Daniel and Hindy Lifshitz
Guests of Honor
Daniel and Hindy Lifshitz are this year’s Guests of Honor. We are so fortunate to honor the Lifshitz family as pillars of the community. Dan and Hindy are all about doing chesed. Dan serves on the board of the Passaic-Clifton Eruv and is a trustee at Kehillas Bais Yosef. Dan and Hindy have been supporters of Jewish Family Service for many years, with Hindy recently joining the board. Dan learns in the Passaic-Clifton Choshen Mishpat Kollel and also authored a sefer - Pachim Ketanim - a compilation of divrei Torah on the Parsha. Hindy has volunteered her time at the Yeshiva and also hosts a well-attended mother-daughter learning program in her home during the winter. Dan and Hindy are generous and involved YBH parents and have been proud YBH parents for over a decade. Their eldest daughter graduated from YBH in 2019, and their three younger daughters currently attend YBH.
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