Leadership Circle
Mazel Tov to the Honorees
Leadership Circle
Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Leadership Circle
Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Vivian and Daniel Bernstein
Leadership Circle
Dear Suzanne and Richie,
Congratulations on being honored
with Schechter Manhattan's Vision in Leadership Award!
We are thrilled to be part of this celebration in your honor.
We Know that the School will always be grateful
for your kindness, wisdom and generosity.
Suzanne, as the former Schechter Manhattan board chair, we also would like to thank
your family for giving up all those mornings and evenings for meetings
and conference calls, and all those hours you spent on behalf of SSSM.
Best wishes and our most sincere thanks,

Susan and Marty
Leadership Circle
In Tribute to Our 2019 Honorees For Their Dedication
To the Success of the Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan:
Cantor Nancy Abramson,
Suzanne Katz and Richard Friedman 
and Ariel Kaminsky
We are proud to be part of this wonderful community.
 Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Elaine and Ronald Morris
Leadership Circle
We are grateful! 
To Suzanne and Richie for your friendship
and your powerful commitment to leadership
To Nancy for being a pacesetter and training
the next generation of musical leaders
To Ariel for making Schechter Manhattan's promise real in the world 
To Rena, Jennifer, Sarit Randi, the Gala/Auction Committees,
Eric and Debby for making this happen

To Ben, the ELT, our kids' teachers, and the whole team
at Schechter Manhattan for creating
such an amazing place for our family 
Julie Sissman and Phil Richter
Kol Hakavod to the Honorees
Natasha Labovitz
Mazel Tov to all of the honorees

Our special school is honored and lucky
to have the support of special people like you!

Rena Cole & Ephie Bernstein 
Mazel Tov to the Honorees
Diane and Howard Cole
Kol HaKavod to Cantor Nancy Abramson
and the other deserving honorees on behalf of
The Jewish Theological Seminary.
Michelle and Marc Gary


Henry & Karen Glanternik
Kol HaKavod to the honorees
Carol Kekst
Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Sharon and Phil Gross
Mazel Tov to
Cantor Nancy Abramson
and Ariel Kaminsky

on your well-deserved awards
We are honored to share this simcha with you
Thank you to all of the teachers, administrators, staff, parents, trustees,
and committee members who help bring
a Schechter Manhattan education to life
for our children each day. We are grateful
for your dedication, and feel blessed to be part of
this community we so love. 
Suzanne Katz and Richie Friedman
Kol HaKavod to Suzanne Katz and Richie Friedman
on this well deserved honor.
Your leadership is an inspiration to our community.
 Kol HaKavod to Cantor Nancy Abramson
 We are lucky to have you in our lives.
Kol HaKavod Ariel Kaminsky.
 You truly represent the best of Schechter Manhattan

Nan and Howard Rubin
Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Randi and David Sultan
Gala Partner
Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Mimi and Barry Alperin
Gala Partner
Kol Hakavod to all of the honorees
for your inspiration and leadership.

Todah Rabah to the teachers, administration and staff
for giving our children an education full of inquiry,
chesed, and joy. 

Rachel Mann and Joshua Rosenblatt
Bella, Ruby, and Louisa
Gala Partner
We are Proud to celebrate Schechter Manhattan on 23 years
of providing an outstanding Jewish Day School Education
Kol HaKavod to
Suzanne Katz, Richie Friedman,
Cantor Nancy Abramson and Ariel Kaminsky 
on their well deserved honors.
Harriet and Leonard Mayer
Gala Partner
Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Carol and Jon Rosenblatt
Gala Partner
Gala Partner
Mazel Tov 
Suzanne Katz and Richie Friedman
Thank You for All You Do!

 Kol HaKavod  
Cantor Nancy Abramson
and Ariel Kaminsky
Ilana and Skip Vichness
Mazel Tov to all the Honorees
A special yascher koach to
Cantor Nancy Abramson
& Ariel Kaminsky
Wishing Schechter Manhattan
continued success!
Alan, Laurie and Aliza Dien Yaillen
Mazal tov Richie, Suzanne,
Nancy, and Ariel! 
Many thanks as ever to Ben Mann
and the Schechter faculty, and Julie Sissman
and the Schechter trustees,
for continuing to support
and strengthen the school we love
Elisheva Urbas and David Morris
Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Patricia and Alan Davidson
Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Pat and Jim Fingeroth
Kol HaKavod to the honorees
on their well-deserved honors.
Lilly and David Icikson
We Join Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan in honoring 
Cantor Nancy Abramson
and her fellow honorees.
 !כל הכבוד
Dana and Joseph Kekst
Congratulations to
all the Outstanding Honorees
Francine and Samuel Klagsbrun
In honor of
Suzanne and Richie 
whose contributions are always delivered
with a smile.
Rav Nachman of Bratslav said
"Who Gives Charity with a Smile
is Truly a Righteous Person"
Mazel Tov,
Eileen and Jerry Lieberman
Mazal Tov to 
Suzanne, Richie and Nancy
Your commitment to our school
and the larger Jewish community
is inspiring.
Rachel and Brian Lustbader
Mazal tov to the honorees, 
with extra-special acknowledgement
to our dear friends
Suzanne and Richie. 
You are true, humble,
and effective Jewish community leaders.
Sarah Klagsbrun and Eric Weinstein
Kol HaKavod to
Suzanne Katz and Richie Friedman
on this well deserved honor.
Your leadership is an inspiration to our community
and we treasure our friendship.
Kol HaKavod to
Cantor Nancy Abramson and Ariel Kaminsky.
Andrea Brustein and Michael Firestone
Kol HaKavod
Cantor Nancy Abramson 
and to
Suzanne Katz and Richard Friedman
For all the wonderful things you do
for the school and the community
Freema Gluck
Mazel Tov to the Honorees
Suzanne Katz and Richie Friedman
Vision in Leadership Award
Cantor Nancy Abramson
Pacesetter Award
Ariel Kaminsky
Alumni Leadership Award
Alison & Alan Levine
Jewish music and Jewish education
have been my professional passions.
Thank you to the SSSM community for this Honor!
Mazal Tov to my fellow honorees,
Suzanne Katz, Richard Friedman
and Ariel Kaminsky.
 Cantor Nancy Abramson
& Mitch Glenn
Richie Friedman & Suzanne Katz
As with every other organization you both touch,
with your vision and leadership, you have taken
Schechter Manhattan to even greater heights
than could ever be imagined
We are Inspired by your Leadership
​​​& We are Blessed by your Friendship
Mazal Tov to our good friend Cantor Nancy Abramson
         We are honored by your friendship 
As one of the five original Founders of Schechter Manhattan,
it is with great pride that we recognize
the extraordinary transformative school it has become
- a school we could only have dreamed about 
Dr. Hugh & Martha Pollack
Mazal Tov to our dear friends Suzanne Katz and Richie Friedman and congratulations to the administration, faculty,
and staff of Schechter Manhattan for another wonderful year.
Thank you for all you do to strengthen our community.
Rabbi Rachel Ain, Rabbi David Levy,
Jared Levy & Zachary Levy
Mazal Tov & Thank You to Suzanne & Richie
You have set an amazing example for Caleb & Nathaniel --
our next generation of leaders. Your devotion and dedication
to Schechter Manhattan has kept alive the vision
for our outstanding school! 
Mazal Tov to Cantor Nancy Abramson --
a strong and passionate advocate for our Movement
and for the future of the Jewish people.
With our gratitude, 
Dr. Jane Davidson & Rabbi Larry Sebert
May Hashem bless the honorees
and Solomon Schechter Manhattan
on this beautiful evening and always.
Love to all from
Ella and Joseph Rosenbaum in the Gan
Good leadership
is a rare natural resource
Chancellor Emeritus Ismar Schorsch
Kol HaKavod to the honorees
on their well-deserved honors.
Marlene Noveck and Steve Goldstein
Full Page
Kol Hakavod to our Ramah Berkshires President 
Richie Friedman 
and to Schechter Manhattan Past President
Suzanne Katz
For their leadership and vision
For their dedication and tireless efforts on behalf of our children   
What a Dynamic Duo !!

The Board of Trustees & Advisory Council
Camp Ramah Berkshires
Full Page
Full Page
We Gratefully acknowledge
the support received from the
Fund For Jewish Education
Sponsored by
Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Life Monument Funds, Inc.
and UJA Federation of New York
Full Page
Dear Ariel,
Congratulations on being honored with
the SSSM Alumni Leadership award!
We are so proud of you!
 The Class of 2011
 Ariel C., Hayley, Hilit, Jordan, Keren, Lauren, 
Michaela, Rebecca, Ronit, Talia, and Yael
Full Page
"The wave of song carries the soul to heights
which utterable meanings never reach."
Abraham Joshua Herschel

With deep admiration for
Cantor Nancy Abramson,
gifted leader, teacher and friend. 
Marcia and Geoffrey Colvin
Full Page
Suzanne and Richie, 
Thank you for your tireless efforts
on behalf of Schechter Manhattan.
Your passion and commitment have been an inspiration.
Thank you for your friendship.
It started when our boys began kindergarten,
and it will last well beyond our children's Schechter years.
Mazal tov! Mazel tov to the honourees.
Andrea and Jonathan Feldman
Full Page
In honor of the teachers, administrators
and Board of Schechter Manhattan.  
We - children and parents -  
are the beneficiaries
of your caring and generosity.   
Sally Gottesman
Full Page
To Suzanne & Richie L'dor V'dor
With grateful appreciation for your tireless efforts
to pass forward
our enduring Jewish heritage and traditions.
Mazal Tov on this wonderful honor!
We are so proud of you and we love you!
Mom, Michelle, Adam, Isabel, Jacob, Dad,
Floura, Steven, Bracha, Moshe and Sarah
Full Page
Mazal tov to Richie Friedman and Suzanne Katz
and to Cantor Nancy Abramson.
Your support of our school over and the Jewish Community
at large over the years is an inspiration to us all!!
We are so proud of Ariel Kaminsky, our honored alumna,
for her contributions to the community. You make us proud!!
Continue your good work!!
Ben, Gary, Shira, Ruthi and Deanna
Full Page
To our Dedicated Colleagues-  
We feel privileged to work with you
and watch how you skillfully guide, support,
and nurture our students every day. 
Thank you for making Schechter Manhattan
the great place of learning and work that it is.
Ben, Gary, Shira, Ruthi and Deanna

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אין העולם מתקיים אלה בשביל הבל תינוקות של בית רבן
The world would not exist without the breath of children
in a place of Jewish learning.
    תודה רבה
Suzanne & Richie
For their continual support of Schechter Manhattan 
& Camp Ramah in the Berkshires 
In Honor of our
Solomon Schechter Manhattan Family
Louisa Rosenblatt
Benjamin Mann
Barbara & Charlie Mann
Full Page
To Our Own Ariel Kaminsky,
Congratulations on your receiving
the Schechter Manhattan Alumni Leadership award.  

We are so proud of all that you have accomplished
and continue to accomplish!!
Here is hoping that you always fly
as high as "Freddy", that famous flying pig. 
So happy to be spending tonight celebrating with you.

Susan Lorin and Marty Kupferberg
Full Page
Mazal Tov all of the honorees
and this incredible institution!
  Jeff Buslik, Adams
& Company Real Estate, LLC
Full Page
Kol HaKavod to the Honorees
Salomon, Eli and Joy Harari
Full Page
Full Page
Schechter Manhattan gratefully acknowledges
the Legacy Heritage Names, Not Numbers© program
at our school. This inter-generational program provides
an opportunity for our 8th grade students to learn about
the Holocaust directly from survivors 
who experienced its horrors.

Please join us: Wednesday, May 22 for the screening
of this documentary film, as well as the presentation
of the book Pathways to a Future: Memories and Lessons
from the Shoah, both created and produced by our 8th graders
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Congregation Shaare Zedek 
extends a heartfelt mazal tov to
Richie Friedman and Suzanne Katz
for the leadership, dedication, and care that they have shown
over many years to their school, shul, and camp communities.
May the Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan
be blessed as we have by their loyal commitment
to the communities they call home.

With gratitude,
Andrea Brustein and Michael Firestone, Efrem Epstein, Barbara Friedland and Josiah Gluck, Fanny Freund, Darcy Fryer, Rabbi Jonah Geffen and Julia Mannes, Sherry Glied and Richard Briffault, Daniel Goldberg, Lianna Levine Reisner and Elnatan Reisner, Sara Marks, Larry and Barbara Migdal, Marlene Noveck and Steve Goldstein, Roz and Buz Paaswell, Daria Pennington and Danny Ripps, Adena Rosenthal and Scott Weinberg, Russell Steinthal and Emma Haddad, Katja Vehlow and Jeff Weinstein,
and Adam Wallach and Sofia Hubscher
Half Page
Mazal Tov to dear friends and colleagues on the love
and respect of the SSSM community. And with great support
for the many Ansche Chesed children who learn Torah,
Derekh Eretz, Hebrew, English, STEAM and PE
at this wonderful school!
Rabbi Yael Hammerman ,Hazzan Natasha Hirschhorn 
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky
Ansche Chesed
Half Page
Half Page
To our friend, Cantor Nancy Abramson,
with love and appreciation
for our many years of friendship.
Mazal Tov on this well-earned recognition
of your leadership,
hard work, and devotion to Jewish education.
Dr. Steven and Diane Eidman,
Thomas Cohen and Elisa Singer,
and Carrie Stieglitz Grun
Half Page
Suzanne and Richie, Kol Hakavod!
We are so proud of both of you
and your tireless contribution
to the Jewish community.
Thank you for carrying on
our parents'/grandparents' legacy.
We love you!
Lis, Jeff, Naomi, Adam, Steven
and Dinknesh Friedman Family
Half Page
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Kol HaKavod to Howard Rubin
Amy and Howard Friedner
Half Page
Honoring Nancy Abramson
for her extraordinary leadership and commitment to
the present and future of our communal voice.
You are an inspiration. 

Laurie and Maury Harris
Half Page
Suzanne and Richie - Kol Hakavod to a very special couple.
Mazal Tov on this well deserved honor.
We admire, support, and are SO proud of you! All our love!
From the Ramah families of:
Beth Berkowitz and Josh Henkin
Lisa Hirsch and Ben Tannin
Janice and Matt Tannin
Sarah and Jeremy Sokolic
Mindy and Fred Miller
Sofia Hubscher and Adam Wallach
Half Page
Mazal Tov to 
Suzanne & Richie
on a VERY well deserved honor.
The Conservative Movement is lucky
to have your dedication and time!
Rob & Judy Hirsch
Half Page
Half Page
 "Educate children in the way they should go;
when they grow old, they won't depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6

Best wishes to the awardees and the faculty
and administration of Schechter Manhattan
Carol K. Ingall
Half Page
מזל טוב
Cantor Nancy Abramson
מחיל לחיל
Ronnie and David Parker
Half Page
Half Page
Kol HaKavod to the honorees
on their well-deserved honors.
Harriet and Joel Shaiman
Half Page
Cantor Nancy,
We are so lucky to have you in our lives -
then, now and forever.

Suzanne & Richie,
We offer gratitude to you for your year-round efforts
that create excellence at SSSM and CRB.

And a shout-out to Ben Mann -
CRB Bass player extraordinaire.

With love,
Heidi, Rob, Michael & Max Silverstone xo 
Half Page
Kol HaKavod to
Suzanne and Richie
and to
Cantor Nancy Abramson
Sue Och & Cantor Brian Kalver
Half Page
Ariel Akabas Kaminsky
You touch the hearts of everyone around you
with your jubilance, caring, bountiful humor
and gentle kindness.
Though we may not tell you,
we often tell others
how marvelous you really are! 
With Pride and Joy we extend you our hearty Congratulations!
Mazel Tov to all the honorees.
Love from the entire family
Half Page
אל תקרי בניך אלא בוניך 
Do not read banayikh, your children
but bonayikh, your builders.
Brachot 64a
To Richie and Suzanne,
It is no surprise to us that you both would be honored
for all you have done to help build this school,
and other Jewish organizations, so that the next generation
of children can be the future builders of our world. 
The Gold, Sider, and Rosenfeld Families
Half Page
Mazel Tov to
Suzanne and Richie
on this well deserved honor,
as well as to all of the honorees. 

May you go from strength to strength. 
The Leventhal Kauderer Family
Half Page
A hearty Mazel Tov, 
with much love, to Nancy Abramson!
Sue, Howard, Adam and Sara
Half Page
Mazal Tov to all the honorees!
Congratulations to Jennifer Abrams
and her committee
on another successful gala!
Susanne and Mel Young
Tribute Listing
In honor of fifth grader Samuel Abrams
Gala Co-Chair Jennifer Abrams
Israella and Howard Abrams

Kol HaKavod Suzanne, Richie and Cantor Nancy --
thank you for everything you do for our wonderful school!
Toda raba to the administration and teachers!
Alana Stevens and Asaf Kastner

Kol HaKavod to our beloved Cantor Nancy Abramson!
Barbara Weinstein & Lou Bernstein
Tribute Listing
In Honor of Cantor Nancy Davidson
With Love from
Joanne, Gaby, Deborah and Joshua

To Suzanne and Richie --
Mazal tov --   Thank you for all that you do for Schechter Manhattan
and the Jewish people!  You are amazing role models.

Elisa Marcus and Dror Bikel

Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Jennifer Rosenberg and Gil Israeli
Tribute Listing
Congratulations Cantor Abramson
on this well deserved honor.
The Harrow family will always be your groupies.
Ellen and Bill Harrow

Mazel Tov to Schechter Manhattan Faculty
for continually leading the way in extraordinary education! 
Special Mazel Tov to Ariel Kaminsky -
2019 Alumni Leadership Awardee
Said, Ellen, Leila and Tammi Hawa

Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Judy Margolin, Ayelet, Jonah and Seth Schwartz
Tribute Listing
In honor of Jennifer and Sammy Abrams.
Jake Young and Jocelyn and Zach Kolkin

Dear Ariel,
One of your oldest friends and one of your newest friends
would like to congratulate you on receiving
the SSSM Alumni Leadership Award.
Lauren Kupferberg and Ianne Sherry

Dear Suzanne and Richard,
Congratulations on this well-deserved honor.
Schechter is very lucky to have you and your family.
Alon, Luciana, Beni and Roni Lederman
Tribute Listing
In Honor Of Cantor Nancy Abramson
Cantor David Lipp, Congregation Adath Jeshrun

Mazal Tov to Richie, Suzanne and Nancy
You are wonderful models to us
all of commitment to quality Jewish education.
Rabbi Neil and Alisa Rubin Kurshan

Mazal Tov to Cantor Nancy Abramson
on this well deserved honor.
Joan and Paul Schreiber
Tribute Listing
Mazal Tov, Nancy. "Though we deal with things, we live in deeds."
- AJ Heschel. You are inspirational! Love - The Rutman Family

Congratulations to Rich and Suzanne for these well-deserved honors. 
Since our days at Brandeis we have watched Rich and Suzanne
take on ever greater leadership roles at camp, at work,
at synagogue, at school and at home. 
We are so proud to be your friends. 
Eric, Lucia, Larry & Julie