of social and cultural causes.
Shortly after joining the founding board, Dr. Milman chaired the finance committe, helping to raise over $1,000,000 from local foundations to lay the conerstone brick. Working with committee chair Greg Phillips that formed the committee to hire our directer, Sue Williams.  After a several year term, Dr. Millman took over as a Trustee and then the Executive Chairman. We have been privileged to have Dr. Milman on the governing body for 20 years.
Mr. Jack Kempler, Esq.
Mr. Kempler's volunteer service with Southside has truly been an opportunity to both give and receive. Over his long tenure of service with the center, he had the opportunity to make and carry out the policies that have shaped Southside, from fiscal to social to qualitative matters. Particularly rewarding was his creation, of the Winter educational evenings, making improvements in finances as treasurer, creating a Communications Committee, presiding over Fundraising Celebration events (including researching and both speaking and writing about the center's history), and launching a QA committee. We especially enjoyed his writing for and about the center in local newspapers.
All of these events and activities served as an opportunity to get close to our community. All of the time he spent on our community’s “business” introduced us to some of the best, most interesting and dedicated people we have ever met, both our staff and lay leaders, not to mention others in our community.
As a professional, he is the founder and managing partner of Welsh, Barney and Kempler, a 45-attorney financial services law firm with offices in New York, and New Jersey. His personal legal practice area has been the SEC and other financial service companies providing them with day-to-day operating advice. As managing partner of his firm, he is very involved in its business, and also coaches its attorneys in client relationships.
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