Our Honorees
JCS is pleased and honored to recognize the exemplary dedication and leadership of our JCS Past Present Future Gala honorees.
The Maurice Glicksman Leadership Award
The Maurice Glicksman Leadership Award is given annually to an individual who demonstrates the leadership qualities exemplified by Dr. Glicksman (z’l), who served as President of JSA from 2000 to 2003.
Since 2003, the award has recognized and honored an exceptional individual for his or her continuing commitment to the Jewish elderly in Rhode Island, made known publicly the qualities valued by the agency in its volunteers, and stimulated the awardee and others to new and continued service.
The legacy of this award is being preserved through the newly formed entity of Jewish Collaborative Services (JCS), the combined agency of JSA and JFS. 
Award Recipient – Vince Mor
Dr. Vincent Mor is the Florence Pirce Grant Professor of Community Health in the Brown University School of Public Health and a senior health scientist at the Providence VA Medical Center.He initially got involved in the Jewish Seniors Agency shortly after the closure of the Jewish Home during a time when there was active debate about what role the agency should have in the community, whether there was a role for Jewish Elder Care and whether that should be with bricks and mortar or an expansion of the JERI visitation program. It was a frustrating time of inaction until Maurice Glicksman applied his significant energy and devotion to the task of creating what is now Tamarisk, the jewel in the crown of aging services operated by the combined Jewish Collaborative Services.  In many respects, the renewed energy and purpose of the JCS is what Maurice would have seen as the end goal of all the efforts to bring the Jewish Home corporation into the new world of creating community where it is found.  
The Ruth and W. Irving Wolf Jr. Award for Multigenerational Philanthropy 
The Ruth and W. Irving Wolf Jr. Award for Multigenerational Philanthropy was designed to commemorate the example the Wolf’s set in tikkun olam- strengthening our community, and in passing that commitment on from one generation to the next. The goal of this award - to recognize leadership families who commit themselves to leaving this world a little better than they found it.
Award Recipient: The Isenberg Family
The Isenberg family has a long philanthropic history in Rhode Island and JFS has been a fortunate recipient of their generosity over the years.  The family patriarch, David C. Isenberg, of blessed memory, was not only a generous donor but also provided the agency with a magnificent venue for a fundraising event at his home in Jamestown. His daughter-in-law, Amanda Isenberg, served on the JFS board for many years and successfully changed the landscape during her tenure as President, reinvigorating the board with a new generation of young and engaging directors.  Amanda and her husband Jeremy continue to be strong supporters of the agency. Sophie Isenberg, their daughter, has followed in the steps of her grandfather and mother by donating her birthday gifts to the agency to be given to children in need.   
The Isenberg family has instilled the philosophy of compassion, altruism, and goodwill within their family.  They embody the spirit of the Wolf award through their generations of exceptional and consistent commitment to the mission of JFS (and now JCS) through both philanthropy and advocacy.
Honoring the JCS Partnership Committee
This wedding will honor six individuals who were instrumental in the formation of JCS. 
These individuals, all members of the JCS Board of Directors, worked tirelessly as a persistent team to preserve and protect the best of JFS and JSA to create JCS, which is bigger than the sum of its parts.
Partnership Committee:
Marisa Garber
Amanda Isenberg
Myrna S. Levine
Richard A. Licht
Jeffrey M. Padwa, Esq.
Mindy Stone
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