Alice Kanrich and Lois Smith               Vicki and Alex Wulwick                  Robert B. Levine
Alice Kanrich and Lois Smith
Alice Kanrich grew up in Lawrence, Long Island, graduated from Woodmere Academy, and went to Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She married in 1958 and she and her husband lived in Long Island briefly before relocating to Louisville, Kentucky for two years. When they returned to this area, Teaneck seemed the perfect community in which to bring up children. They wanted to be within walking distance of a shul, and found a lovely home on Maitland Avenue.
Alice has been a member of Beth Sholom for over 50 years. Even after moving to Fort Lee in 2003, she kept her strong ties to the congregation, and when she joined Hazak she found new and dear friends. In 2006 she became president and the following year, co-president with Lois Smith, a great partnership that continues today. In addition to her devotion to Hazak, Alice enjoys attending BEth Sholom's services and concerts, as well as Lunch and Learn.
Both of Alice’s sons had their bar mitzvahs at Beth Sholom. After they graduated from high school, Alice became a travel agent and has travelled to over 65 countries. Today, son Jeff lives locally, while Andy and his wife, Denise, and their daughters Jaclyn and Jamie live in Marlboro, NJ.
Lois Smith, who grew up in Rochester, New York, joined the Beth Sholom community 48 years ago with her husband, Roy (z"l). When they first married, Roy was working in Manhattan, and they drew a one-hour radius on a map to search for a place to live. To our good fortune, they ended up in Bergenfield. When their oldest son was ready to start Hebrew School, Lois started to search for a shul. A friend invited her to Beth Sholom for Rosh Hashanah and they immediately joined.
It did not take long for Lois and Roy to get involved. In fact, Roy became chairman of the journal committee almost immediately, and Lois served on that committee for over 30 years. Lois was active in the Hebrew School and ran the Passover Candy sale each year, becoming known as the Macaroon Lady. Lois has served as treasurer of Sisterhood, been a member of the Board of Trustees, is a dedicated library volunteer, and a regular at the Wednesday and Friday minyan. In 2006, she became co-president of Hazak, a job she loves. Thanks to Alica and Lois’ hard work, Hazak has grown each year.
Lois has three sons. While they were in school, she decided to go back to college, and graduated from William Paterson University exactly 25 years after she graduated from high school. Today, son Jody and wife Tina live in Springfield, Massachusetts, and have 9-year-old triplets, Eli, Sophie and Elizabeth. Steve lives in Indianapolis and is engaged to Jean. Chip, the youngest, lives in Allendale and has two children, Perry and Elana.
Lois enjoys visiting her grandchildren, but always stays home for the holidays because "Beth Sholom is home."

Vicki and Alex Wulwick
Native New Yorkers, Alex and Vicki Wulwick met at Columbia University in 1970 and married five years later. After graduation, they made their way to Syracuse where Alex attended law school and Vicki worked for GE as an electrical engineer. They spent a short time in Connecticut and settled in Manhattan where Vicki got her PhD in marketing and Alex worked for the New York City Law Department. They eventually settled in River Edge, where they have lived for the past 32 years.
Alex has been an appellate attorney in private practice for over 35 years. Vicki taught at a number of colleges, the last being William Paterson University where she was a full professor and vice chairman of the Management and Marketing Department. She retired when daughter Katherine, now 27, was born and has since done consulting and part time work, including as the administrator of the Bergen Academy of Reform Judaism.
Their son, Louis, 30, who has a Master’s of Fine Arts in studio art and special effects, free lances and has done many beautiful projects for the Beth Sholom community. Kate, who is engaged to Joshua Frisch, received her Master’s of Arts in museum studies from University College London, lives in South Orange, and is the operations manager for the Tannenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding.
Alex and Vicki had been active members of Congregation Avodat Shalom in River Edge, but about 13 years ago Alex started looking for a more active Shabbat morning service. After seeing an ad in the Jewish Standard, he attended a Shabbat morning service at Beth Sholom, met Eddie Zizmor, and the rest is history. Alex, who became an active member almost immediately, has served on the nominating and constitution committees, chaired the ritual committee, and served as president from 2013 to 2015. He also has been involved with Project Ezra, the Talent Show, Minyan Koleinu, Parallel Minyan and fundraising. Alex leyns Torah, blows shofar and attends daily minyan regularly. Vicki has headed up many events, as well: the Talent Show, Tricky Tray, Anniversary Concert, Misloach Manot, and has been a member of the Gala Committee.

Robert B. Levine—recipient of the Shofar Award
Bob and Helen Levine, who met when they were both active members in Young Judaea, married 65 years ago and lived in Brooklyn with their daughters Alisa and Ayelet. While working in his father’s accounting firm, Bob attended NYU Law School and was a chairman of the Jewish Culture Foundation on campus. The Levines moved to Teaneck in 1961, where third daughter, Ilana, was born.
Bob was invited to be the youth leader in the newly formed Beth Sholom Congregation, which was a break-away from the Teaneck Jewish Center, the town's only Conservative shul at that point. So began Bob and Helen’s long love affair with Beth Sholom. He became one of the regular chazzanim for Shabbat. He led a Young Judaea youth group of shul members called Club Sharot that performed Israeli folk songs and folk dances all over Bergen County. For many years, he ran the Tashlich service and also entertained the children as a magician during the holidays. Bob served three terms as president of the congregation and is a life member of the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees.
Today, as Vice President of Education at the Jewish National Fund -- his other love --Bob is filling the Negev with olim and helping the infrastructure in Be’er-Sheva.
Daughter Alyssa is a psychologist with two children, Jonathan and Sara. Ayelet was a producer at NBC and is now an assistant district attorney, who has a daughter, Maxine. Ilana, an actress, and her husband live in Brooklyn with their two children, Georgia and Caleb.
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