Roberto Lombert, Building Superintendent
Anthony Tejeda
Ruth Balarezo
Veneranda Martinez
For all that you have done for this celebration, and for our community! We love and appreciate you all!
Bet Am Shalom Synagogue
The Gala Committee Extends
the Warmest of Thanks to:
Beth Am Shalom's Executive Staff
Marie Samtula
Jennifer Troup
Ellen Tillem
and Executive Director Vicky Farhi
With Gratitude for Your Tremendous Role
in The People Are the Song's Success!
The Bet Am Shalom Community AND
The People Are the Song Co-Chairs 
Susan Ackerman, Bettina Klein, and Beth Davidson
extend heartfelt thanks to our dedicated Committee:

Helaine Beckerman, Rick Beckerman, Ronnie Berlin
David Chalfin, Sharon Cohen, Ivy Eisenberg
Vicky Farhi, David Fine, Gwen Finger
Shelli Friedberg, Robin Gibbs, Raphy Haimowitz
Claudia Jaffe, Phyllis Handler, Rachele Khadjehturian
Neala Markowitz, Robin Rattner, Debbie Weiner
Marilyn Weintraub, Paula Markowitz Wittlin, Moira Yanuck
Thank you for your time and commitment to making this
a special night for our honorees and community!
Mark Liflander
Liflander Photography LLC
Bet Am Shalom
extends heartfelt thanks to

for his creativity, dedication and passion
in providing graphic design services
for The People Are the Song!
To Rabbi Bronstein & Cantor Schiller,

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller

It is a great honor working on your team.
We look forward to your continued leadership
as we strive to enhance the BAS community.

The Administrative Staff,
Ellen, Jennifer, Marie
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Ann & Bill Sacher
With love to Les & Benjie
Our own Jewish Dynamic Duo
We're so proud and grateful for all you do.
David, Ellen, Ben, Erin & Thomas Levy
Benjie and Les,
With your songs in our hearts,
We thank you.

Josie and Alan Ganek
Thank you
Rabbi Les Bronstein
Cantor Benjie Schiller
for your spiritual leadership,
generous hearts,
and love for our community.
We are so proud to be part of Bet Am Shalom.
Michael, Bettina, Rebecca,
Emma and Joshua Klein
Les and Benjie - -the very best!
Terri Simon and Eric Levine
Thank you for creating such a meaningful
and inspirational home for our family.
With much gratitude and love,
The Rotter Laitman Family:
Annette J. Rotter, Joel P. Laitman,
Clara, Natalie,
Melanie Rotter Laitman
and Remy Schwartz
Yasher Koach and Thank You to
Rabbi Bronstein and Cantor Schiller
for your years of dedicated service
to our community!!
Debra Abrahams Weiner 
and David Weiner
Thank you Benjie and Les
for being part of our lives
and the deciding factors
in our decision to become
a part of this wonderful community
some 26 years ago.
Mazel Tov.
Thank You to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
for Their  Spiritual Leadership
Diane, Marc, Jay and Eli Greenwald
A person walks in life on a very narrow bridge. 
The most important thing is not to be afraid."
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov
Dearest Les and Benjie,  
Love and gratitude for 30 years of safe passage!

Mazel Tov,
The Krasnow Family
In honor of 
Les Bronstein and Benjie Ellen Schiller
Spiritual Leaders and Role Models
The perfect balance you have brought
to Bet Am Shalom goes to the heart of
our community's vibrancy.
You have helped shape so many lives.
Richard Cohen and Marcia Horowitz
The Kagan Family applauds our
Rabbi and Cantor
for their precious voices
of leadership and caring.
Stewart and Sarah Kagan
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
for all their wonderful work
and for the spiritual,
open, and kind atmosphere
they promote at our wonderful
Bet Am Shalom
Susan and Joel Schwartz
Thank you
Les and Benjie
for leading our song for 30 years.
Mazel Tov!
Susan Ackerman
Thank you 
for your inspiration and comfort
in times of joy and sorrow.
Barbara Moss
Thank You to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
for Their Spiritual Leadership
Beth Zadek and Joph Steckel
From the day you named our daughter,
and through all the life cycle events thereafter:
b'nai mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, etc, etc.
- you have both had a special place
in all our hearts!
With love and gratitude,
Bob & Shelley Fischel
Happy to Honor Our Very Special
Rabbi and Cantor,
and Support
Our Very Special Synagogue
Marge Feder
We feel blessed to be part of
this congregation and to live
our Jewish lives with
Les and Benjie
as our spiritual leaders!
Mazel Tov!
Marisa Jackson and Neil Faden
and Family
Thank You to
Our Rabbi and Cantor 
for Their Spiritual Leadership
The Chalfin-Brownstein Family
Our Rabbi, Our Cantor,
Our Inspirations
With Love and Gratitude to
Les & Benjie
Harry and Karen Waizer
Mazal Tov to
Les and Benjie
for 30 glorious years at BAS
Alan Septimus
With love & gratitude
for a beautiful 30 years of your dedication
to the Bet Am Shalom community.
We are fortunate to be among
your congregants & friends.
Andrea & Marty Glenn
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
The Beltzer Family
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Beth and Ira Nash
Thank you so much to
Rabbi Bronstein and Cantor Schiller
for leading our unique
and inspiring community!
Jeff Rothman, Beth Davidson,
Josie and Hugo
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Brian Oxman & Shoshana Cooper
Brian Peters & Judy Caplan Peters
With love and appreciation for
Les and Benjie
for their wisdom, grace
and extraordinary talent
for taking care of people.
Buzz and Sandy Birnbach
״ואני תפלתי-לך״
Les & Benjie
Thank you for making
your lives your prayers and modeling a path
for all of us at BAS toward the Divine
Liz Haas & Steven Gallen
With unending love
and admiration
From all of us,
Frankie, Sam, Sarah,
and Willard
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
  Jason, Rachel, Jack,
Abby & Brooke Halperin
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Deborah Melincoff
Hooman Yaghoobzadeh
Les and Benjie
Thanks for all you have done
to strengthen the Bet Am community
over these 30 years.
Your gifts to us are truly without measure.
With gratitude and affection, 
Madeleine and David Arnow
Yasher Koach to
Les and Benjie
for 30 years of inspired leadership
and sustaining and building our Kehillah.
Marina and Andy Lewin
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Mark Glucksman and Roberta Lieber
With love, appreciation and a huge Mazel Tov
to Rabbi Les and Cantor Benjie
on 30 incredible years with Bet Am Shalom.
You are the heart, soul and spiritual center
of our congregation.
How wonderful for us all!
Paula Markowitz Wittlin
Mazel Tov and thank you
for your friendship
all these years.
Philip Genty and Judith Waksberg
Thank You to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
for Their Spiritual Leadership
Phyllis and Alvin Goldman
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Phyllis and Stanley Handler
We are doubly blessed
with your leadership and presence
in our community.
Steven and Wendy Lager
Mazel Tov to
Les and Benjie
for all you've done
for the BAS Community
and for all you mean to our family.
We love you!
Robin, Dick, Zachary & Ross
The Baum Family
Kol Hakavod to our special
Les and Benjie
on this wonderful occasion!
The Ettenger Family
Thank you, Les and Benjie,
for your inspiring leadership,
guidance and friendship.
We are so fortunate to be able to share
this journey with you.
Victoria and Richard Greif
Aaron, Claudia,
Joshua, Adam and Seth Jaffe
With gratitude to you,
Benjie and Les,
for learning and music,
for celebration and consolation,
for enriching the life of our community
for 30 years
Ann and Ben Schaffer
Les and Benjie,
Thank you for the gift
of your unwavering spiritual leadership.
We are so grateful to you both and the community
you have soulfully nurtured these past 30 years!
Our family has been enriched beyond measure.
With Love,
Ann, Stewart and Sara Crane
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Anne Corey and Connie Knapp
Thank You to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
for Their Spiritual Leadership
Thank you
Les and Benjie
for what you bring to our community
Lynn and David Badain
Yashar Kochachem to
Benjie and Les
and to our entire community!
Betsy Miller Landis
Mazal tov to our dear friends,
Les and Benjie,
who have inspired us to be b'derech.
Much love and k'vod harav v'hechazan.
Fredda Cohen and Eric Nussbaum
Thank You to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
for Their Spiritual Leadership
Sharon and Tod Cooperman
Dear Rabbi Les and Cantor Benjie, 
Your leadership, presence and friendship
has been a blessing in our lives
and the life of our family and community.
Regina Schwarz & David Aftergood
Rabbi and Cantor,
your hearts
are in the work.
Thank you for your spiritual leadership
and Mazal Tov on 30 years at BAS.
David and Barbara Aloni
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor 
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Elizabeth Clain and Robert Balin
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom
Eve and Carl Finger
In honor of Bet Am Shalom
and Rabbi and Cantor
from almost founding members.
Thank you for all the wonderful experiences.
Dorothy and Kenneth Finger

Mazel Tov and Thank You
For Everything You Do.

With love,
Fran & Dan Heyman
With love and gratitude
for your leadership
and friendship.
Fred Mehlman & Harriet Gluckman
Mazel Tov to our 
Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom
and thank you for being
such a large part of our family and lives.
Gwen, Daniel,
Ethan, & Abigail Finger
We are honored to have been with both of you
for almost 25 of your 30 years.
With much love and affection,
Robin and Howard Rattner
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Ivy Eisenberg and David Bixby
Benjie and Les--Mazel Tov!

Four Bar and Bat Mitzvahs..
three weddings (one to go)
and four grandchild namings (with ??? to go).
Talk about full employment!

Thank you. Thank you.
We are so fortunate to have you as part of
The Margolis Family.

Jeff and Caryn Margolis
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Joan and Andrew Milano
Mazel tov and much love
to our dear Cantor and Rabbi
on 30 years of inspired leadership!
Joan and Seth Rosen
With gratitude for your
enriching spiritual leadership
and joy in celebrating this moment in time with you
and our dear BAS community.

May you go from strength to strength.
John Gallagher and Ronnie Berlin
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Laura and John Cromwell
With love and gratitude
Laurie Bass and David Fine
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Michael Shapiro
and Anne Frank-Shapiro
Les and Benjie:
For being our spiritual bridge
to this wonderful kehillah,
we (and the TBTA) 
thank you and honor you.
Nancy and David Lerner
Through all the 30 years
that Rabbi Bronstein
has led Bet Am Shalom
he has modelled the kindness and attentiveness
to everyone that has become the
warm, friendly spirit which abides in the congregation
Rabbi Emily Faust Korzenik
Mazel Tov Les and Benjie.
You have been the heart and soul
of our beautiful community.
Robin Gibbs
Thank you for enriching our spiritual lives.
Rosie and Simon Aronin
30 years of clergy-ship....NAH
45 years of friendship!    
That's the record.    
Mazal Tov on OUR journey!
Merrill and Laura Rotter
To our wonderful Rabbi and Cantor:
We have had 30 years
to prove our wisdom in accepting
your choice
of Bet Am Shalom as your pulplt.
We are very grateful that you did so.
Roz Schulman
With our heartfelt joy to
Les and Benjie,
Mazel Tov and Thank You.
Stuart and Kathy Rosenthal
Heartfelt thanks to
our Rabbi and Cantor
for your leadership, your inspiration
and your friendship.
Susan & Daniel Van Doren
Mazel Tov to
Our Rabbi and Cantor
on 30 Years at Bet Am Shalom.
Susan & Robert Promisel
You took a Village
and made us a Civilization.
Mazel Tov, dear Les and Benjie,
Andy Fredman and Susan Leon
"For the people's heart was in the work"
Nehemiah 4:6
Thank you Les and Benjie,
for 30 years of caring and devoted leadership
With much love and admiration,
Susan and David Roth

The New York Board of Rabbis
Celebrating 30 Wonderful Years!
Les and Benjie,
thank you for being there for our family
at times of joy and sorrow, for your gifts of spirituality,
thought, collaboration, and inspiration
that you so generously share with us,
and for your deep friendship.
You truly are our song!
Ilene Semiatin, Vincent Park
and Family
With love and gratitude
for your generous, wise
and inspiring words, music and spirit.
Marilyn & Robert Weintraub
Thank you, dear leaders of the spirit
soul, and community.
We are indebted to you both
on so many levels.
But most of all, for the music.
Richard and Charlou Woodrow
Jennifer and Mark Chu-Carroll
Karen and Jerry Dolins
Susan and Wayne Eisman
Rena Hecht and Robert Piliero
Shelley Levine and Larry Schwartz

Hannah Nelson
Thank you Jeff Becker and
Staff of Foremost/RAM Caterers
for making The People Are the Song
a delicious and memorable event!
Bet Am Shalom
Bet Am Shalom
The People Are the Song Gala Committee
give heartfelt thanks to
for his generous donation
of printing services.