Mr. Binyamin Senter
Alumnus of the Year
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Binyamin Senter is a graduate of Heichal HaTorah, Class of 18. During his four years at Heichal he was known as a young man of fine midos, who devoted his entire four years to growing in Torah learning. Binny was both a star on the court and a leader among his peers. After one year in Kerem B'Yavneh, Binny returned to Heichal to be part of the original group of talmidim at the Heichal Bais Medrash. Binny is very proud of his parents, Rabbi Daniel and Jodi Senter, and his brothers and sisters, including Rabbi Zev Senter, Heichal Rebbe, and his grandparents,Rabbi and Mrs. Zacharia Senter and Mr. Harvey & Mrs. Carol Granoff.
Scott & Chedva Rothenberg
Moshe Don and Elisheva Kestenbaum
Binyomin and Bracha Wilhelm
Congratulations to all the honorees on their well deserved honors
Rabbi Sam & Mrs. Lorraine Vogel
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Aryeh Stechler, the Frohlichs, Genacks, & Binyamin Senter
May you go from Chayil to Chayil
Kansas Granoffs
Rabbi Zev & Nechama Senter
Avi and Shira Heller
Malkie and Dovid Kosowsky
Mazel Tov to the honorees on their tremendous contributions to Heichal HaTorah. Thanks to Heichal for all they have done for our boys. Malkie and Dovid Kosowsky
Tsvi and Sara Zilberstein
Mazal tov to the honorees
and with gratitude to the Heichal administration and teachers

Tsvi and Sara Zilberstein
Avi & Elka Epstein
Chanie & Steven Zimerman
Yitz & Yaffy Buchen
With הכרת הטוב to Rav Stechler Mazel Tov to Binny Senter May you continue מחיל אל חיל! Yitz & Yaffy Buchen
Yosi & Melanie Niazoff
Rabbi H Senter
In honor of our grandson Binyamin, " May you continue to grow in עמו"ש
מידות טובות + תורה. We are so proud of you.
הצלחה רבה
Zayda & Savta Senter
Yaakov and Norma Mintz
Jonathan, Elana, Shmuel and Gavriel Kaplan
Carol Gutman
Ronn and Rayzel Yaish
Aaron & Rochel Savetsky
Congratulations to all the honorees on their well deserved honors
Carol and Harvey Granoff
Yehuda and Mimi Seif
Mordechai Buchen
Moshe Giloni
Michal and Ari Zahtz
Tzippy & Mark Staum
Mazel Tov to all the honorees, especially our dear friends, Aliza & Jonathan Frohlich. Your dedication is admirable
Rivka and Michael Zauderer Zauderer
Yudi & Andria Rosenbaum
Dear Great Nephew Binyamin - I see now that everyone calls you Binny. I was the first one to do so and now they all know you as such....
Yair Wasserman
Congregation Bnai Yeshurun - Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
Congratulations to all the honorees on their well deserved honors
Eliza and Moshe Skoczylas
Congratulations to all the honorees on their well deserved honors
Alissa and Asher Na
Mazel Tov to our dear friends Aliza and Jonathan Frohlich. You are a most deserving couple, so dedicated to Heichal and the Jewish Community. Alissa & Asher
Yechiel and Sara Engel
Sarita & Ruben Gober Sarita & Ruben Gober
Thank you to the administration, staff and faculty for all you do on a daily bases!
Avi and Deniera Goldenberg
In gratitude to each the honorees for all they have done and given for Heichal HaTorah and the Jewish community
Each family - the Genacks, the Frohlichs, the Rozehzadehs and the Senters - in their own way has made involvement in tzorchei tzibbur a paramount priority in their personal lives and have each been magnificent shluchei d'Rachama

In gratitude to the care and devotion of all of Heichal HaTorah's excellent faculty and administration -- starting from Rabbi Stechler and Rabbi Avishur and all of Yaakov's rebbeim and teachers -- who have carried out a terrific challenge with enviable aplomb, energy and dedication

In honor of the great boys of Heichal who have been models of character and perseverance through this crisis, and their parents, who have been the models for the models,

Thank you and Mazel Tov!
Moshe and Tammy Greenberg
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