Southside Community Center
Since 1973, the Southside Community Center, 
a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, with 3 community centers,
have provided quality programs that promote self-sufficiency and community growth for Southside community children, youth, families and seniors through our Youth, Family and Senior Services Programs.
Southside Community Center
Honoree BIO: Dr. Jill Milman
Founding Member Dr. Jill Milman has provide the guidance and fortitude over the last 20 year's, contributing to the success of Southside. When not volunteerig at southside, Dr. Mann is busy as Chief of Pediatrics at Wisk State Hospital searving the tri-state area. She inspires, leads and guides. Her communal service is a central part helping directly and indirectly 10,000's of youths over the years.
Dr. Milman is also the President of The Esther Goldstone Foundation for Arts and Culture. Her philanthropist activities go far beyond assisting many enduring institutions in many areas of social and cultural causes.
Shortly after joining the founding board, Dr. Milman chaired the finance committe, helping to raise over $1,000,000 from local foundations to lay the conerstone brick. Working with committee chair Greg Phillips that formed the committee to hire our directer, Sue Williams. After a several year term, Dr. Millman took over as a Trustee and then the Executive Chairman. We have been privileged to have Dr. Milman on the governing body for 20 years.
Southside Community Center
Honoree Bio: Mr. Jack Kempler, Esq.
Mr. Kempler's volunteer service with Southside has truly been an opportunity to both give and receive. Over his long tenure of service with the center, he had the opportunity to make and carry out the policies that have shaped Southside, from fiscal to social to qualitative matters. Particularly rewarding was his creation, of the Winter educational evenings, making improvements in finances as treasurer, creating a Communications Committee, presiding over Fundraising Celebration events (including researching and both speaking and writing about the center's history.
All of these events and activities served as an opportunity to get close to our community. All of the time he spent on our community's "business" introduced us to some of the best, most interesting and dedicated people.
As a professional, he is the founder and managing partner of Welsh, Barney and Kempler, a 45-attorney financial services law firm with offices in New York, and New Jersey. His personal legal practice area has been the SEC and other financial service companies providing them with day-to-day operating advice. As managing partner of his firm, he is very involved in its business, and also coaches its attorneys in client relationships.
You have been a mentor to me for the better part of the last 20 years. 
Much of our work together has been centered around our Adult Mental Health Services,
one of the many life-saving services at OHEL and each time we have had the pleasure
of speaking, I have learned something new, something special.
Over the years, your guidance;
- has helped us with complex and often heartbreaking cases that we call you for advice on,
- has helped us resolve difficult differences of opinion when you were called to serve as an
Ombudsman and you did so leaving everyone's dignity intact,
- has helped us help families in crisis as they struggle with how to best help
their mentally ill son or daughter the list goes on and on. 
Day and night, you have been there for us.  You have answered the phone for me at times when you
clearly had other, pressing obligations.  Anyone who spends time with you knows, they are MOST important.   
You have been a staunch supporter and protector.  I have and will continue to quote you at home, at meetings with staff and in any setting, especially where good judgement, humility and leadership are essential.  We are fortunate to have you on our team is an understatement.  It is an absolute honor to be in your shadow and under your wing. 
Congratulations may you merit  for the helping of clients for many, many years to come and to continue to do so with the dignity and class you have always shown.
Carl and Sonya Brodie
On the occasion of this well deserved honor מזל טוב!
Your boundless commitment and dedication
to this wonderful organization
is truly commendable.
Your super accomplishment
on behalf of our organization legend.
Janet Martin

You've done a great job!!!
whose friendship continues to enrich our lives
an outstanding friend
a unique role model
a remarkable person
an extraordinary individual
who shares his effort and energy
indeed his heart and soul
for the continued success .
May you continue to be in the forefront.
Bill and Susan Miller
Congratulations to the
honorees on their well
deserved honor.
We wish Southside another
successful year.
Sarah and Tim Clark
Congratulations on a wonderful year
Esther Cohney
Congratulations to the Honorees.
Well deserved honor.
Dorman Craig
Congratulations to
the honorees.
Keep up the great work!
Joseph and Marlyn Goldberg
Congratulations to
the honorees
Anston Al
Congratulations to Southside
Sally Belz
the honorees
Anderson and Beverly Grady
Bart and Sue Johnson
Congratulation to Southside
for all incredible dedication
to the community.
Cindi and Terry Jones
Congratulations to Southside
Esther Katz
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to see what will happen next,
Thanks, ARI
Ari Levitas
We are proud to support all
the wonderful programs and
efforts of Southside.
Shelley Miller
Congratulation to the Honorees
Steve & Sue Rogers
Congratulation to the Honorees
Steve & Sue Rogers
We want to wish all the success to the
Southside Community Center.
May you continue to provide the
wonderful services for the community.
Thanks for all you do for Southside.
John and Beth Samuels
You've done a great job!!!
Bert Barron
Congratulations to Southside
Charles Baxter
Congratulations to Southside
Brody Family
In tribute to this year's 
Guest of Honor,
Sam Gabrielle
May you continue to be a source of inspiration and strength to your family and community for many years to come.
Wishing you lots of success.
Chani & Jack Jaffa
Congratulation to the honorees
Janice Nunez
Thank you for taking the lead in
in building the new wing of the main center.
Randall Rains
We appreciate the contributions that both
honorees have made for our community.
Best wishes from all of us.
Charles Swansen and Company
Three Line Listing
Congratulations on all your amazing achievements. You have been incredible for our community. We look forward to another successful year ofyour leadership.
Bill and Rose Arnold

You are a wonderful leader. 
Your model of excellence inspires all of us.  
We are going to see a lot of benefit from all of your efforts.
Janet Berkowitz
Three Line Listing
Thank you for all you have done.  This is a well-deserved honor. You have built a home and a family on the values. Look forward to your help for another decade.
Candy and Jim Butler

Great Job!!!  You are a true leader for our community.  You have given us a foundation to continue the great work that you do. Look forward to more building of bridges.
Fenster Electric
Three Line Listing
The last 4 years working with you has been incredible.
You are a wonderful leader. 
We have benefited greatly from all of your efforts.
Tucker Jan

Congratulations to all the honorees! Special thanks to Mary Spryer for her dedication to the Southside community!
James Sidney
Three Line Listing
Thank you for all your efforts. This is a well-deserved honor. You have built an organization second to none.
Terrance and Jamie Bookman
Bookman Terrance and Jamie

One Line Listing
Congratulations to the organization. Another great year.
Bangler Family

Congratulations!  You are a true leader for our community.
Sofia and Al Carson

Great Job!!! You are a true leader for our community.
Cravens Electric

Congratulations on all your amazing achievements.
Cindi and Bill Johnson
One Line Listing
Look forward to you help for another decade.
Kransler Company

Your energy, volunteerism, leadership, and giving inspire us all.
Tom and Carol Samson

We wish Southside another successful year.
Sue and Bob Smith

You have been incredible for our community.
The Benstein Group
Name Listing
Bob and Sue Feller
Gwen Peterson
Greg and Anita Resnick
Bill Stone
Carol and Sam Tee
Ron Walker