Best Wishes to Rabbi Jeffrey Beer.
Your compassion, commitment, caring,
and principled leadership
has fashioned Westchester Hebrew High School
into an excellent and much admired Jewish high school.
Kol Hakavod!!
Stanley & Ellen Wasserman
With immense appreciation of
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
for the excellent education and guidance
that our daughter was privileged to receive at
Westchester Hebrew High School
Cindy and Jay Worenklein
"Whoever teaches his son teaches not only his son but also his son's son
- and so on to the end of generations." Talmud Kiddushin
Mazal Tov Rabbi Beer
You have served as a role model for our children,
a legacy that will be passed from generation to generation.
Thank you for all that you do to make WHHS
the wonderful place of Torah and learning that it is.
Rivka & Stu Berger,
David ('11), Gabi ('13) & Jack ('16)
In Honor of
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
You are a Gentle Giant in Jewish Education!
Congratulations on this well-deserved Recognition!
A.W. Real Estate LLC
Alan & Svetlana Wasserman
For NYC Apartment House Investments,
Management & Rentals
(914) 637-6200
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
for his leadership and dedication
to our children
and Best of Luck to The Class of 2019
Carole Daman & Family
Mazal Tov Rabbi Beer
You are an inspiration
and a true role model for our children
Much Success to the Class of 2019
Kol Hakavod to our alumni, past & present,
serving in the IDF
Ivy & Martin Blum
Evan ('16), Alex ('18) & Ben
Congratulations to
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
and to
Westchester Hebrew High School
Scott Goldenberg
יישר כוח
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer שליט"א
ראש ישיבת ביה"ס תיכון דווסטצ׳סטר
on this most deserved honor
Your 13+ years of visionary leadership for Westchester Hebrew High School
is an inspiration. May you be blessed with good health & continued success
in your work on behalf of the entire WHHS community & Klal Yisroel.
We are grateful for your tireless devotion to the success of each talmid
& thank you for the positive impact you have had on our lives
& those of so many other WHHS families.
  למען ידעו דור אחרון בנים יולדו יקמו ויספרו לבניהם 
(תהילים עח:ו)

That a future generation might know - children yet to be born
and in turn tell their children.
Deborah & Robert Marcus

Mazal Tov
Rabbi Beer
on this well deserved honor.
Congratulations to the Class of 2019
The Pulka Family
With a great deal of pride and much nachas,
we wish our dear son,
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer,
a hearty MAZAL TOV for his many tireless years of
dedication and devotion as Head of the
Westchester Hebrew High School.
May HASHEM grant him good health, strength and wisdom
so that we may be able to celebrate together with him
many future achievements and desired goals.
With much love,
Barbara & Bernard Beer
Thank you to
The entire WHHS Community
The Board of Trustees
The Dinner Committee
The Faculty and Staff
For honoring me tonight
Without your support
My job would not be possible
Rabbi Jeffrey & Dr. Gila Beer
Congratulations to Rabbi Beer
Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 2019
Corrin Daman
"לבניך - אלו תלמידיך"
"Your children - these are your students"
(Sifrai Deut. 34:4 on verse 6:7)
Mazal Tov to
Rabbi Beer
on celebrating this Bar Mitzvah year of all of your students.
May you continue to raise many more in the years to come.
And to the wonderful WHHS Alumni Serving in the IDF
שתלכו מחיל אל חיל
Caron and Steve Gelles
Dear Rabbi Beer,
We continue to be impressed by the thought and care
with which you run this school.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
for everything you have done for Eliana and for our family.
With admiration, appreciation, and affection,
Leah ('89), David, and Eliana ('15)
Congratulations Rabbi Beer
Rochelle & Ken Sherman
With a profound sense of
hakarat hatov
we join in this tribute to
Insightful and dedicated educator
Innovative and thoughtful administrator
Warm and modest human being
Unparalleled LEADER
Mazal tov!
Marsi, Ira and Charlie Tokayer
Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2019,
especially (and unbelievably) Charlie Tokayer
We are so proud of you!
Love, Mom and Dad
Mazal Tov
Rabbi Beer
on this well-deserved honor.
You are a guiding light for WHHS
Anne & Mark Wasserman
In Honor of Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
Elan Bettinger ('18)
Evan Blum ('16)
Alex Blum ('18)
Seth Brooks ('16)
Simon Brooks ('18)
Hannah Chait ('18)
Hannah Cohen ('16)
Tani Goldenberg ('18)
Liat ('06) and Matt Greif
Gilana Keller ('08) and Raanan Cohen
Zach Kfare ('11) & Naama Herstic ('11)
Yaakov Leibowitz ('18)
Eli Pinker ('17)
Jonah Stadtmauer ('18)
We salute 
Westchester Hebrew High School 
and its Honorees
as well as our wonderful 
Young Israel of Harrison member students
and shul youth leaders
Talia and Ilana Pulka

With best wishes,
Rabbi Yaakov and Faygie Bienenfeld
Mazal tov to
Rabbi Beer
on this well-deserved recognition!
Staci & Jack Bodner
The Law Office of Juda J. Epstein
(203) 371-7007
With much appreciation!
The Fingerman Family
Gail, Jeremy, Zalman ('17)
and Esther ('19)
Congratulations Rabbi Beer!
Jamie and Rebecca Gelfand
Mazal Tov to
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
on this most well-deserved honor.
Thank you for all of your years of service
to WHHS.
May you and your family
always have mazal and bracha.
Michelle ('01) and Justin Goldberg
עשה לך רב וקנה לך חבר
Rabbi Beer,
Incredible Rabbi, Teacher, Chazan, friend!
Thank you for all you do and have done
for Westchester Hebrew High School,
the White Plains Jewish community and beyond!
Jane & Josh Grauer, Sam ('03) & Annie Grauer
Congratulations to
Rabbi Beer
and The Class of 2019
The Haramati Family
To a wonderful educator
Heartfelt Mazal Tov
on this most deserved honor
Sandy Insler
Robin & Noam Insler
Mazal tov to Rabbi Beer.
We are proud and pleased to celebrate
this well deserved honor.
Congratulations to
the Graduating Class of 2019.
With warm wishes,
Sharon & Bruce Povman and Family
Mazal Tov to
Rabbi Beer
and to all the graduates
Rabbi Dr. Richard & Rena Price
Deanna, Maxwell, Jesse, and Cyrus
Kol HaKavod to Rabbi Beer
for his leadership and menschlichkeit
Kol HaKavod to Ezra Elzweig, Ezra Messer
and all the alumni serving in the IDF,
and praying for your safe return
Congratulations to the Class of 2019
Sandi, Dan and Ben ('16) Rosenbaum
Westchester Hebrew High School
Rabbi Beer
Ken Friedman
Shaindel, Inc.
POB 636
Millwood, NY 10546
Congratulations Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
on this well-deserved Honor.
Thank you for your positive and welcoming attitude,
your genuine and caring leadership and your support
for everyone you encounter. 
You are the essence of a Rabbi - a teacher, a helper,
a friend, a role model and a man of Faith.
Thank you for 10 great years of working together
in a supportive and positive environment. 
You are the Greatest!
Peace & Thank You
Michael A. Tedesco
Counselor & Advisor
To our fearless WHHS leader
Rabbi Beer,
Congratulations on 13 years as Head of School.
Here's to many more to come!
And a special shout out to the Graduating Class of 2019!
Timberly Whitfield, Robert Allen, Raina & Gabriel
Mazal Tov Rabbi Beer
Words cannot express our gratitude
Sara and Jonathan Shuter
Avishai ('06) and Michalina
Benjy ('08) and Jenna
Yehudit ('10) and Yaakov
Elisheva ('13)
In honor of Martin Blum
May you continue your noble work
with health and happiness!
G. Bauer Inc.
Oil Burners and Boilers
1624 Webster Avenue
Bronx, NY 10457
Tel: (718) 299-1650
In honor of
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer,
on the occasion of his being honored
for his years of service.
Judy and David Gilberg
In Tribute to Rabbi Jeff Beer
Your dedication and devotion to WHHS
is an inspiration to us all.
Rachel and Israel Goldman

Westchester Hebrew High School
for their Annual Dinner & Celebration
and to
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
Rabbi, Mentor, Teacher and beloved HIWP Member
Chaim Marder, Rabbi
Marilyn Kneller Rimsky and Rena Fredman, Co-Presidents
Mazal Tov
Westchester Hebrew High School
and Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
Jerome and Ruth Kamerman
Rabbi Beer:
"Accept upon yourself a teacher and acquire for yourself a friend"
Pirkei Avot 1:6

As a teacher and rabbi, you have nurtured and mentored
the next generation of Klal Yisrael.
You inspire us with your energy, enthusiasm
for family and Torah, and sense of humor.
 You bring out the best in everyone with whom you come into contact
and motivate the young to strive and grow.
May you continue to guide all of us in our commitment to Torah,
mitzvot and Ahavat Yisrael.
Gail & Barry Mahler
We are so blessed that Rabbi Beer
has been part of our life for so many years,
first at the Hebrew Institute
and then these many years teaching
and in leadership at WHHS.
We cherish our friendship and your devotion
to educating all of our children.
With admiration and respect...
Rabbi Chaim and Suzie Marder
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Beer
Marjorie Levitan MD PC
1865 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY (212) 316-4060
& Miriam Gross ('15)
According to Pirkei Avot 1:1
"You should raise up many disciples"
Mazal Tov & Yasher Koach to
Rabbi Jeff Beer
for 13 years of diligence in pursuing this Mitzvah
with the incredible help of his able wife, Gila
and his amazing children.
Frank and Eva Mayer
Congratulation to Rabbi Beer,
the Class of 2019
and our Alumni in the IDF
Dawn & Steven Reich
Best Wishes
Congratulations to the Honorees
Lawrence Rutigliano
Rockaway Fuel Oil Corp.
729 East 140th Street
Bronx, NY 10454
Mazal Tov
Rabbi Beer
Class of 2019
WHHS Alumni Serving in the IDF
Meredith & Jesse Rosenblatt
Mazal Tov, Rabbi Beer
-- our Mentor, Teacher, Leader
  Rachel Rimsky Rubin & Jordan Rubin
To Rabbi Beer
An Amazing Principal
Thank you for everything you've done for our entire family.
May you continue to inspire and teach students
for many years to come.
Mazal Tov!
The Scherban Family
Rabbi Beer
on a very well deserved honor.
The coolest Rabbi around.
You are finally getting your 'Behind the Music' moment.
With tons of great memories,
Michael ('02) and Lisa Shapiro
In Honor of Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
Head of School, Rabbi & Friend
Congratulations Class of 2019
Yes...You Will be Missed!
And of course, a huge Kol Hakavod to our alumni, past,
present & future, who have made a commitment to the IDF,
to the State of Israel and to the Jewish people.
Tami & Joey Stalbow
Rabbi Beer
on this well deserved honor!!
Liba and Steven Steinmetz
Congratulations WHHS
and Rabbi Beer
Joseph Mawad
7001 Brush Hollow Road, #102
Westbury, NY 11590
Young Israel of New Rochelle
joins the Westchester community
and Westchester Hebrew High School
in honoring Rabbi Jeffrey Beer, Esteemed Head of School
WHHS Alumni Serving in the IDF
and the Graduating Class of 2019.
Mazal Tov and special recognition to Rabbi Beer
for his 13 years of leadership,
and for his dedicated and unstinting devotion
to Torah education.
Rabbi Reuven Fink
Rabbi Chaim Axelrod
Michael Raskas, President
Judy Friedman, Executive Board Chair
Mazal Tov to the entire Westchester Hebrew High School community on this year's Gala Dinner celebration.
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Jeffrey Beer, on his 13 years of inspired leadership and his contributions to Jewish Education at WHHS.
And special Yiyasher Kochachem to the WHHS alumni serving in the IDF and the graduating Class of 2019. 
May WHHS continue to provide the wonderful education to their students and the Jewish Community that they are known for.
Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern
Elisha Blechner and Ari Raskas, Co-Presidents
Young Israel of White Plains
extends Congratulations and Best Wishes to
Westchester Hebrew High School honoree and YIWP member,
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
Yasher Koach to the alumni serving in the IDF
and the 2019 Graduating Class
May you continue to go from strength to strength
Shmuel Greenberg - Rabbi            Moshe Mirsky - President
"כאשר תקום מן הספר תחפש באשר למדת אם יש בו דבר אשר תוכל לקימו"
"When you rise from studying a text, ponder carefully what you have learned
in order to see what there is in it that can be put into practice."  (Ramban)
In Honor of
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
Your thirst for knowledge fuels your unwavering commitment
to make Torah and its values relevant.
The faculty, students and families of WHHS
have been privileged to learn from your wisdom and leadership.
In admiration and respect
Dr. Nancy Block & Family
Congratulations to WHHS on your dinner
A special Mazal Tov to Rabbi Beer
for this honor.
He has greatly contributed
to the growth of our communities.
Jill and David Blumenthal
Mazal Tov to our Brother and Uncle,
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
on this well-deserved honor.
An outstanding educator and role model,
an inspiration to us all.
Pamela & Mitch Froehlich
Michael, Jake and Emily
Congratulations to
Rabbi Beer & WHHS
Susan Scharf Glick & Harvey Glick
Congratulation to all the Honorees
Sam ('03) and Annie Grauer
Congratulations to all the Honorees
Amy & Glen Leibowitz
           "Example is leadership." Albert Schweitzer 
To Rabbi Beer,
You set the bar for us all.
I am grateful and appreciative of your
dedication, integrity, and inspiration.
Thanks to you,
we have both an "interesting" and "great school!"
To the Graduating Class of 2019, May you go מחיל אל חיל
To our alumni who are now serving or have served in the IDF, Kol Hakavod!
With gratitude and pride to all of our honorees,
Shari Levitan Director of Admissions
Congratulations to ALL the honorees
for surviving each other
Chana & Eddie Lowenthal
Congratulations to WHHS
and to
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
Bonnie & Russell Mannis
In Honor of Rabbi Beer
Thanks for all that you do
for the students of WHHS
and for our Community.
Audrey and Keith Reich
Jeremy Reich ('11)
Yasher Koach to Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
for 13 Years of Leadership
Debbie and Bill Schrag & Family
נמצא חן ושכל טוב בעיני אלוקים ואדם
Finds favor and good understanding in the eyes of G-d and man
Rabbi Beer
We sincerely appreciate your leadership, dedication
and devotion to Westchester Hebrew High School.
May you continue to guide our students and us
in our commitment to Torah, Mitzvot and Ahavat Yisrael.
The Faculty and Staff of Westchester Hebrew High School
Yasher Koach to Rabbi Jeff Beer!
With thanks and appreciation for all of your kindnesses
throughout the years.
May you and your beautiful family
continue to go from strength to strength!
Marilyn and Neil and Rebecca Rimsky
Shira (2006), David, Joseph, Jacob and Liam Gilboa
Rachel (2003) and Jordan Rubin
Tupperware is always a great idea!
It's guaranteed for life and keeps everything fresher longer.
Visit my site
and if you email me after purchase,
I will donate to WHHS.
After all I am an alumni parent!
Janice Newman
"Who is wise? One who learns from every person....Who is strong?
One who subdues personal inclination....Who is rich?
One who is happy with his lot.....Who is honoured?
One who honours others...." (Pirkei Avot 4:1)
Rabbi Beer, it is your example that we benefit
from and follow. Mazal Tov on this well-deserved honor.
The Staff of WHHS
Mazal Tov
Rabbi Beer
We appreciate all that you do at WHHS
are honored to learn at your weekly Shiurim.
White Plains Hashkama Minyan
It is our privilege
to celebrate this special anniversary year 
of Rabbi Beer's leadership of WHHS
Mazal Tov!
Craig Aronson & Shari Levitan
In honor of Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
Robert & Mickey Beck,
Stephen & Debbie Schwartz,
Jerry & Norma Hurwitz
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Beer on this honor!
Thank you for all the opportunities you gave us
in our time at Westchester Hebrew High School.
Mazal Tov to the Graduating Class of 2019!
We're so proud of you and miss you!
Rabbi Jake and Mrs. Dahlia Berman
Mazal Tov to All the Honorees from
Benjamin J. Rafalowicz (WHHS 2000)
BJR Occupational Therapy, LLC, an independent Medicare Provider
86 Wykagyl Terrace, New Rochelle, NY 10804
(914) 316-0135
Benjamin J. Rafalowicz, OTR/L, License Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy and other Aging in Place Services Individually Designed to Maintain and Improve Independent Living Skills Including:
*Technology for Use and Installation in Home-Simple and Inexpensive
*Adaptive Devices for Compensatory Techniques for Functional Declines
*Exercise Programs including General Strengthening and Range of Motion Programs
and LSVT BIG Exercies for Patients with Parkinson's Disease
*Home Modifications and Safety, Including Falls, and Home Entry, Kitchen
or Bathroom Issues and Dangers
Independent Counsel on Community Care, Day Care, Long Term Facilities
and Government and Private Assistance Programs
*In Home & Facility Treatment Available in Westchester & the Metropolitan NY Area
Please contact the office at (914) 316-0135 or at
to schedule an appointment for yourselves and/or for your loved ones.
Congratulations and Sincere Thanks to
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer!
Thank you for your leadership and devotion
to WHHS and the students these many years!
Congratulations to the Class of 2019!
Lisa and Steven Chait
"Education is for improving the lives
of others and for leaving your
community and world better than you found it."
Marian Wright Edelman
Rabbi Beer - Thank you for your dedication to WHHS
Class of 2019 - Thank you for the laughter you scattered
amongst the complaints
Alumni Who Served or Are Serving in the IDF
Thank you for your commitment to the State of Israel
Donna De Marco
Mazal Tov Rabbi Beer
With gratitude,
Jonathan Federman
Mazal tov Rabbi Beer
on this most deserved honor!
You have had such a great impact
on so many - us included.
We are lucky to have your guidance.
Shira ('06) and David Gilboa
Best Rabbi Beer quote ever:
"If your child fails,
then we as a school have failed"
We love you and all you do.
The Herzfeld Family
Will, Emily,
Bailey ('15), Sean ('17),
and Cameron ('20)
Congratulations to all the Honorees
and to the graduating class of 2019.
And Kol Hakavod to Rabbi Beer
on this special occasion
recognizing your dedication to WHHS.
Susan, Michael, Emily, and Ben ('11) Katz
Mazal Tov
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
Bernice & Lester Kosowsky
Mazal Tov Rabbi Beer and WHHS!
Eric & Shira Lewis
A Heartfelt Mazal Tov to Rabbi J. Beer שליט"א
who as Head of School for the past thirteen years
and before that as a teacher,
has consistently and meticulously
strengthened the bonds of Torah and Tradition in our students
ישראל ואורייתא וקב"ה חדא
Yisrael, the Torah and G-d are one
May he and his beautiful family continue to grow
from strength to strength
Rabbi and Mrs. Boruch Majerowicz, Headmaster Emeritus
Rabbi Beer
Thank you for your tireless efforts
on behalf of WHHS students.  
I know that I would not be where I am today
without your help during high school.
Max Marcus ('17)
Mazal Tov Rabbi Beer
Thank you for all that you do
for WHHS and our community
Rabbi Moshe & Dr. Janice Mirsky
Mazal tov Rabbi Beer
for a well-deserved honor
and congratulations to the graduating class of 2019!
Dr. Edieal & Monica Pinker
Congratulations Rabbi Beer & The Class of 2019!
May you have many more years of success.
Adam Rafalowicz, Class of 2006 & Boys' Hockey Coach
Congratulations to all the Honorees
Lisa and Bill Rappoport
Mazal Tov
Rabbi Beer
on this well deserved honor.
Risë and Marc Robbins
Mazal Tov to our friend Rabbi Jeff Beer!
We appreciate all your hard work for
Westchester Hebrew High School
and are grateful for our friendship
with you, Gila and your entire family.
Kol HaKavod!
Yael and Sandy Rosenberg
Susan and Sim ('86) Shapiro
Best Wishes to
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer
and His Family
Meyer and Betty Rosh
Mazel Tov to
Rabbi Beer
for a well deserved honor.
Thank you for dedication to your students
Zachary ('04) & Adena Saltzman
Mazal tov to
Rabbi Beer
on this well deserved honor.
May you continue to serve as an inspiration
to our community.
Ari & Adina Shrage & Family
The key to successful leadership today
is influence, not authority.
Thank you for being a great  משפיע
on our children.
Carol & Harvey Sober
Congratulations to all the Honorees
Mr. & Mrs. G. Spitzer
Rabbi Beer
Mazal Tov on being the honoree.
Thanks for all the hard work, the great work
and the dedication you continue to provide
to the school and community at large.
Steven Cove / Nathan Lindenbaum
and Families
Congratulations to our nephew,
Rabbi Jeffrey Beer,
for your selfless devotion to WHHS
Risa and Dennis Weinstein
Rabbi Beer,
Wishing you Mazal Tov
in honor of your dedication to WHHS,
its students and Jewish education.
Wishing you all the best and Yasher Koach
Avi & Rachel Weiss
Tal Weiss ('12)
Mazal Tov
Rabbi Beer
on this well deserved honor!!
Arielle ('04) and Leor Wolf
Thank you
Rabbi Beer
for your teaching, your guidance,
your thoughtfulness and your commitment
in helping me be the best I can be.
Sasha ('18)
Congratulations to Rabbi Beer,
Class of 2019
the WHHS Alumni serving in the IDF.
Wanda & Willie Alicea
Congratulations to our grandson,
poet Joshua Ament
Bubbie and Zaydie Ament
Congratulations to all the Honorees
Beth & Marc Bengualid
Congratulations to
Rabbi Beer
and all the Honorees
Blimi & Benjy Berger

Thank you to Rabbi Beer
for his warmth, kindness, and inspiration.
Linda & Robert Borkow
Congratulations to all the Honorees
Jamie Chassen ('04)
Congratulations to all the Honorees
Frimet and Bryan Herstic
Thank you,
Rabbi Beer,
for all the Torah you taught me,
my sisters, and my cousins.
Mazal Tov!
Seth Herstic ('04)
Congrats to all of the honorees,
the class of 2019
and the greatest history teacher in the world!  
Marisa and Josh ('00) Mahler
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Beer
on this well-deserved honor.
We wish you continued success
in the years to come!
Jeremy ('06) & Jessica Miles
Mazal Tov
Rabbi Beer
on this well-deserved honor
Rabbi Jonathan & Jordana Morgenstern
Rabbi Beer,
true parody comes from true love and I only embodied you on camera because I cared about you so much in real life.
Thank you for being hilarious, as a principal and a friend.
Helped me through tough times and I returned the favor
by making fun of you.
Hope this $18 makes up for it. Congrats on the honor.
I haven't forgotten all the Hebrew you taught me.
"Mazal Tov." Pretty good, eh?
Hope you're well and congratulations!
Matthew Newman ('11)
"Be faithful in small things because it
is in them that your strength lies."
~ Mother Teresa
"Faith gives you an inner strength and a sense of balance and perspective in life."
~ Gregory Peck
Rabbi Beer,
I admire your faith, strength and convictions.
It is an honor to work with you, day in and day out.
May we continue to laugh and to be humble each and every day.
George Costanza from Seinfeld: "Who buys an umbrella, anyway?
You can get them for free at the coffee shop in those metal cans."

Rabbi I bought you an umbrella for being honored - It's in your office!
Mariann Raftery
Mazal Tov,
Rabbi Beer
on this honor.
Carole & Barry Rimer
Congratulations to Rabbi Beer!
Ephraim Shapiro ('78)
Congratulations to all the Honorees
Josh and Shira ('06) Silber
A special Mazal Tov to
Rabbi Beer
on this well deserved honor!
Wishing the Class of 2019 much success
on their future endeavors.
Cherie and Alan Smith
Rachel ('18), Joshua ('21) and Matthew ('23)
Rabbi Beer
Thank you for being an excellent role model
for the students and alumni of WHHS.
Mazal Tov!
Daniel ('09) and Lauren Stalbow
In honor of Rabbi & Dr. Beer
for all they do for the WHHS family
Judy (Mahler, '92) & Mitch Taragin
Congratulations to Rabbi Beer
and the faculty of WHHS
for your leadership and passion
for Israel and for our children!
Mazal Tov
Danielle and The Azani Family
Rabbi Beer, shlita
You lead with integrity,
guide with wisdom,
and inspire with conviction.
Thank you and kol hakavod!
Simcha and Sari Willig
David & Doreen Cohen
Jim Connolly
Marc & Linda Harary
Rabbi Wes and Dr. Jessica Kalmar
Joyce, Reuvaine, Danielle and Sam Kinches
Roxanne and Eric Levine
Seth & Lisa Linzer
Danielle Miles Lipshitz ('03)
Nicola and Jordan Rosenstock
Rena Seplowitz & Steven Keller