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Jane Taubenfeld Cohen
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Jane Taubenfeld Cohen has spent her career building excellence in Jewish day schools aPhoto of Jane Taubenfeld Cohennd in training their leaders, administrators and educators. She recently completed two years of work at Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools, where she was part of the merger that formed Prizmah and served as the Vice President of School Services and the Dean of the Leadership Academy. She is currently the senior mentor for JTS’s Day School Leadership Training Institute and a mentor in that organization’s leadership programs. Jane previously headed the Yeshiva University School Partnership, and prior to that engagement, she founded and was Head of School for 22 years at South Area Solomon Schechter Day School in Stoughton.
For many years, Jane has championed efforts to make the Jewish community—and Jewish day schools in particular—more inclusive. She passionately believes that every child is created in G-d’s image, and this conviction guided her leadership of the South Area Solomon Schechter school.  In 2006, Jane received a Covenant Award for her work in creating a “culturally receptive,  differentiated teaching model and a supportive, skills-rich environment” where students with learning challenges were “embraced and inspired to achieve their fullest potential.” She was instrumental in building the Jewish Special Education Collaborative (JSEC), which later led to the founding of Gateways: Access to Jewish Education.
Jane has continued her inclusion work through Prizmah by strongly advocating with school  leaders to create cultures in which all students thrive.  She works to enhance school professionals’ practice by teaching them to leverage their unique talents and skills and draw upon their true individual styles to tap into the authentic culture and beauty of each school. She encourages leaders to commit to reflective practice, focus on values, care and nurture a strong team and  build a clear sense of vision.
Today, Jane sees the potential to include more children, empower more voices and grow the day school community by meeting the needs of more students.
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