About the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ)

The mission of the World Union for Progressive Judaism is to strengthen Jewish life and values in communities throughout the world by supporting and advancing a Progressive approach to Jewish tradition.

Established in London in 1926, the World Union has grown to represent 1.8 million Reform, Progressive and Liberal Jews across six continents, seven regions, 50 countries and 1,200 communities. We promote contemporary expressions of Jewish identity wherever Jews choose to live by:

Building Communities: Growing Progressive and Reform congregations by strengthening Reform Jewish life.

Nurturing Leaders: Enhancing leadership skills among congregational rabbis, community leaders and Jewish educators.

Inspiring the Next Generation: Engaging youth and young adults for a committed generation of Progressive and Reform leaders.

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WUPJ Executive Board
Management Committee
Carole Sterling, Chair, Canada
Stéphane Beder, Vice Chair, France
James Cherney, United States
Phyllis Dorey, Vice Chair, Australia
Sonja Guentner, Vice Chair, Germany
Martin Jannol, United States
Lynn Magid Lazar, Vice Chair, United States
David Robinson, Vice Chair, Treasurer, New Zealand
Charles Rothschild, Secretary, Unites States
Yaron Z. Shavit, Vice Chair, Israel
Executive Board Members
Professor Fuad Aleskerov, Russia**
Rabbi Nathan Alfred, Singapore
Steven M. Bauman, United States*
Austin C. Beutel, Canada*
Nani Beutel, Canada*
Philip Bliss, Australia*
Dora Lucia Brenner, Brazil**
Stephen Breslauer, United States*
Graham Carpenter,United Kingdom**
Ruth Cohen, Israel*
Gerry Daniel, United States
Alexander Dembitz, Switzerland
Paula Edelstein, Israel**
Rabbi Lawrence Englander, Canada
Raul Gottlieb, President - União Do JudaÍsmo Reformista, Brazil
Michael Grabiner, Immediate Past Chair, WUPJ, United Kingdom
Sharene Hambur, Australia**
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, Canada
Rabbi Richard G. Hirsh, Honorary Life President, United States*
Rabbi Walter Homolka, Germany
Enrique Jurkowski, Argentina
Rabbi Deborah Kahn-Harris, United Kingdom
Andrew Keene, United States
Miriam Kramer, Vice President - EUPJ, United Kingdom
Gilbert Lederman, Belgium**
Yair Lootsteen, Israel
Steven Lurie, South Africa**
Reuven Marko, Chair, IMPJ, Israel
Roger Mendelson, President - UPJ, Australia
Daryl Messinger, Chair - URJ, United States
Anne Molloy, United States
Arthur Roswell, United States*
Elizabeth Roswell, United States*
Leslie Rothschild, Canada
L. Tadd Schwab, United States
Gordon Smith, President - EUPJ, United Kingdom
Monica Solomon, Chair - SAUPJ, South Africa
B.J. Tanenbaum, United States*
Jane Taves, United States**
Linda Thorn, South Africa
Dolores Wilkenfeld, United States*
Igor Zinkov, United Kingdom
*Honorary Life Member             **Regional Representative
North American Advisory Board (NAAB)
Charles Rothschild, co-chair, Los Altos, California
Jane Taves, co-chair, Cross Plains, Wisconsin
Tom Abelson, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Mark Anshan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Steven Bauman, Los Altos, California
Austin Beutel, Toronto, Canada
Nani Beutel, Toronto, Canada
Merle Brenner, Scarsdale, New York
Stephen Brenner, Scarsdale, New York
David Breslauer, Sugar Land, Texas
Stephen Breslauer, Sugar Land, Texas
Leslie Brier, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
Peter Buchsbaum, Stockton, New Jersey
James Cherney, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Joan Cohen, Rye, New York
Ron Cohen, Rye, New York
Miriam Daniel, Chevy Chase, Maryland
Isabel Dunst, Chevy Chase, Maryland
Rabbi Lawrence Englander, Toronto, Canada
Stephanie Garry, Stamford, Connecticut
Rabbi David Gelfand, New York, New York
Jay Gellman, Coral Springs, Florida
Dennis Gilbert, Boca Raton, Florida
Rabbi Paul Golomb, New York, New York
Andrew Goodman, Scarsdale, New York
Rabbi Daniel Gottlieb, Pacifica, California
Rabbi Roberto Graetz, Pleasant Hill, California
Cherie Half, Palo Alto, California
Fred Half, Palo Alto, California
Jim Heeger, Palo Alto, California
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, Toronto, Canada
Lindie Henderson, Gold River, California
Andrew Keene, Washington, D.C.
James Klau, Greensboro, North Carolina
Michael Laufer, New York, New York
Lynn Magid Lazar, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Linda Shatz Levenson, Saratoga, California
Phyllis Levy, Voorhees, New Jersey
Ina Rae Levy, Sarasota, Florida
Diane Marcus, Fundraising Chair, San Mateo, California
Blair Marks, Marietta, Georgia
Lenore Mass, Chicago, Illinois
Anne Molloy, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Steve Olson, San Francisco, California
Laura Olson, San Francisco, California
Jane Oppenheim, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Arthur Roswell, Bridgewater, New Jersey
Betty Roswell, Bridgewater, New Jersey
Leslie Rothschild, Toronto, Canada
L. Tadd Schwab, Fundraising Chair, Delray Beach, Florida
Sandra Schwab, Delray Beach, Florida
Jane Shallat, New York, New York
Rabbi Barton Shallat, New York, New York
Carl Silverman, Cockeysville, Maryland
Nancy Solomon, New York, New York
John Sorkin, New York, New York
B.J. Tanenbaum, Hot Springs, Arkansas
G. Leonard Teitelbaum, Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Larry Vogel, Oakton, Virginia
Linda Vogel, Oakton, Virginia
Joan Wachstein, Wilmington, Delaware
Helene Waranch, Baltimore, Maryland
Dolores Wilkenfeld, Houston, Texas
Marc Willner, Morganville, New Jersey
Shelley Willner, Morganville, New Jersey
Paul Yentis, Boca Raton, Florida
Marilyn Yentis, Boca Raton, Florida
Linda Zoll, Houston, Texas
Senior Staff
Rabbi Daniel H. Freelander, President, USA & Israel
Eyal Ronder, Vice President for Operations, Israel
Naomi Smook, Chief Advancement Officer, USA
Danny Jaffe, Chief Financial Officer, Israel
Ziva Haller Rubenstein, Director of Marketing and Communications, Israel
Rita Fruman, Director of Programs and Operations in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, Israel
Lior Argaman, Director of Youth and Young Adult Engagement, Netzer Olami, Israel
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