Our Co-Chairs
"It is truly a meaningful time for our community when two Jewish agencies that have performed incredible services over the years join together to form an even stronger, more vibrant agency with an all-encompassing mission.  We are delighted to invite you to this wedding celebration as we look forward to the benefits that will accrue to our community in the years to come. We hope to see you there!!"
Sharon Sock
Event Chair
Peri Ann Aptaker
& Robert Lieberman
Host Committee Co-Chairs
Judy & Arthur Robbins
Host Committee Co-Chairs
Our Committees
Event Committee
Sharon Sock, Event Chair
Mitzi Berkelhammer
Elaine Budish
Geraldine Foster
Jim Galkin
Marisa Garber
Myrna Levine
Angela Libman
Scott Libman
Maybeth Lichaa
Bonnie Ryvicker
Niecie Weiner
Rachel Mersky Woda
May-Ronny Zeidman
Host Committee
Judy and Arthur Robbins, Host Committee Co-Chairs
Peri Ann Aptaker and Robert Lieberman, Host Committee Co-Chairs
Aaron M. Albert
Susan and David Bazar
Mitzi and Bob Berkelhammer
Avital Chatto
Barbara and Edward Feldstein
Gail and Jim Galkin
Marisa Garber and Dan Gamm
Rabbi Andrea Gouze
Adam Greenman
Elisa and Barney Heath
Amanda and Jeremy Isenberg
Jane and Alan Jacober
Deborah Mandell and David Farmer
Erin and David Minior
Jill and Jeff Padwa
Myrna K. and Harris N. Rosen
Bonnie Ryvicker
Mindy and Andrew Stone
Niecie Weiner
Rachel Mersky Woda and Craig Woda

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