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Mazal Tov to all of the honorees -
Wendy Kellner, Farnaz and David Dayani 
and Miriam and Jonathan Stern.

Congratulations to Hillel's Graduating Class of 2017. 
A special thank you to Rabbi Sufrin
for his tremendous vision, leadership, and dedication.

With appreciation and admiration,
Lauren and Mark Mintz
Samson, Joshua and Kayla 

Mazel tov to all the honorees -

Farnaz & David Dayani
Wendy Kellner
Miriam & Jonathan Stern

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Hillel!

Amy, Mark, Abigail, Emil, Harrison
& Dylan Kestenbaum 
Congratulations to Hillel's well-deserving parent honorees -
Miriam & Jon Stern and Farnaz & David Dayani.

Mazal Tov to Wendy Kellner whose leadership
and love of children inspires us all. 

We are very proud to be a part of the Hillel kehilla 
and wish the graduating class of 2017 lots of good luck.

Gilat & Yossi Englanoff (Hillel Class of 1980)
Justine ('08), Nicole ('08), Jacqueline ('16) and Josh ('22)
Thank you Miriam and Jon Stern
for all of the behind the scenes work
that you do to make our school a leader in its field.

Mazal tov, Wendy, on a well deserved honor
for your years of dedication
to building the Hillel brand, driving growth,
and captaining the Early Childhood division.

Congratulations to the other honorees and to the 2017 graduating class. May you all go on to be leaders
in our community and beyond.

With love and respect,
The Edidin Family
Yvette, Eric, Boaz, Ben, Bria
Mazal tov to 
Wendy Keller
on her deserving honor 
in recognition of her service
and dedication to Hillel
And to 
Farnaz & David and Miriam & Jon 
for all that they do to support Hillel
Gail Katz and Mayer Bick
Aliza, Sophia, Ayala and Sammy

Mazal Tov to 
Farnaz and David Dayani
on this well-deserved honor.

Michael and Ilanit Fallas
Wendy Kellner
We are so incredibly proud of everything that you have accomplished at Hillel. You are an incredible leader at an amazing school, a master educator and a visionary who has fundamentally changed the landscape of Jewish Education
in Los Angeles. 
At the same time, you are the best wife,
Ema and friend.
יישר כוח to the other deserving honorees.
With all of our love and adoration,

Rich, Jaclyn & Adam
Rabbi Sufrin, Rabbi Tsaidi, Mr. Ablin, entire Hillel faculty and administration
Words can't express enough of appreciation
for sacrifices you do for our school and our children. 
We are blessed to have such a caring administration
running our school. Thank you for going out of your way
to make Hillel a happy learning environment for our children. 
Your vision, hard work, and inspirational leadership
are greatly appreciated. 
Farnaz & David Dayani
Congratulations to all the honorees
on this well-deserved honor.
We are so grateful for your tireless commitment to Hillel.
Miriam and Jon,
it is a true honor to be counted as your friends.
You inspire us with your commitment to your community
and are amazed at your ability to do all with such grace.
With so much admiration,
The Frieds
Mazal tov to
Miriam and Jon Stern,
Thank you for all that you do for the school
and our community! You honor us
with your friendship.
Malka and Josh Katzin
It is a privilege to be honored along with
Wendy Kellner and Farnaz and David Dayani,
who epitomize the commitment and values that make Hillel
the school we all cherish.

We extend hakarat hatov to Rabbi Sufrin and Hillel's entire team of educators, staff and volunteer leaders. Our kehillah,
and our children's education,
benefit from your efforts every day!

With gratitude,
Miriam and Jonathan Stern
Elijah, Judah and Zoe

Miriam & Jonathan
Congratulations on being chosen as Honorees!

We are so very proud of your tireless work
and commitment to Jewish Education
and the Jewish community at large.

With love,
Mom & Dad,
Lauren , Jeffrey, Emmy, Stella and Isla Aviva, Jeremy, Ateret, Menachem, Revital and Eliav
To our friends and mentors the Sterns and Wendy,

Thank you for teaching us what real leadership is all about. You have led by example and shown us that to be a leader, you must exemplify caring, passion and stand resolutely for our shared values. We could not have asked for better role models for our community. May you go מחיל אל חיל.
We are eternally grateful to the heroes of Hillel who provide such a wonderful educational environment for our children to grow.
We offer special thanks to Morah Rachel, Morah Esther, Morah Anat, Morah Atara, Ms. Thai, Ms. Kennedy, Rabbi Wagshul, Mrs. Benporat, Mrs. Littman, Morah Lauren, Morah Aurelie, Morah Dinah, Morah Tirtza, Morah Stacey, Morah Allie, Morah Cheryl, Morah Jessica, and all of the staff and administration for taking such great care
of our most precious resource - our children.
Hindi & Adir,
Hillel Students Yitzy, Eitan, Ami,
Ariel, Yair, and soon to be student Yonatan Posy
To Miriam and Jon,

Your community is blessed to have leaders
and role models as yourselves.
Our children are blessed to have you as friends.

Mazel Tov!
Sue and Arnie Garelick
Mazel Tov on a well-deserved honor to our friends, 
Wendy Kellner, Jonathan and Miriam Stern, 
and David and Farnaz Dayani.

Thank you for your dedication
and commitment to the Hillel Kehilla.

Dorit and Harry Nelson
Ami, Noa, Aiden and Leila
I feel truly blessed to be part of such a special community, our Hillel family.  I appreciate being surrounded by an extraordinary group of visionary administrative colleagues, who I also value as friends, world class educators, caring support staff, a fabulous parent body and of course,  the yummiest children ever. I am thrilled to be able to recognize the extraordinary achievements and accomplishments we have accomplished together. A very special mazal tov to Miriam & Jonathan Stern and Farnaz & David Dayani on their exemplary love, dedication and continued commitment to our school.

I am truly grateful to be married to my best friend, the love of my life, Rich. We are blessed to have two incredible adult children, Jaclyn and Adam. My family is my world, and my world is a pretty awesome place because of them.

Morah Wendy Kellner
Congratulations Jon and Miriam on this well deserved honor. Thank you for all that you do for our community.
Carrol and Jack Fenigstein
Mazal Tov to all of our well-deserving honorees -
Wendy, Farnaz & David, Miriam & Jon

Advancing Hillel's Vision is made possible
thanks to special people like you.
With admiration and gratitude,
Carri Garelick
Office of Advancement 
Mazal Tov to all the honorees on their well-deserved honor!
To Wendy Kellner, thank you
for your dedication to our children.
To our friends Miriam and Jon Stern -
thank you for your leadership
and friendship and, most of all,
for bringing Elijah into the world
one grade ahead of Keira
so we can benefit from all your great advice.
Much love and appreciation,
Jackie, Kenny, Keira, 
Gavin & Brandon Deutsch
Congratulations to all the well-deserving honorees
for their involvement in Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy.
A special Mazal Tov to
Miriam & Jonathan Stern.
 May you continue to be at the forefront
of Jewish Education for many years to come.

Alice Schoenfeld
Mazal Tov to all the honorees
on their well-deserved honor.
Kol Hakavod!
Shawn and Deborah Feinblum
It is an honor to work with you as a colleague
and a privilege
to call you a friend.
May you always be blessed
to infuse in others
your passion for educating
and inspiring children.

Mazal Tov!
Farnaz and David

You truly exemplify what it means to be devoted parents,
committed to your children, and always present
to support our school.
Thank you for all that you do
for our Hillel community. 

Mazal Tov!
Miriam and Jon

Your vision and dedication to elevating Jewish
and General studies education for our children
is beyond admirable. 
Thank you for setting the bar high.

Mazal Tov!
Mazal Tov to our ECE director Mrs. Wendy Kellner!

Your talents are endless and your dedication is tireless. Wendy, you have the phenomenal  ability and instinct in leading ECE. You have made a positive impact on Hillel. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for everything
you do for our children.
Congratulation on this well-deserved honor!
Mazal tov to honorees and Hillel parents:
Farnaz & David Dayani, Miriam & Jonathan Stern
Hamid, Mona, Nehorai, Yeshaya & Sarah Rashidi
Hamid, Mona, Nehorai, Yeshaya & Sarah Rashidi
Mazal tov to
Miriam and Jonathan Stern
on all of their accomplishments
and contributions to the community!
Rabbi Joshua and Wendy Heller
Mazal tov on this well deserved honor.
You are a true gem
to the Los Angeles Jewish community. 
Kol HaKavod for all you do.
Jeff Fishman and Larry Gill
Dearest David,
From the moment I met you, I have become a better person. You have taught me so much about life, Judaism and how to be a better human being. Words can not describe how special you are to me. One thing is for sure, my tefilot are different when you are in the minyen. You are a true role model.
Hashem should bless you!
Jessica and Eman Esmailzadeh
Mazal Tov to 
Miriam & Jon
on an honor well deserved.

May Hillel enjoy continued success.

Nelly Kahn
Wendy, We love you! 
Kellners East
Congratulations to all of the amazing honorees,
especially our wonderful friends
Miriam and Jon Stern.
Thank you all so much for your hard work
and dedication to our school.

Rachel and Jon Kessler 

Mazal tov to all the honorees on this well-deserved honor.

Miriam and Jon, we have always been inspired
by your commitment to the LA Jewish community. 
Our grandchildren, at Hillel, are lucky to be beneficiaries
of your incredible work.

Len and Chana Grunstein
Mazal Tov to Wendy and all of the honorees!
Lori Pietruszka & Ronny Sussman
In honor of my dear brother Mehrdad
and his wife Farnaz.
We wish you many years
of good health and success in life.
May you continue to be an inspiration
to the entire community.
Mehran, Sandra and kids
Young Israel of Century City is grateful to Rabbi Sufrin,
Mark Mitz and the entire Hillel administration
and Board for all of the kindness they have shown us
during the construction of our new Shul building. 
We salute Eli Arce and his entire team
for being so welcoming and helpful.
Rabbi Elazar Muskin
Rabbi Joshua Maslow
Gil Goldschein- President
Kathi Barnhard- Chair of the Board
With much gratitude
to our distinguished honorees
for their commitment
to Jewish education.
Ellen & Stuart Pardau
Mazal Tov to all the honorees
on their well-deserved honor.
Kol Hakavod!
Rivkie and Dani Samson
Mazal Tov to all the honorees
on their well-deserved honor. 
Kol Hakavod!
Shirley & Mal Serure
On behalf of Shalhevet High School, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to a member of our own family, Wendy Kellner, for being honored at this year's Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy Scholarship Gala.
As important as the knowledge that our students glean within the classroom 
are the role models
that they encounter along the way, individuals that model the sacred values we seek to impart.
In more ways than one, the Kellners serve as those very role models.  They model the values of chessed and of chinnuch not through lip-service, but through action.  They have given their time, their money, and their energy - in other words, their everything
- to the sacred task of educating the next generation. 
As Director of Early Childhood Education at Hillel, Wendy draws every day upon her academic training, her leadership skills, but above all else, her true love for children.  Any child who has received a kind word or a warm embrace
from Wendy understands this well, and adores her for it. 
Tonight, we join Harkham Hillel in saying Mazal Tov to Wendy 
and to all of the worthy honorees.
 Rabbi Ari Segal              Fred Toczek
Head of School               President

Shalhevet High School
In honor of
Miriam and Jon
and their contribution to Hillel
and the community. 
The Gluckman Family
To Elijah, Judah, and Zoe Stern:
You have amazing parents!!
The Rose Family
Wendy, Mazal Tov!
So well deserved and Mazal Tov
to the other honorees.
The Toczek Family
Dear Wendy,

Congratulations on this great
and well-deserved honor!

All Our Love,
Dad & Shelly
Steven, Vida, Sophia & Matthew
Mazel tov and thank you to Miriam and Jon Stern.
Your vision, time and dedication has made
Hillel a better place for our families. Mazel tov to
Farnaz and David Dayani and Wendy Kellner.
Thank you for all of your hard work!
The Westerman Family and the Mittman Family

Mazal tov to all the honorees on this well-deserved honor.

Miriam and Jon
It's been a pleasure getting to know you through our children,
and seeing such young people make such an impact
on the LA Jewish community. 
May you go from strength and strength.

Ben and Naomi Fried
Mazal Tov to the Honorees!
Bisrat Hashem, may you all continue to do acts of kindness and be an example and inspiration to others. Am Yisrael Chai!
With Warm Regards, Einat and Bernard Hoffman
Bernard Hoffman Family: Apartment Equities, LLC
Bnei Akiva of Los Angeles 
joins the Hillel community in congratulating 
Farnaz and David Dayani, Wendy Kellner,
and Miriam and Jonathan Stern. 
We are so grateful to the wonderful parents and staff of Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy for your inspiring dedication
to our community and to our youth.
May we continue to go together from strength to strength!

Bnei Akiva of Los Angeles
Moshava California
The Dovid Oved Retreat Center

Centurion Group would like to congratulate Hillel's honorees: Miriam and Jonathan Stern, Wendy Kellner, and Farnaz and David Dayani.
We would like to thank the security committee
for their dedication for the security of Hillel. 
Century Group Private Security
Mazal Tov Jon and Miriam

Thanks for being great friends
and for all you do for Hillel.

Chloe and Buddy Brakha
Ilana and Yoni Zadok

האמן נאמן לאומנותו
Just as the true artist is authentically inspired
by their creation, as an educator you are inspired by
a deep sense of purpose and love for your children.

With all our Love and Respect and Gratitude, 
Eli, Yirat, Ilana, Jason, and Yahel
Mazal Tov Miriam and Jon,
May you continue to uplift
and inspire those around you.
Ilana and Gil Goldschein
The Beverly Hilton is proud to be the host
of the Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
Scholarship Gala! 
Mazal Tov to all the honorees
on their well-deserved honor.
Kol Hakavod!
Jason & Lisa Gruenbaum
Dearest Miriam and Jonathan,
You lead by charismatic example, inspiring all of us
with the power of your wisdom and the wisdom of your power.
Mazal Tov to you and all the honorees.
With Love and Admiration, Mom and Dad(z"l)
[Dr. Lynne and Rabbi Zachary Heller (z"l) ]
We are very pleased to honor 
Miriam and Jonathan Stern.

You proudly continue the chain of generations
of both of your families who have served
and enhanced their Jewish communities.  

David and Phyllis Katzin
Mazal Tov to all the honorees
on their well-deserved honor.
Thank you Wendy
for all you bring to Hillel!
Hetty and Gil Melmed
Mazal Tov to 
Miriam and Jon Stern
on this well-deserved award.
We are honored to call you our friends.
All our love,
Michelle and Dan Stone
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees.

We are proud to be a part of the Hillel Community.

Jacob & Lisa Jahan
Pico Cleaners
We join the community in saluting our dear friends
Farnaz and David Dayani
for their monumental dedication to Torah and our community.
Your humility, warmth and dedication
are exemplary for all of us!
שלחו מתם ,איזהו בן העולם הבא, ענוותן ושפל ברך שייף עייל שייף ונפיק
(ולא מחזיק טיבותא לנפשיה    (סנהדרין פח...  
Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Yisraeli
and Westwood Bet Knesset
Mazel Tov to the Honorees. Thank you
for your dedication to our school and our children.

Wendy, we appreciate the boundless commitment 
and guidance you show our children.

Miriam and Jon, you are both dedicated
and loving friends and leaders. Yasher Koach!
Sanam and Seth Egorin
Dearest Miriam and Jonathan,
We are immensely proud of you and your many achievements.
May you continue to go from 'strength to strength'.
All our love,
Sarah and Buddy (Hillel class of 1965)
Bezalel, Deborah and Sam
Noam, Ali and Ori
Rachel, Jeremy and Eden
You have been a partner in so many of our endeavors in Los Angeles. Beyond your lay and professional leadership at all of the schools our children attend, parenting advice and constant friendship - you have always been there with a hug for our girls whenever they needed a little TLC.
Atara & Ari Segal
Mazel Tov to all the honorees:
Fernaz & David Dayani, Wendy Kellner,
and Miriam and John Stern.
It has been an honor and a pleasure to see the time and dedication that you all have graciously and unselfishly donated to our school and our community. Hillel is only a sum of its parts, and you have all truly added such immeasurable value.
We appreciate your dedication and your ability to be role models to all our children! May our community continue
to be enlightened by your presence.
Chavi and Daniel Wintner
& Jennifer and Phillip Wintner
Mazal tov to our Dear
 Farnaz and David Dayani
on this very well-deserved honor. We admire your love, generosity and devotion to Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy, your family, friends and community. May Hashem continue to grant you and your wonderful family with all the blessings life has to offer.
We would also like to congratulate Wendy Kellner, Miriam and Jonathan Stern as tonight's honorees. May you all be blessed to do all that you do
in good health for many years to come. 

Yitzchak, Sarah, Daniel, Aviel,
Aaron and Avigail Yasharpour
To our Dear Son Saul,
 Congratulations on your graduation, 
We are so proud of you
and all of your accomplishments!

May you be blessed with health, happiness success, and may you always continue to be the kind and caring person as you are, never change your positive and full of energy attitude! 
Wish that you continued success in High School
and all of your future endeavors. 

WE LOVE YOU! Mommy, Aba And Brother Noam

רבי שמעון אומר
שלושה כתרים הם: כתר תורה וכתר כהונה וכתר מלכות
וכתר שם טוב עולה על גביהן
Mazal Tov to Rebecca Ateret Cohen
Mommy and Leah
Saba and Savta
Uncle Micha, Aunt Natalie,
Annaelle, Assaf, Ayelet, and Amiad
Uncle Isaac and Aunt Laura

Dear Sara,
     We are so proud of the responsible, beautiful smart young lady you have become. Take advantage of all you could be. Nothing is out of your reach. We love that you spend so much time at our home even though it is really only to hang out with Lilly. We wish you all the success and happiness that life has to offer.
Love ,
Uncle Mark, Aunt Lauren, Samson, Joshua and Kayla
You did it, Eden! We are so proud of you! You have accomplished so much and have inspired us with your high goals and hard work. Keep moving "Forward,"
and you can get anywhere from here.
There are many special and wonderful things in store for your future. We can't wait to see where your road leads. Remember to always do your best and know you can do anything. We will ALWAYS be here for you and love you always! May Hashem continue to bless you and our family with great things.
Dad, Mom, Nathan, Nana and Papi
Mazal Tov to our Dear son and brother Omer,
We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments!
May you be blessed with health, happiness,
lasting friendships and success in everything you do.
All our love,
Abba, Ema, Noam and Hadar Abukrat
Dearest Bella, we could not be more proud of the wonderful, kind and smart young lady
you have grown into. You make us, your family and your friends proud!
Much love always, Mommy, Abba, Sami and Elisheva 

To my darling granddaughter Bella, you are truly one of the lights of my life. Wishing you
a joyful and wonderful life together with your parents and beautiful sisters.
Love Bubbie
Mazal tov Bella! We love you!!
Liza Meni Moshe Leah Elisha and Ari

Mazal Tov and Congratulations to our dearest niece
and cousin Bella Ferszt on your graduation! We are all so very proud of you!
Love, Tzvika & Rivkal'e, Abe, Racheli, Talya and Roni Ferszt

Congratulations darling Bella! We love you and are so proud of all your fanatic accomplishments!! 
All our love, Dovid, Sarale, Ella, Mendel, Chaim and baby Isaac

Congratulations Bella!! We are so proud of you and know this is only the
beginning of much more to come!    
      Love Natan, Moussie, Bella, and Dovid
Ferszt Family
To Our Dear Etai,
We love you so much and are so proud
of the amazing young man you have grown into!
You are a wonderful son and grandson, a good friend,
and a talented musician and artist.
We are all excited to see the great things
that are sure to come from you!
May Hashem always keep you safe
and close to Him, and may you be blessed
with success in every area of your life.
We believe in you!!
All our love,
Saba Lulu, Safta Mira, Aba, Ima, Lior Solly, Daniel, and Ezra
Shmuel (ניסים שמואל),
 שמר תם וראה ישר כי אחרית לאיש שלום
(תהילים, לז:לז)
Observe the perfect and watch the upright,
for there is a destiny for the man of peace. (Psalms, 37:37)
All who know you will recognize you in this pasuk. We are so proud of the man you are becoming. May you be blessed with successes large and small, in high school and beyond.
Aba, Ima, Yonina, Zack and Cameron
Congratulations on your many
academic achievements.
I wish you lots of success
in your future endeavors.
With much love,
To our dear, sweet Sarah,
We hope and pray that your hard work & perseverance
bring you much success in life!
We love you!
Mom, Dad, Hilly & Miriam
And a big Mazal Tov to all the graduates!
Mazel tov, Shmuel Kligman.
We are all proud of you and your accomplishments.
Wishing you hatzlacha in your high school.
Zaidy Kligman and your Aunts, Uncles and Cousins:
The Lezaks, the Siegels, and The Kligmans
Congratulations our dear Abigail!
We are proud of you, we love you. 
The Shafa Family
Mazal Tov to 
Rebecca Cohen
on her graduation!
From Grandma and Zaydie Cohen,
and with love from Dad, Aunt Debbie
and her cousins, Aunt Raichel
and the Harazis, and Uncle Ben
Shmuel Nissim,
Mazal tov on your graduation!
The King and Levine Families
Abby Yasgur & Joe Lipner
Beth Jacob Kiddush Club
Aron and Dalia Youngerwood - Fans of Hillel and its honorees
Jon Freedberg
Howard and Gity Gluck
Rabbi Mel and Annette Gottlieb
Moshe & Karen Graber
Hebrew Union College
Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Herman
Dodie and David Herskovitz
Einat & Bernard Hoffman
Melissa and Saul Ives
Jeremy Mittman
Jordana Flores
June Stern
Lauren Applebaum and Sivan Zakai
Elana Makovsky Parver
Mazel Tov Aunt Miriam and Uncle Jon Love Emmy, Stella & Isla
Chavee and Vic Mellon
Morrie Seidler
Nava and Amitai Raziel
Chelsea, Matthew, Brandon and Alexandra Schames
Sharon & Michael Bacharach and Natalie Weiss & Aaron Willis
Julie and Robin Shaw
Morris and Sharon Silver
Boruch Sufrin
Rabbi Sufrin
Rabbi Sufrin
Rabbi Sufrin, Mintz, Kestenbaum
Rabbi Sufrin, Mintz, Kestenbaum
Rabbi Sufrin, Mintz, Kestenbaum
Tanya & Raviv Surpin
Paul Venze
Yasmine and Shervin Louie