Virtual Gala

How it works

A Virtual Gala can be a great alternative to holding a physical Gala Dinner event to help raise essential funds without the logistics of a venue and cuisine.  A Virtual Gala event website can be built and launched quickly with Wizadjournal.

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With a Virtual Gala, you can be creative with your fundraising by utilizing table hosts or honorees to rally their networks to drive donations. 

Additionally, you can create a "presentations" area on the Virtual Gala website for placing pre-recorded videos or entertainment. For example, highlight organization achievements by embedding your organization’s inspirational video(s); place a video of an awards ceremony with awardee acceptance speeches. Or, embed videos of pre-recorded entertainment (i.e. comedian or cantorial) or an organization montage from video clips submitted by your table hosts. Use your imagination - create excitement.

Features include:

See example virtual gala event websites below.

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