Hannah Senesh Community Day School
gratefully acknowledges the support of
The Caroline & Joseph S. Gruss Life Monument Funds
and the Fund for Jewish Education
Thank you to Hannah Senesh for helping our children become 
the wonderful, caring, intelligent mensches that they are.  
We did our small part to build on the hard work
of many, many others, including our dear friends
Emily Reisbaum and Scott Medintz, and Rachel Abel,
and we are humbled by this honor.  
Thank you to the Senesh community.  
Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney
Thank you Hannah Senesh for nurturing,
challenging, and inspiring so many Jewish children. 
מזל טוב
To Rachel and Andrew
May you continue to perform
מעשים טובים
for many years to come. 
Sybil and Leon Levine;
Beth Levine, Adam Jacobson, and Raphy
Jeremy and Lauren Levine and Noah Tzvi
The Levine Family
Mazal tov to this year's honorees:
Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney 
Emily Reisbaum and Scott Medintz
Rachel Abel
Thank you for your dedication to
our Hannah Senesh Community.
Your unique contributions have an enduring impact
on our school and community.
Michelle and JJ Berney
Mazal tov to all of the Gala honorees,
and special thanks to Gala co-chairs
Corinne and Avery Kotler
for their hard work and dedication!
Max, Lana, Asher, and Orly Gershenoff

Congratulations to the gala's co-chairs
Corinne and Avery Kotler!
We are proud of all your hard
work and amazing efforts - and proud to be your cousins.
Lots of love,
Kevin, Stacey, Zoe and Liv Kotler
Emily and Scott,
With thanks and admiration for your steady
and inspiring leadership, dedication
and strong support for Hannah Senesh over the years. 

Rachel and Andrew,
With thanks for your generosity to so many Jewish causes.
We're so glad to share Synagogue, school,
and neighborhood with you. 

P.S. Flatbush Fatsos will always cherish the memory
of Andrew's brief, but very average, running career. 
Amy Glosser and Janno Lieber
We are honored and humbled to be honored.
Thank you to the Senesh community, board, teachers,
staff, and administration - we could not have asked for
a more meaningful foundation
for our children's education and development. 
Thank you to Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney
for their generous support of Senesh and for their friendship.
Thank you to Rachel Abel
for graciously volunteering again and again. 
Emily Reisbaum and Scott Medintz
Congratulations to distinguished honorees
Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney
From your friends at:
Petrillo Klein & Boxer LLP
To our great friends Rachel, Andrew, Emily, and Scott
Mazel Tov and thank you
for all you have done for Senesh over the years.
Your dedication and tireless commitment have made
the school and our community a better place, and provided
a strong foundation for the next generation of leaders. 
It's hard to believe that our little pre-schoolers
are heading off to college soon!
With warm regards,
Aliana and David Spungen
Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney
for their efforts on behalf of Hannah Senesh Community Day School. Their children, Ethan and Jonah Ceresney were among
the many to have benefited from the superb education
and supportive community provided by the school. 
With pride and affection, 
Elinore and Ian Ceresney, Margo Ceresney,
Dr. Cindy and Jonathan Cohen, Yael, and Daniel 
Congratulations to 
Andrew and Rachel!

Mary Jo and John White
Mazal tov to
Andrew Ceresney and Rachel Levine
and all the honorees! 
Dina and Eric Felder
Congratulations to our good friends
Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney
in recognition of
their extraordinary commitment
to Hannah Senesh. 
Gail Stone and Matt Fishbein
Congratulations to the honorees,
to the entire school administration
and to Avery and Corinne.
We are so proud of the community
you have built.
Herman and Mina Kotler
Congratulations to our dear friends
Andrew and Rachel 
on their well deserved honors.
The Hammack Family
To The Hannah Senesh Staff:
Thank you for the extraordinary commitment you have shown to our school and children.
I am honored to work with such a talented, hard-working, caring, and supportive team.
With appreciation and respect for
what you do for our children,
Nicole Nash
Thank You to our Member Organizations:
Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools
National Association of Independent Schools
New York State Association of Independent Schools
Independent Schools Admissions Association
of Greater New York
The Guild of Independent Schools
The Parents League of New York
To the 2017-2018 Hannah Senesh Parent Association Board
Corinne Kotler 
Sunny Barash
Nina Rabinovitch 
Rachel Abel
Cindy Greenberg
Shira Eisenberg
Samantha Abeysekera
And to all the amazing Class Parents
Thank you for your tireless work, fantastic events,
and tremendous efforts to build a community of our school! 
With deep appreciation,
Senesh families, Board, Teachers, and Staff
We thank the Board of Trustees (past and present)
and Head of School Nicole Nash for their leadership
and hard work to make Hannah Senesh a beacon of academic excellence and a thriving diverse Jewish community.
We are grateful for your stewardship of our mission and ensuring Senesh has a lasting future!
Emily Reisbaum, Board Chair
Judy Schoenberg, Vice Chair 
Hannah Senesh Community Day School 
"Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge."

-Abraham Joshua Heschel

The Board of Trustees is grateful for the Senesh faculty
and staff for creating a community of learners
who will carry Judaism forward and shine light in the world
with their talents and smarts.
You bring out the best in our students
- their wonder and joy - we celebrate you!
The Board of Trustees
Hannah Senesh Community Day School

Honorees, your dedication, wisdom and tireless effort
light the way for all of us. Thank you for modeling
the kind of leadership we hope all our students will gain
from a Senesh education.

Emily, it was an honor for us to have you as our Board Chair.
You paved the way for Senesh's bright and vibrant future
- we are indebted to you for your enduring service.

The Board of Trustees
Hannah Senesh Community Day School
Mazel Tov to the honorees!
Thank you to all the Senesh teachers,
administrators and the entire
Senesh community
for the care and education 
you have given our family.
Lindsay, Will, Leo,
and Ruby Bressman
Thank you to the Honorees
Emily and Scott:
You lead by example and inspire those around you. Thank you for
the countless hours you spend enriching our school community.

Andrew and Rachel:
Thank you for your tremendous leadership and dedication to
Senesh and Jewish education.
Mazal Tov on receiving the Chuck Goldman Chesed Award.
With Gratitude,
Nicole Nash and Dan English
Mazel tov to Rachel and Andrew!
Thank you for all that you do
for our community!
Your friends,
Ariela Dubler and Jesse Furman
Congratulations to
Emily, Scott, Rachel & Andrew!
Thank you for all of your contributions
to Hannah Senesh!
Ariella and Tal Golomb
Mazal Tov
Emily and Scott
Rachel and Andrew
Thank you for all of your contributions to Senesh.
Gary Gottlieb
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. 
- John F. Kennedy
Do what you feel in your heart to be right-
for you'll be criticized anyway.
 - Eleanor Roosevelt

Dear Emily and Scott, Rachel and Andrew,
Being a leader is tough, but leaders like you make it
look easy. Thank you for bringing your leadership
and love to Senesh for so many years.
Lisa and Ralph Kleinman
Congratulations to our incredible honorees 
and thank you to Nicole
and the entire faculty and staff
for making Senesh
such a unique and amazing place.
Avery, Corinne, Eli and Bryce
(and Yaffa - woof!)
Congratulations to
Andrew Ceresny & Rachel Levine
From your friends at
Lankler Siffert & Wohl LLP
Mazel tov to our dear friends, Rachel and Andrew,
who embody the mission of
Hannah Senesh Community Day School:
Seeking Meaning, Building Community,
and Learning Joyfully.
Sara and Andrew Levine
Congratulations to our honorees 
Emily Reisbaum & Scott Medintz
Andrew Ceresney & Rachel Levine
for your support of the mission of Hannah Senesh
and being such pillars in our community.
Thank you Rachel Abel for your tireless efforts
on behalf of our school.
Kitty and Mark Linder
Do not be wise in words, be wise in deeds.
                                - Jewish proverb
Thank you Rachel, Andrew, Emily, Scott and Rachel
for your countless deeds and longstanding commitment
to Senesh. We are so grateful for your leadership and service.
Mazal tov!

The Schoenberg Mayers Family
Judy, Jonathan, Robin (4th) and Sascha (1st)
Thank you
Rachel & Andrew
and Emily & Scott
and everyone else who works so hard
to make Hannah Senesh such a wonderful
place of learning and community.
Adrienne Teleki and Fred Mogul
If your actions inspire others 
to dream more,
learn more, do more, and become more
- then you are a leader. 
Mazal tov to the honorees
and yasher koach Nicole Nash
Phyllis and Bernie Nash
אֵיזֶהוּ מְכֻבָּד הַמְכַבֵּד אֶת הַבְּרִיוֹת
Who is to be honored? One who honors others.
Pirkei Avot 4:1
Emily, Scott, Andrew, Rachel and Rachel,
You have brought honor to our community through
your leadership, kindness and generosity of time and spirit.
The Senesh Community has been the fortunate beneficiary
of your many years of involvement and service.
Mazal tov on this well-deserved honor!
Chava and Craig Ortner
Joshua ben Perachya encouraged: Make for yourself a Rav (teacher), acquire for yourself a friend, and give all people the benefit of the doubt. Avot1:6
Emily Reisbaum & Scott Medintz
Rachel Levine & Andrew Ceresney

and Rachel Abel
Thank you for your steadfast and smart leadership, anchoring
and supporting our community of teachers and friends.
We are truly grateful.
Marcella Kanfer Rolnick & Josh Rolnick
Meyer (7th), Heshel (5th), Lev (2nd) and Pella

And big thanks to the gala team:
Co-Chairs Corinne and Avery Kotler
Chava Ortner & Judy Schoenberg
Congratulations to all the honorees
on their years of work towards
making Senesh such a warm
and vibrant community! 
The Geballe Family
Mazel tov to this year's honorees, 
awardees, and event leadership! 
Your commitment and dedication
are what make Hannah Senesh
the incredible school and community
that it is today.
The Kaplan Family
Congratulations to
Emily & Scott
and Rachel & Andrew
Thank you for your many years of support
for Hannah Senesh! 
Lisa Landau, Daniel Kummer, 
Eve Kummer-Landau '08 
& Raphael Kummer-Landau '14
Thank you 
to the Reisbaum Medintzs
the Levine Ceresneys,
Rachel Abel,
and all the Hannah Senesh teachers and faculty
for doing so much for our community and our kids! 
With gratitude,
Dani, Sumi, Leela, Rohan and Nayan 
Congratulations to
Emily Reisbaum and Scott Medintz,
Andrew Ceresney and Rachel Levine
and Rachel Abel
for all their well-deserved honors.
Roberta Weisbrod
Congratulations to our friends
Emily & Scott and Rachel & Andrew
on their well-deserved honor.
We thank you for your longstanding dedication
to the Senesh community and Emily's steadfast leadership
of the Board of Trustees.
Kol Hakavod

Aviva and Kurt Will
Hannah ('19) and Jakob ('21)
Congratulations Senesh!
Alex Budnitsky, Gelena Blishteyn, and Your friends at The JCH
We are so excited
to be beginning our journey
in such a warm and welcoming community. 
Lisa, Shay and Almah Zach (K)
Emily and Scott, 
Mazal tov on this richly deserved honor! 
We are so grateful for everything you have done to grow
and build Hannah Senesh over the years.
With love and admiration, 
Your Fellow 7th Grade Parents 
Rachel and Andrew,
Mazal tov on this well deserved honor! 
8th Grade Families

Congratulations to
Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney,
Emily Reisbaum and Scott Medintz,
and especially to our machatenesta, Rachel Abel.
We are so grateful for all you do for our family -
and our community!

Saul, Nina, Joey, Jacob and Lilly Blecker
Emily and Scott, 
Such a fantastic honor.
We are all celebrating with you. 
Mazal Tov! 
Class of 2013
Emily & Scott 
Rachel & Andrew
We are all so proud of the work
that you have done
on behalf of Senesh 
Thank you, and mazal tov
on this well deserved honor.
Class of 2015
Congratulations to the honorees
for their well-deserved honors.
Elka and Eitan Dickman
Emily and Scott,
We are grateful for your amazing leadership, warm friendship,
and excellent choice in sports teams.
Well done! Mazel Tov!
Rachel and Andrew,
Your kind and incredible support of the community
is marvelous. Congratulations, and thank you for all you do!
With love and appreciation,
Gina Schmeling and Alani Golanski
Mazal Tov to the entire Senesh Community!
We are beyond thankful and grateful 
to Senesh teachers and administrators who work so hard
for our children and families.
Yehudit Feinstein-Mentesh & Tal Mentesh
Rachel Levine, Andrew Ceresney,
Emily Reisbaum, Scott Medintz and Rachel Abel
for everything you do for our Hannah Senesh Community
כל הכבוד
Erica Roseman and Adam Perlmutter

Rachel, Andrew, Rachel, Emily, Scott
For instilling Senesh students
with a love for Jewish life and learning.
You make us proud every day.
Molla and Alvin Reisbaum
Shalom and loud cheers to
Andrew Ceresney and Rachel Levine for their 
outstanding leadership and dedicated support of   
Hannah Senesh Community Day School,
its creative program and the mission of tikkun olam.
With sincere admiration, 
Herbert Rubin
In honor of Sue and Boaz Gilad,
It is an honor to have friends like you.
May Hashem keep giving you the strength
to do what you do for this wonderful school! 
Jennifer and Shawn Safdie
Mazal tov and thank you to
Emily and Scott
for their years of devotion
to our school.
Lisa Smith and Alan Salzberg
To Emily and Scott, Rachel and Andrew:
We extol the superior work that you do for our beloved school,
The Hannah Senesh Community Day School.
May you continue to go from strength to strength
for many years to come.
Mazal Tov!
Ron and Marion Stein
To our darling
We love you!
Granny Stella
& Grandpa Les Stricke
Mazel Tov to this year's Gala honorees
and much gratitude to
all the Senesh teachers and staff
for their commitment and passion.
The Abel Family
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Thank you for your dedication to
the Hannah Senesh community. 
Emily and Scott, thank you for your tireless efforts
on behalf of our children.
Rachel, thank you for your unwavering support,
love, kindness and friendship.
The Barash Family
Mazal tov to our amazing cousins 
Emily & Scott
We love you so much!
Michele, Ira, Andy, Chaviva,
David, Michelle, Aliza,
Ira, Noah, Sarah, 
Judith and Gene
"All of Israel are responsible for each other"
 - The Talmud
Andrew and Rachel, Scott and Emily, and Rachel,
You are true examples of this lesson from the Talmud.
Thank you to our dear friends for always stepping in,
being generous, and thinking about the well-being
of our community.
This is a well-deserved honor for all of you.
The Greenbergs
Mazel Tov 
Rachel Levine & Andrew Ceresney,
Emily Reisbaum & Scott Mendintz 
Rachel Abel
Thank you for all that you do
for our school and community!
The Heffez Family
Congratulations to the honorees.
And thank you to to all of the faculty
and staff at Senesh
for the great work that you do.
The Turetsky Family
Thank you to this year's gala honorees
for all of your contributions to Senesh. 
Thank you to all the Senesh teachers and administrators
that help make Hannah Senesh the most wonderful
and best school in New York City.
Abby Szoszun Weiss
Our warmest congratulations
to our dear friends
Emily and Scott
and Rachel and Andrew
on this well-deserved honor.
With love,
Meridith Messinger & Larry Wolf
& our Senesh kids,
Aaron, Elliot, & Phoebe
In honor of Rachel Levine & Andrew Ceresney 
Mazal tov!
Love Cindy, Jonathan, Yael & Daniel
Mazal tov to our friends 
Andrew and Rachel
for this wonderful recognition. 
Much love,
Mari and Sean Hecker
To Ruby, Eva, and Sam 
With much love,
Bubbe and Papi
Congratulations to
Rachel and Andrew
on their well-deserved honor. 
Susan Isaacs and Elkan Abramowitz
Congratulations to the honorees! 
Alexis Fermanis, DDS, MS
Brooklyn Family Orthodontics
142 Joralemon Street #6B
Mazel Tov to Avery & Corinne
Susan and Michael Castle
Mazel Tov
on this well deserved award! 
Your friends,
Anna, Aviva, Chava, Cindy, Corinne,
Deena, Elka, Jen, Mara, Marcella,
Mica, Micki, Michelle, Nina, Sara,
Sarah, Shira, Shirly, Sumi, and Sunny
In honor of
Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney
Emily Reisbaum and Scott Medintz
- the 2018 Gala Honorees.
Sarah and Jonathan Glass
Mazel Tov to this Year's Chesed Award Honoree Rachel Abel
& to our Honorees Rachel Levine & Andrew Ceresney
and Emily Reisbaum & Scott Menditz.
Thank you to Corrine & Avery Kotler
for making this Gala such a success!
We are very grateful to all of you for working so hard
to make Hannah Senesh an amazing school and community.
Hannah Senesh Parent Association
Rachel and Andrew,
Emily and Scott!
The honor is well-deserved.
Jackie, Jay, Noam and Etan Klotz
Andrew and Rachel,
Mazel Tov! 
Joel and Sarah Lusman
Mazel Tov Mom and Dad!
We are so grateful for the
continued love and support you have given us.
We have seen up close how tirelessly you (mostly mom)
worked to help Hannah Senesh become the place it is.
The community is so lucky to have you, and we are too.
Solomon, Joshua, and Miranda Medintz
Congratulations to
Emily and Scott
for this well-deserved honor.
Alisa Levin and Chuck Nathan

Rachel, Andrew, Emily and Scott!

Thank you for the great work you have done
for Hannah Senesh over the years!

With deep appreciation and tremendous respect,
Rabbi Carie Carter and your PSJC community
Congratulations to our dearest friends
Rachel and Andrew
for this honor, and for their commitment to Senesh.
Our world is a better place with you in it!
Dayna Bandman and Andy Schmeltz
Congratulations Emily and Scott!
We are all inspired by your generosity of mind, spirit
and action in every facet of everything you do!
Olivia, Andrew, Lisa and Jonathan
Amanda Schmitt
Sharon and Jerome Berkowitz
Beth and Sam Bernstein
Heather and Matt Borstein
Hartmann Doherty Rosa Berman & Bulbulia, LLC
Jessica and Jay Lampert
Rabbi David Lerner and Sharon Lerner
Fran and Jack Levine
Donna Medintz
Tara, Jay, Max, Ari & Dani Reisbaum
Beth Goldman and Louis Solomon
Daniel H. Weiner
Cookie and Morty Wertheimer
Yankwitt, LLP