Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
Thank you to
Paige Taylor and Amber Spencer
for all your work in putting
together this amazing Scholarship Gala.
Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin & Eitan Sender
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
To our dear friends Mona and Hamid,
Mazal Tov on this well deserved honor.
We are lucky to have you as part of our
Hillel family. Thank you for your continued love
and devotion to Hillel.
With love from,
The 2018-2019 Nursery Teachers
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
Dear Sarah Weintraub, 
Thank you for your mentorship through the entire production of this event. Your tenacity of purpose and unwavering leadership qualities are beyond admirable. Your strength and encouragement have been a driving force and inspiration to me, and for that I cannot thank you enough. You have pushed me to heights I never thought possible, and I thank you for believing in me. I hope to work together again with you and your incredible team.
Keep Doing You,
Paige Taylor
Thank you to
Meir and Robin Gelman
for your leadership and support
on behalf of the children of
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy.
Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin  &  Mrs. Amy Kestenbaum
Head of School                          President
Mazel Tov to Hamid & Mona Rashidi Doust
On this well-deserved honor. 
Thank you for all you do for our community!

Mazel Tov to Cheryl Igbui!
Thank you for all you do
for the children and parents of Hillel!

Thank you to Rabbi Sufrin and the administration,
faculty and staff for everything you do
to make Hillel an amazing school. 

Amy & Mark Kestenbaum 
Abigail, Emil, Harrison & Dylan
To Our Dear Friend Cheryl.
Mazal tov on this beautiful
and well deserved honor.
You have been a great friend to us
and a great teacher to our children
and we love you with all our hearts. 
Yossi and Gilat 
Justine, Nicole, Jacqueline and Josh Englanoff 

Thank you to 
Uri and Sally Harkham
for your leadership and support
on behalf of the children of
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy.
Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin
Head of School
Sarah Weintraub,
It's been a pleasure working with you
and your team.
Thank you for everything!
Rabbi Sufrin, Eitan Sender
& Paige Taylor
Rabbi Sufrin, Eitan Sender & Paige Taylor
Mazal tov to
the Rashidis and Cheryl
on this well deserved honor.
Gail Katz & Mayer Bick
With deep gratitude to the
teachers, staff and
administration who make Hillel
a place where our children
love to learn and explore.
Josh & Malka Katzin
In memory of
Samuel Friedman,
Solman Friedman,
Morris Friedman,
Founders of the
Friedman Brother's Foundation.
Los Angeles Jewish Fund
Mazal Tov
Hamid and Mona Rashidi Doust
We are lucky to have you as supporters
of Hillel. Your generosity and dedication
are a gift to the students
of Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy. 
Thank you,
Rabbi & Mrs. Boruch Sufrin
Mazal Tov to the Honorees,
Hamid & Mona Rashidi Doust.
Mazal Tov to the Educator Honoree,
Cheryl Ibgui.
Thank you to Rabbi Sufrin and his staff
for all of your hard work.
Walter & Esther Feinblum
In honor of our niece and nephew
Madeleine, Salomon and Emelie Bollag.
Congratulations to the Honorees!
Rafi & Rivka Nissel
Thank you to our incredible President, 
Amy Kestenbaum
for all of your hard work
and leadership!
Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy 
Board of Directors
To Our Very Dear Friend
Cheryl Ibgui

Mazal Tov 
On your honor
We cherish our friendship with you

David & Marnie Nagel
Mazal Tov to our dear friend
Rabbi Sufrin and your very
special Hillel kehilla.
Naty & Debbie Saidoff
Dear Cheryl,
We respect you like a teacher
We adore you like a friend
& We love you like family!
You are so worthy of this wonderful honor!
Mazal Tov!
Mama Martha, Michael,
Tina and the gang!
We are so grateful for Morah Tirza and the
Hillel faculty who have been so kind and
welcoming to our grandson, Preston.
He looks forward to coming to school
every day because of you! 
Thank you.
Ron & Irina Bragin
Mazal Tov to our nephew Daniel Giloh on your graduation!
We are so proud of you! We love you!
Mazal tov to Cheryl Ibgui on this well-deserved honor!
We are/were lucky to have had all of our children in your class!
Rainbow Eggs, Tzedaka and Degel
will always have a special place in their hearts!
Mazal Tov to Hamid & Mona Rashidi Doust on this honor!
Thank you for all that you do!
Chesky & Rosalee Braunstein
Mazal Tov to all the honorees
on their well-deserved honor.
Kol Hakavod!
Gil & Ilana Goldschein
Thank you to
Eitan Sender
for all of your hard work and dedication
together with the entire Business Office.
Rabbi Sufrin & Amy Kestenbaum
Mazel Tov Cheryl
on a very very well-deserved honor!!!
Our community has benefitted from
your dedication to teaching the Hillel children
for the past 24 years!
Thank you!
Mazel tov to honorees Hamid & Mona.
Elayne & Howard Levkowitz
And all other honored

Rabbi Sufrin
For leading Hillel Hebrew Academy to excellence
To the entire board, staff and administration of the school,
Thank you for all your dedication.
Dovi & Ziva Plattner
Mazal Tov to all the Honorees.
Have a great year, Amy Rofe!
Lori & Rene Rofe
Mazal Tov to all the honorees
on their well-deserved honor.
Kol Hakavod!
The Schoenfeld Family
Mazal Tov and Best Wishes
Tο Our Dear Friend CHERYL IBGUI, 
School Kehilla Educator And Service Honoree.
In recognition of your tremendous dedication,
personal commitment, and tireless efforts
on behalf of Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy.
May Hashem grant you the strength to continue
your work for many years to come.
The Teichman & Fishbein Families
Mazal Tov And Best Wishes To
of Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy for all you do 
on behalf of the community and our children.
May Hashem grant you the strength to continue doing
your great work for many years to come.
The Teichmans
Dear Hamid and Mona, we congratulate you on
this well deserved recognition and thank you
for all the tremendous and charitable support
of our community.
Tizku l'mitzvot.
Dr. Phil & Adi Werthman
Young Israel of Century City 
Joins the community in saluting
Hamid and Mona Rashidi Doust
For all the Chessed and Tzedakah
they constantly perform.
They are an example of all to emulate.
Cheryl Ibgui
For her devotion to the children she teaches.
She inspires them to dream that the sky is the limit.
Special thanks to Rabbi Sufrin and the entire staff
of Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy.
Mazal Tov to the honorees
on this well-deserved honor!
Michael & Nancy Basofin
Mazel tov to the best preschool teacher
in the world!
Cheryl, we are so lucky to have you
in our lives as both an educator
and dear friend.
Much love,
Ilana, Ari, Yonah, Doni,
Zev, and Orly Berenson
Hamid & Mona,
You exemplify humility, commitment, leadership and what it means to give of yourselves wholeheartedly and always with the most genuine smiles. 

Mazal Tov on many years of happy classes for Hillel's youngest students. 
Wishing much continued success to Hillel's very special administration, exemplary faculty and super amazing students. 
Carri Garelick
In honor of Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin
and the Kehillat Hillel for your service
to our community.
Rabbi Baruch Yehuda Gradon
Rosh Kollel
Mazal Tov Mona and Hamid!
We are so privileged to call you our friends.
You are true pillars of the community!
Your friends,
David & Iris Hecht
Dear Mom,
We are so proud of you and know you deserve
this exceptional honor. You have influenced
so many peoples lives, parents and students
with your warm and welcoming personality
and treat every child as they are your own.
We're so proud to say that you are our Mom.
We know there are many more great things
to come in the future.
We love you and this is well deserved!
We are so proud of you!
BJ, Lauren and Elie
Mazal Tov to
Cheryl Ibgui
on her well-deserved honor!
Johnny & Miriam Istrin
In Honor of Rabbi Sufrin
Yasher Koach for all you do
for our grandsons.
Rabbi Alan & Sandy Kalinsky
Our Dear Friends Mona & Hamid, 
We feel privileged being here tonight honoring
such deserving friends. We truly could not think of
another couple who boasts of infinite acts of philanthropy
and generosity. Your dedication and unlimited vision
of striving for excellence for the community and Hillel family
is truly honorable.
We congratulate you and thank you
for being such a great pillar of our community.

Mazal Tov,
Bijan & Camellia Kohan
In Honor of Cheryl Ibgui
and Sandy Reiss
In recognition of all of their dedicated efforts
on behalf of the The Early Childhood Program
at Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy. 
May Hashem reward them with good health and Koach
to always be able to continue their Chesed and Maasim Tovim. 
May they also be blessed with much happiness, fulfillment
and lots of Nachas from their beautiful family IY"H.
Joe & Hana Kornwasser
Mazal Tov Cheryl on this special honor!
My grandchildren were lucky to have you
as their first teacher.
I am lucky to have you as a friend.
Debbie Levovitz
"Smile and the World smiles with you"
You've always had a smile that lights up a room!
This honor deserves to be celebrated.
We see firsthand the way you embrace
every child you meet. Your passion and love for children
is exceptional. You're so fortunate to have
beautiful friendships and we feel so blessed
to have you as our daughter.
Lots of love,
Mom and Dad
Mazal Tov to Hamid & Mona on this well
deserved honor!
Your friendship, warmth and kindness shines
through to the hearts of so many!
We are priveleged to have you in our lives.
Eitan & Hedva Sender
Mazel Tov to Cheryl Ibgui
on this well deserved honor.
Her love and dedication and devotion
to the children she taught at Hillel
the past 25 years were all so lucky!
Mazel tov to this special teacher and person!
Joy and Ron Sentchuk and Families
It is with deep gratitude I thank you for being a light,
not just to the Hillel community but to my family as well.
Your kindness touches everyone you meet.
Hamid and Mona, you embody the real meaning
of success through your love, generosity, compassion, 
and humility. It is an honor to wish you both
a Mazal Tov on this special night. 
Love always,
Miriam Sinai
Mazel Tov Cheryl
on your well deserved honor!
Thank you for all that you do
for Zachary every day!
Max & Yonina Stern
Mazal Tov to all the honorees
on their well-deserved honor.
Kol Hakavod!
The Centurion Group (a private security company)
We are so pleased to be a part of
the Hillel Community!
Mazal Tov to the honorees
on their well deserved recognition,
and to all those who participated
in this beautiful gala.
Nathalie and Rick Wiener
Mazel tov to the
Rashidi Doust's and Cheryl Igbui
on the well deserved honor!
Thank you for all your hard work
and commitment to our school
and our community!
Daniel & Chavi Wintner
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Mazal Tov to all honorees
from the Bollag Family
To our dear daughter Madeleine, For your
entire young life, we had tremendous Nachat
from you. You have all the characteristics of
goodness. You are kindhearted and
compassionate to everyone. You are a terrific
student, your teachers rave about your
accomplishments in school and we are so proud
of you, With Hashem's help, we have confidence
that you will succeed with your
dreams into a successful future.
With all our love, Aba, Mami, Salomon and Emilie
and the entire Bollag and Samouil Family
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To our first and dear grandson, 
Daniel Giloh
We are so proud of you!!!!
It has given us such Nachat to watch you grow 
into the young man that you are .
Hillel had a major part of your upbringing.
Mazal Tov to you and all of your fellow graduates.
We love you !!!
Love, Nana and Saba Vivi 
Mazal Tov to Morah Cheryl!
Haim & Helen Dayan
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To our dearest Daniel Giloh,
From mommy and me to graduation at Hillel! Wow..
what a huge milestone! We are incredibly proud of you and
your achievements, and we wish you the best of luck
in all of your future endeavors!
Mazal Tov to you and all the Hillel graduates of 2018! We have watched you all grow into beautiful young adults!
We love you so much Daniel!!!
!עלה והצלח
Aba, Mom, Ella, Adam and Ozzie 
Mazal Tov to Cheryl on this well deserved honor! 
Sharon & Avida Giloh
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To our dear daughter Kayla,
We are so blessed you are our daughter and to say we are proud of you
is an understatement . We have watched you grow into an amazing young woman. Your strong sense of self and love of family, friends and Hashem
will always guide you. Your kind heart and smile has been "You"  
since you were born. You are beautiful inside and out 
and cherished beyond measure. Mazel Tov on your graduation. 
We love you so much!! 
Mommy and Daddy, Samson, Josh and of course Lilly
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To Our Dearest Ella Mama,
We are extremely proud of the young lady you have become. 
You are kind and sweet. Your humor is subtle and mature,
and you are wise beyond your years. You have come a long
way since your middle child hallway days. We love you and
you will always be our Gus Gus. 
Papa, Mama, Sophia, Max, and Lia
Mazal Tov to Cheryl, so well deserved. Thank you for everything you do for our community and thank you for helping raise our children. We love you.
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Elijah Stern
We are so proud of everything you have accomplished. We are grateful to Hillel, Rabbi Sufrin and all of the administrators and teachers who have supported you throughout the years. They have nourished within you the values, skills and confidence that have helped you mature into an incredible person and mensch. We can't wait to see what comes next. Dream big, stay focused, and never give up.
We love you!
Mom, Dad, Judah and Zoe
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Mazel tov to all of the graduating 8th graders.
We are most proud of our eldest grandson ELIJAH STERN.
Thank you Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
for starting him on his academic journey.
We look forward to his continued success!
With love,
Grandma & Grandpa
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To Our One and Only Daughter and Sister Joelynn,
As this new chapter of life begins for you, we want to say
how proud of you we are as our one and only daughter and sister.
Open your wings and fly high. We wish you happiness, health and success.
Always remember that the sky is the limit!
Mom and Dad, Don, Joey and Jacob
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Our Dearest Leah,
Congratulations on your Graduation! We know that with your hard work
and dedication you can accomplish anything. You're an achiever.
You've made us all proud. Keep up the good work. We love you so much.
As you continue on to high school, remember to always
to Never give up, Be confident, Follow your dreams,
Keep Learning, Be Positive, and Reach for the Stars.
Our best wishes for happiness, good health, success,
and happy long life is yours today, tomorrow, and forever...
Mom, Dad, Jonathan,
Justin, and Kayla Dayani
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We are so very proud of you!
You are an amazing person with many great qualities.
We have all loved watching you become the person you are.
With much love,
Ima, Tattie, Saba, Savta and Rivi
Yossie & Batsheva Frankel
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Dearest Dani,
Take PRIDE in how far you have
come and have FAITH in how far
you can go. We're completely
and totally PROUD of you!
Mazal Tov!
We LOVE you so much!
Papi & Mami
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Mazal tov to our special Yosef on
your graduation!
We love you so much and wish you success in
high school and your bright future.
We are so proud of you.
May Hashem grant you with happiness and
good health.
Love Mom, Dad, Yael, Devorah Yosef, David and Daniel
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Our Dearest Coby,
We are so proud of the young man that you have become
& all your accomplishments. May Hashem continue to bless you
with health, wisdom & clarity, and may He continue to guide you
through the right path. As you continue to succeed in life,
may your connection to Judaism & your connection to Hashem
grow stronger. Never forget who you are, where you come from,
what you believe, and what your values are. We are so proud of you,
and we wish you continued success for all the days of your life.
May we continue to see Nachat from you, and may you always be
a great example to Chole & Elie and to all those around you.
Never forget that you can do anything!
Mazal Tov On your graduation! Onwards and upwards
With Much Love:
Chloe, Elie, Mom & Dad
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Mazal tov to our dearest granddaughter
and the 8th grade class!
Ella Ratner-Stauber, We are very proud of the young woman
you have become , sweet, smart, giving, humble.
Continue to grow on this beautiful path of midot and kindness.
We love u to the moon and back
and will always be here for you.
Proud Grandparents, Nora and Giora Orner
Michelle and Michael Abrishami & Family
Sara and Joel Halpern & Family
Daniel and Cora
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Nathan, We have watched in amazement
as you have grown into the person you are today, and we are watching with great anticipation to see what you become. With your talent and determination, the sky's the limit. Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.
We love you,
Dad, Eden, Nana, Papi and Mom
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Our dear Jacob,
We are so proud and amazed at what a remarkable person you always have been.
You are full of love and respect for your family and everyone in your life. You are responsible, smart, caring, sweet and always eager to do good. Congratulations on all your accomplishments and we wish you continued success
in all your future endeavors.
We have no doubt that you will be successful in the future
and you will be a source of light and goodness in this world.
We love you,
Mom, Dad, Jaden and Charleen
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Where would we be without you Hilly
and your astounding sense of direction?
May that inner wisdom always guide you to the right places.
We are so proud of where you've gone thus far
and look forward to seeing where the road takes you!
We love you!!
Mom, Dad, Sarah & Miriam
Mazal Tov and Yashar Koach to the Hillel class of 2019!
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Our dearest Noah,
Mazal tov on your graduation!!!  We are so proud of you
and all you have already accomplished!  You have grown into
a fine young man, smart, respectful, funny
and most importantly a mensch.  
Wishing you all the best life has to offer.
With all our love,
Maman, Papa, Josh, Ella & your loving grandparents
Mazal Tov Greeting
Yehudit and Mark Garmaise
Ben, Daphna, and David Gerendash
Marcie Meier
Shlomi & Einat Ronen
Itzhak & Yafa Sabag
Dana & Joey Small
The Rose Family
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy