WRT Honorees and Years of Presidency
William S. Miller:  1989-1993
"For more than 50 years our Synagogue has been the center of my life: 
a place to pray and learn, and a place to celebrate and mourn. 
I am grateful "
William A. Blumstein:  1993-1997
"Since 1956 WRT is my home, it is the place where I made, nurtured and
continue to find a welcoming vibrant evolving community. It is where people,
spirituality, and education, come together to form sacred and caring communities,
where memories are created and where you find light when all grows dark. 
WRT is not a place, but a moment, and then another, and another, continuing to build
on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that is yours forever." 
Marjorie L. Miller:  1997-2001
"We’ve studied and played
Worshipped and prayed
Had sad times and simchas
Joined in 1957 and happily stayed"
Amy S. Lemle:  2001-2005
"WRT is my home because it is where our clergy make my spirits soar
through music and words, where I join others in the common bond
of social activism through deeds, where the foundational values of
our Reform Judaism is true to our history but dynamic and evolving
and where every brick, pane of glass and plank of wood honors our tradition
with deep meaning. My heart and soul are embedded at WRT."
Ellen H. Sunness:  2005-2009
"WRT is my home because here we are one big extended Jewish family.
We share comfort and consolation, inspiration and hope, along with joy and a spirit that moves the soul."
Lisa R. Messinger:  2009-2013
"WRT is my home because my whole life has happened there." 
Helene K. Gray:  2013-2017
"…at WRT, the love of Judaism is joyous and energizing. 
This vibrant community has supported me and my family and so many others
along our Jewish journey. I am grateful to dwell here.”
Past WRT Presidents, Deceased:
Dr. Rowland L. Mindlin:  1953
Clilford H. Rich:  1953-1955
lrving H. Isaac:  1955-1956
Edwin J. Steefel:  1956-1957
Ulrich Schweitzer:  1957-1959
Dr. Milton Zaret:  1959-1961
Seymour E. Sims:  1961-1965
lrving Berkelhammer:  1965-1969 
Norman L. Blumstein:  1969-1973 
Ralph Wienshienk:  1973-1977
Alfred Ronald:  1977-1981
Joseph Bernstein:  1981-1985
Rosemary Berdon:  1985-1989


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